Medkit bug

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  1. oTec

    Is this bug still present in the game? I have started a new character and am currently deciding between resto and medkit.
    Often i'd pop a medkit, my health would fill and then reset shortly after. Resto kit didn't seem affected by it.
  2. entity009

    A recent update took a shot at fixing the medkit bug. I have not seen it since, so i think it may be gone for good.

    from the notes:

    Medical Kits and Restoration Kits
    Both now have a 0.5sec. cooldown between uses; this change forces the player to re-equip the device if they would like to use more than one in succession.

    MedKits have also been adjusted to provide a set amount of health instantly, instead of over a short amount of time. The intention behind this change is a speculative fix for MedKits not restoring health during times of high server stress.

    Restoration Kits healing duration has also increased from 9sec. to 12sec.
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