Medics rezzing Maxes = Stalemate

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Vortok

    HA is a stronger class anyways. Let's make them unrezzable instead.
  2. Taemien

    I can't say I've ever been halted back by medics. You all must be running in PUGs against an organized outfit, simply redeploy and go somewhere else, let a friendly outfit take care of them.

    Typically when we need to take a point being guarded by medics, we get a bunch of kills, and when the medics pull out their rez tools, we rush in and mop up.

    Coordination beats coordination.

    If you're outfit is having issues, then you are simply being outplayed. Or you have a leadership issue.
  3. Drasilov

    You could rez them back as the class they were before they became a Max? Effectively meaning the suit is busted but the guy inside is shaken but OK? So if you were an LA when you switched to Max, you revive as an LA when rezzed?

    Maybe make the resource cost lower as compensation?
  4. Hoek

    I've started to wonder why medics can rez anyone in the first place. Isn't it enough that it can heal people? Maybe SOE should get rid of the rezzing capability and bring in, say, overhealing or something like that which would temporarily increase the targets health over the maximum (for example 50-100% depending on certs). The health would then slowly drop back to the normal maximum in, say, one minute. Something similar to what the medic in Team Fortress 2 does.
  5. Patrician

    And give you a chance to kill them again, thus giving you kills, padding your stats and increasing your certs. So all to the good!
  6. Accuser

    Gameplay would be improved by not being able to rez MAXes, or having the rez take a full 5 seconds.
    Currently it's too difficult to push a good squad/platoon off of a point that they galaxy drop on, which makes Sunderers and spawn points worthless.

    If the resource cost of MAXes was cut in half, this would be a spectacular change toward better gameplay, and result in much more dynamic battles.
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  7. Phazaar

    Medics rezzing MAXs = Teamwork. Teamwork = OP. OP = Nerf.

    Guys, we've got to accept it. A nerf's coming, because teamwork is NOT the idea of this massively multiplayer shooter. The reason for all the other players is so you can shoot an opponent that is AFK instead of relentless in its pursuit of your death (as a bot is), NOT so you can interact with them. Interaction leads to friendship. Friendship leads to teamwork. Teamwork leads to... The dark side...
  8. Macinzon

    The res timer for MAXes is shorter than for normal infantry. After like 1-2 minutes you can't get ressed anymore.
  9. Navus

    its always funny when ppl defending the somewhat absurdity of medic revies currently use the teamwork=op or tell someone to get coordinated to counter it...

    Good thing SOE makes it easy to check characters
  10. Midnightmare

    It does seem a bit to easy to rez people at the time being
    rez granades to cheap an medic tool is a bit to powerfull if you ask me.
    It should still heal as fast but the review should take longer.
  11. jihon83

    I'm inclined to agree, but that's been heavily influenced by seeing zergs are now prone to running Medic trains, many of whom seem to be low-level players who are just hungry for easy EXP, given how they swarm on dead bodies like flies. It is aggravating to fight against that composition because you see how pointless your work was, even just in those few moments when you see the death screen. It seems like a good option might be tied to making the healing device have an "ammunition pool" of nanites that depletes slowly with healing and requires a large amount of magic, er, "nanites" to resurrect people, with Maxes taking the largest amount.
  12. PhilDun

    Teams actively defending maxes, and maxes actively depending on their engineers to heal them = teamwork. Maxes running off and getting killed hoping to get rezzed later does not equal teamwork . The game should support teamwork, and allowing medics to rez maxes goes against that
  13. Sock

    Medic spam is not teamwork. It's crap gameplay that promotes the opposite of teamwork. MAXes rolling with a dedicated engineer to keep them alive is teamwork. Carelessly strolling around because you know a medic can just bring you back up a second later is not teamwork.