Medics rezzing Maxes = Stalemate

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    Please remove this awful feature. Medics should not be able to rex maxes. It turns every battle into either a) a stalemate or b) a farm.
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  2. PS2Freak

    Medics should be able to rezz maxes!
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  3. Midnightmare

    Dude have you ever played a MAX?

    A max that gets rezed is useless unless he gets to an engineer in seconds or they mostly die again.

    I would imagen you play a lot of heavy assult -_-

    So you blame MAXes for medics abilities to rez faster than you can kill people thats just depressing.
  4. Nolenag

    Only if you suck.
  5. PS2Freak

    better were if - Engineers should not be able to repair Esfs and so on. we can apply this logic to everything in this game.
  6. Spude

    When i kill 50+ inf with my max and i die for random rocket burst i want to be rezzed fast so i can keep farming dem noobs.

    So max ressing must stay.
  7. DramaticExit

    - Kill MAX with C4.
    - Place another brick of C4 on the MAX's body.
    - Get yourself out of the way.
    - Wait for the medic swarm who come along to revive the MAX.
    - ????
    - XP.

    To break the stalemate, make sure the medics are dead, and are spending more time respawning than they are actualy playing. If the medics are dead they can't revive anything.
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  8. UberBonisseur

    That's an incredibly stupid statement and you should feel sorry for spouting such a thing.
  9. Navus

    reviving in general right now is something thats pretty unbalanced and needs to be looked at imo. Its way too easy to revive and way too safe for what the reward is. I dont think maxes should be revivable, but also think that they can be stronger to compensate
  10. Midnightmare

    I can promise you if you cant rez a MAX you might as well remove them form the game completely.

    Since they will never ever be worth the resources that i can use on C4 killing Max units.
    if anyone would still be dumb enough to pick up a max suit.
  11. ThreePi

    Medicside in general needs to be toned down. Right now its too spammy, too zergy, too much of a meatgrinder.
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  12. PS2Freak

    i feel the love, hope you feel better now, mr.ubercheeseconnoisseur. o_O imo, OP nerf call is unjustified, and thats why i ironically said what i said.
    nice to read a wise statement once in while from such uberwise person as you. you are on my ignore list. bye.
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    this might have been justified back when MAXes cost 100 resources. but certainly not now.
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  14. Pikachu

    I think they should be reviveable but not as easily. Nerf to revive in general.
  15. Necron

    Kill the Medic...problem solved.
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  16. PhilDun

    The problem is any decent squad will have half a dozen medics. Unless you vastly overnumber that squad, they'll have everyone rezzed within five seconds.
  17. HellasVagabond

    Yea because especially the VS MAX doesn't already farm people by the bucket...
  18. Haterade

    I guess I'm never in a decent squad. Four medics is the absolute most you want to have. Any more than that and you're reducing the squad's combat effectiveness.

    Even with a maxed our revive gun, a revived MAX better have charge off cooldown or an Engineer up his butt in seconds. Anything else will lead to the MAX being farmed.

  19. Apples

    Medics SHOULD BE ABLE to revive MAXes, however I feel that ANY PLAYER should only be able to be revived 5 times per spawn/deploy.
  20. LynxFury

    Don't see it as a problem, most units push past the max to clear it of medics.

    Dead maxes are great places to lay booby traps as well.