Medics TKing to get rezzes

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Eshaede, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Eshaede

    ive seen this 3 times in last 10 hours of playing, and it makes me boggle.

    room with a few dead people in it.. 2 medics run in. medic at back TKs the other medic, so he can rez the room

    where do you people get off ? i kill anyone i see doing it, and dont rez them, but i really dont understand the mentality

    is there a lot of this going on or am i just unlucky in being in proximity to the numpties ?
  2. IshanDeston

    Exp Whoring... the bliss of the current cert prices.
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  3. Dieselpunk

    That's pretty lame. I hope you folks are taking screenshots and sending the reports to Support or wherever.
  4. Shockfrosted

    I'm saving up for my level 6 tool (~50 certs short now, curse you skill-magpie-syndrome) and ressing people with the level 5 left and right.
    Then captain L33th4xx0r runs around with his level 1 tool and tries to override my revives/overrides the ones I can't stick around for.

    Damn straight I'm TK'ing his ****.
  5. h1perkarma

    I've tk'd 2-3 times because I'll rez someone and a level 1 will jump on and steal the rez oh boy does it do my head in.

    Same guy I killed twice because of him purposely doing it to people.
  6. Dieselpunk

    Steal your rez? You sound like a child. It's a team game...get over yourself. There will always be players who will need healing and rezzing.
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  7. Eshaede

    i can understand if not condone people objecting to "stealing" rezzes, but it the inability to share when there is 5 or 6 dead people i find worrying :(
  8. Polarity

    The problem is that if a level 1 is purposely overriding level 5's, its really hurting the person being revived. Not that I agree with the TK's but I can see the frustration. Why would you want a revive to 75% from a level 5 being overwritten by a level 1 that revives with far less health?
  9. XanderF

    I dunno, level 1 would really have to be on top of things to steal a rez from a level 5 or 6. Even at 5, I'm basically rezzing people as I run past them - it's just so fast.
  10. Kendo Drakonus

    You don't get xp for rezzing someone killed by friendly fire.... or shouldn't unless its a bug.
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  11. Cyridius

    This thread makes no sense.
    You don't get any XP for rezzing people if they took any friendly fire.
  12. Dornez

    Think you misread, it is 1 medic killing another medic so he can get the bodies on the floor first.
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  13. Eshaede

    exactly, said bodies werent TKd so are worth something
  14. Kendo Drakonus

    Ah yes, then I did miss-read. So sorry good sir.
  15. SixVoltSamurai

    Pretty sure they just need to fix exp gains based on rez %, that way people have real incentive to raise their tool. Course it won't help the ones trying to farm their own team by rezzing them back into the line of fire purposefully.
  16. Gary

    Don't need to TK to steal the revives with the Revive GRenades :D
  17. iEatGlue

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  18. IshanDeston

    There is no such thing as overriding. As long as you keep that beam on the guy its your rezz, no other medic can rez him, or even interact with him.

    If you run up there, beam, fill that circle and then stop. Then it is your own fault. You abandoned the rezz. Yes, it was enough to get him back on his feet, but you stopping to beam was your way of saying you don't care wheter you get the rez or not.

    So maybe you should stop blaming other people for your own actions.
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  19. iEatGlue

    Pretty much this.

    I find it ironic people complain about "stealing" their rez xp when all they are doing is xp whoring themselves.
  20. FireBreather

    These level 1 medics are more of detriment to the team than they are of help.

    I was an engineer the other day. There was a friendly Max who was down to the last few bars of HP. So I proceeded to repair him. But this level 1 medic showed up out of nowhere and killed the Max that I was healing. He then pulled out his level 1 medic gun without even realizing that he can't revive a Max unit until he upgraded his med gun to level 2 (plus the fact that he can't get points from reviving friendly kills). I was so outraged that I just stood their staring at this ******* trying to revive the Max for few seconds. He then then try to run away from the crime scene. I tracked him down and pumped him full of lead. Basically, he would rather kill a friendly Max for some petty 100 xp than letting an engineer repair the Max. Of course, the Max player lost some resources and need to wait couple of minutes until he can spawn another Max.

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