Medics of Auraxis- what implants are you using?

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  1. The Shady Engineer

    Question is in the title really.

    So far I've been using a battle hardened-enhanced targeting combo and most recently battle hardened-assimilate. I don't have combat surgeon yet but am very interested in it. Does combat surgeon stack with nanoweave armor by the way? And if it doesn't, what suit slot do you run with combat surgeon?

    Also on a semi related note, the TAR is the new love of my life. :D
  2. Campagne

    I just use Battle Hardened & Catlike. Combat Surgeon just doesn't seem that useful, in my opinion.
  3. Lucidius134

    Might garner more accurate replies posting in the class subforum
  4. The Shady Engineer

    I'm interested in combat surgeon for those critical intermissions that often happen in gunfights. You know, you and the enemy exchange some fire, both sides take roughly equal casualties and none has secured enough of an advantage to push. Perfect time for reviving dead teammates and recharging shields and ability energy. Also chances are your nano regen energy has been depleted in the fighting. Combat surgeon helps fix that. Plus I really like the idea of a teamwork oriented implant. Thanks for the feedback though.

    The class subforums are inactive in general and the medic subforum is the most inactive of them all. Figured I'd get more responses in general discussions.
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  5. Eternaloptimist

    I just run the same two as on my other classes - Regen (so I can carry shield repair tool instead of nanite auto heal) and Battle Hardened (for the combat role in Combat Medic).

    But then, I haven't played much medic class since getting a free Tanto for my engies and LAs
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  6. Halkesh

    Regen, because I run Shield Regen Device (yes it's a shame as a medic to have to run a regen implant)
    Catlike 5, it allow me more accurate hipfire in CQC, allow me to go revive LA on roofs and flank enemy position. (or run away from enemy that chase me :p)

    But currently, I run catlike 5 + vampire, because of the directives.
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  7. JobiWan

    For CQC I like to run sensor shield so I can get closer to enemies. Generally I run Assimilate and Battle Hardened. I do miss Catlike though if I don't have it equipped. At level 5 it's amazing.
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  8. MurgNC

    Right now I'm using Vampire and Sweeper HUD.

    I use Sweeper HUD because I absolutely hate mines and I refuse to be killed by them. I have no problem with being bested by better players, but mines do not involve a contest of skill, and I sure as heck am not going to be constantly tapping my quick spot key as I turn every corner and ascend every staircase (that only saves you some of the time anyways).

    I'm using Vampire so I can stab targets of opportunity with my Slasher for the Halloween directive. Otherwise I'd be using Target Focus in this slot, so I can prioritize targets.

    Now, why am I not using Battle Hardened? It's purely due to my loadout. Normally I pick a gun for a class, then use nothing but that gun for that class until I auraxium it, then I move on to a new gun. Currently I'm using the semi-auto medium range Warden for my Medic, and at medium range if I start taking hits I'm simply going to disengage. But if I was using a closer range full auto gun (like most assault rifles), then I'd probably switch out Target Focus for Battle Hardened. Because at close range it's usually not possible to disengage, and not flinching while getting shot is a better deal compared to what Target Focus offers.

    One of these days I'm gonna have try out Catlike, since it seems to be so universally liked!
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  9. Liewec123

    if you have carapace then using it with nano-regen makes you a fair bit tankier :)
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  10. The Shady Engineer

    Smart thinking, I'll give it a go.