Meet the NS Showdown!

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    So there is ONE special reward for the Alertwin: the NS Showdown, a Blackhand without optics BUT extreme hipfirerate!

    "This heavily modified version of the NS-44L Blackhand retains balance from the hip and precision at range, but relies on instinct, instead of optics."

    This is the Wikientry:

    And this a video of the gunplay.

    I am supriced that there wasn't ANY news about that gun.
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  2. LordKrelas

    Now that's something better than random Decals.
  3. SenEvason

    Kinda wish the Commisioner looked that sexy. I need to win somealerts.
  4. T.A.94

    Its great we are granted "real" rewards for partisipating on alerts they are giving ps2 the feeling of the glory days back.
    I wish NC cobalt would be more organized, but we are the Rebels so I guess thats one our weaknes
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  5. oTec

    "It's high noon..."
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  6. Humoreske

    Is this a "win" reward?
  7. Liewec123

    its hi....
    darn, beat me to it!

    looks like i'll have to start becoming a 4th factioning ****** for this thing! :oops:
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  8. oTec


    The New Conglomerate is the one true cause in Auraxis!