Medics should not have access to C4.

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by MaxDamage, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. TheFlamingLemon

    C4 is also an anti-infantry tool. The fact that the medic has none of the resources that HAs and LAs have means that it's very ineffective for max hunting already. If a max dies to a medic, they just aren't very good at playing max.
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    Nope, more like nearly every single medic could have C4 on them.
  3. LaughingDead

    I can definately see where this is coming from and yea it does makes sense.

    Heavies have access to easy vehicle removal and explosives.
    Engineers are a primarily defensive class that can set traps or c-4
    Light assault is a flanker that gets a payload once to a target thats causing trouble, key objective removal.

    Combat medic...not so much.
    Infiltrator...not so much........(would be op as ****)

    I mean yea, it should make sense, in fact the medic should be able to friggin heal himself without his nainite cloud and at a slower rate with a vulnerability state with his applicator, the medic shouldn't be the guy that takes out vehicles and maxes, je should be the guy that gets screwed by maxes, supports meeting tanks scenario usually goes bad for support. The medic is possibly THE most nessesary class in any squad or platoon, you simply can't make a push or defense without simple overwhelming numbers(which most find boring I'm sure) a max being easily taken out by 5 out of the 6 classes if the game is a pretty unfair bargin (thank god infil doesn't have an archer) a medic should be able to fight regular troops on a fair or slightly higher playing field, but it's role should be sticking to other players that have better tools for the job, thats the whole point of the medic, heals the man thats going to kill you.

    Now that being said, yea, medics shouldn't have c4, but they should have a way to compensate max and vehicle removal with support instead. Like, say, medic gets a natural health regen or medic uses his on healing on himself or even ability recharging, nanite cloud is pretty weak compared to shield regen, shield regen lets you heal two factors at once while cloud lets you slightly heal yourself and people around you but only for one bar and it takes a long time to recharge and is wiped out with a mere touch of emp in which case with shields, simply put another down, maybe buff nanite cloud?
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  4. Azawarau

    Can you go further in explaining why its overpowered?

    Medic is probably the least played class in the game and i dont hear many complaints about medic C 4 fairying people so i cant imagine why its an issue that they can carry C 4
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  5. DownloadByte

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Great post.

    A MAX at the wrong place at the wrong time would still eat a potential C4 anyway. Regardless if it was from a Medic or not.
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  6. LaughingDead

    Personally, I don't find anything wrong with C4 as an anti max tool, I get incredibly tired of playing tank and having to move back because every single infantry I see is a potential threat. A tank. A goliath of entrenched position removal and stronghold of vehicle armor can be removed by any footman who's just lucky enough to get close, that's kinda stupid.

    For why medic shouldn't have C4 is because it's already a niche class in infantry play, so important in fact that having one can revive an entire squad, so important in fact no matter what kind of hold or push into a building you may make, it will fail without at least two medics, that kind of power is pretty overwhelming and while heavys can deal with maxes at range, everyone can toss a brick and get lucky including the most niche class in the game.

    Should medic not have C4 simply because it's absolutely nessesary in all infantry based team play? Maybe, but I'm sort of on the fence. It makes sense, yet unknown whether it would be reasonable to simply nerf medic just because it can revive.
  7. Zvezdan

    If you're in infantry-based teamplay with any competent people at all you'll get more leverage out of the medkits since that'll allow you to tank in emergencies and free up your ability slot for a shield bubble. You don't need C4 in infantry teamplay because if your squad is even halfway decent at the game they'll have a good number of heavies with rocket launchers at the ready for any maxes that come crashing in.
  8. Sourpower

    I'm not sure niche is the word you're looking for. Niche means very specific, shallow even. Combat Medic seems to be not only versatile, but incredibly important for pretty much any operation. I'd hardly call that shallow.
  9. Ionilin

    Every other class that has anti-vehicle or anti-MAX capabilities have a way of delivering it easier than a combat medic.

    The heavy assault can shoot at tanks and MAX units at range. This is one of their primary roles, therefore they excel at the task.

    The light assault can fly over something in order to deliver the explosive. The trade off is the exposure to the enemy with absolutely no cover. The lack of cover and being the sole target to anyone paying attention balances the effect of their mobility.

    The engineer can lay down tank mines that can surprise any vehicle or MAX unit not paying attention. They are balanced by not having to be there to detonate the mines on the enemy. Their preparation is the balancing force for their anti tank mines. They simply have to think ahead and place the mines where the enemy will likely come from.

