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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SpartanZero, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. SpartanZero

    They're a broken crutch mechanic that promotes lone wolf gameplay, more than teamwork. Used primarily by heavy assault mains who arguably already have the advantage in any given 1v1 firefight. Removing them makes medic support an reliance on teamwork for survive ability more integral.

    Restoration kits are completely fine as they function similarly to a medic's medic tool in healrates. If medkits were removed I wouldn't even care if they increased resto kit effectiveness with a longer duration.
  2. Wadelma

    So you're asking to remove medkits because they act like medics and thus make medics unemployed...
    But you're also saying that restoration kits are okay even though they act like medics and thus make medics unemployed...

    I'm not saying I disagree, resto kits are my faves and medkits are some silly bs sometimes but I can't follow this logic

    PS: Fix Restoration Kit glow effect. It renders you blind when it's night. Cannot ADS and barely see anything on screen anyway.
  3. csvfr

    I think restoration kits are superior to medkits in most situations. Resto kits are cheaper (25 vs 50 nanites/vial ) and heals more (840 vs 500 hp). Although usually only 500 hp is healed due to the health cap, resto kits can save your life if you have to flee and are hit by stray bullets whilst running. Also whenever taken so much damage that regeneration of health is necessary, I usually wait for the shield to regenerate before going out of cover anyhow so the instant action of medkits are not particularily beneficial unless being ambushed whilst waiting.
  4. OneShadowWarrior

    Leave them alone, tired of nerf this and nerf that.
  5. SpartanZero

    I made NO referencing to medics being unemployed by this piece of equipment.

    Medkits promote lonewolf gameplay in a game designed for teamwork. MEDKITS removal will reduce the lonewolf medkit consuming heavies farming fights an ignoring teamwork. Leaving resto kits in since the only healing option by the primary healing class is ONLY heal over time effect is a reasonable suggestion. Having an medkit with instant full heal option is a broken mechanic.
  6. WinterAero

    Ah the fresh generation of cry baby ******* arrive, to wail on something thats been present for years and essentially unchanged. Sure. They are going to make a special amendment to suit you in a game this old. Thanks for the amusing nonsense. Try a good old cup of learn to play perhaps. I assume you are being facerolled and the community take on that is always 'get gud'. Sometimes I have to wonder why you clowns open your trap.

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