    The combat medic has no advantage in delivering their explosives. They must catch an enemy not paying attention to take out a vehicle. There is no additional mobility for the class and they have to expose themselves more than any other class in order to deliver the explosive. I feel this is enough of a balancing effect to justify combat medics having access to C4. The only other way to use the C4 would be to place it defensively while running away from a MAX unit. I have found this is the easiest way to get kills with C4 as a combat medic.

    Hopefully this conveyed my idea. I can never tell. What do you guys think about the balancing effects of delivery for the explosives?
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  10. LaughingDead

    Medics can literally bring back an entire squad in less than 10 seconds, a medic should rely on his team to fight in other areas of combat, just because he HAS the explosives doesn't mean he isn't a ridiculously powerful unit.

    Let's say infiltrator, nearly completely useless against tanks, maxes, air and a lot of nasty armored things, but he spots everything, does tactical elimination cloaks and is able to hack a variety of terminals in order to help a team infiltrate a base, but he doesn't have C4.
    Medics can revive, heal and keep people up and fighting for long periods of time, long with having a variety of ARs to combat anything on two legs. The ability to keep everyone alive through tank shells, revive maxes, stopping the LONG redeploy cycle of waiting 10 seconds, spawning at a base or sundi then walking all the way back is a pretty damn powerful time reduction.

    The question is whether or not he is as powerful as the infiltrator in a tactical sense, a lot of people say yes and a lot of people say no. The fact that C4 is so effective against practically everything that a medic could realistically run into that begs the question whether or not medics should have C4.
  11. Armegmus

    All of my yes to this. A Medic should not under any circumstances have access to something like C4.

    Yes, the emphasis is on COMBAT medic. A Combat medic is essentially an ordinary footsoldier with revival and healing capabilities. They are meant to function in a support role - a dead medic is of no use to anybody - but can hold their own on the front if need be, both to defend themselves and to plug in a gap. But that does not make medics explosive specialists or anti-vehicle or room-clearance fighters; they are combat MEDICS.
  12. InsaneLinguist

    Medics use C4 mainly for dealing with MAXes, the odd vehicle every now and then is just a target of opportunity. If you get C4'd by a medic, you just got outplayed.
    Give me access to AV grenades and I'll gladly part with my C4.
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  13. InsaneLinguist

    Let's not forget the fact that medics are a priority target for EVERYONE who has the line-of-sight on them.
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  14. JDCollie=VX9=

    A medic has no overshield and has no jumpjets. If he gets close enough to your MAX/tank to C4 you, then you screwed up.
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  15. Daigons

    I regret every cert that I ever spent on my Medic. I only pull out my Medic during an organized event. It's very frustrating that 90% of the time I get killed while either healing or rezzing someone. Some enemy walks into the building and seems to always ganks me instantly while "supporting" our side. The only Medics that I ever see stay alive are the ones that refuse to heal anyone. They roam around the battle with their AR a blazing while switching on their AoE heals like a HA turning on their shields. Really good ones use their C4 to ambush by placing the charges in places that tank & AI mines can't be placed.
  16. DemodiX

    Only thing you need to do as Medic is takes priorities over Revive, Heal and Saving your lovely spandex аss. If you're dying in 90% situations - you doing something wrong.
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  17. Christonejazz

    As Moz comically jabbed in no thoughtful or rational sense, I'd vouch to remove c-4 entirely.

    But ALAS, where are tryhards without their c-4? Well, usually on HA's, not covering other players. Being killwhores. Wasting bullets and time instead of focusing on team-coherency.

    Me being a dedicated CM for a veteran outfit, -with- SS experience, I have literally never unlocked c-4, on -any- class. And never will.

    I digress.

    There have been MANY excellent presentations for both sides of the presented coin. i personally run Resto-kits, and do not regret every cert I've put in to them.

    I stand on the no-c-4-for-CM's- side of the coin.

    I'll not stick around for the inevitable fire of which I just flamed.
  18. Daigons

    While tooling around with a drifter LA or while driving a vehicle, it's astounding in seeing how many Medics that I see who attempt to C4 vehicles.
  19. ParakeetLord88

    Personally, not running healing or regeneration stick on a medic seems like a bad idea. If you use C4, you're asking to get smacked faster than usual, which could lead to disaster if you're the only medic or the other ones went down.

    In light of this, wouldn't you WANT enemy medics to use c4...?
  20. Eternaloptimist

    Yeah, as above - not much else to run in that slot which is of use to a medic although I tend to run aux shield because a bit of extra armour is always handy, whereas C4 is only occasionally useful to me.

    I do think though, that access to C4 is consistent with the combat role of the err............combat medic :). I daresay it's use will die out if/when we get that new forward spawn ability (assuming it goes in the same slot as C4)