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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by St3yN012, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Chewbaca Defense

    i think that if the tool worked as follows it would be so much more convenient :
    if i rez zomeone and there is another medic there with a different level tool, the highest level tool weilder will get credit, and the other person an assist.
    when the accept button is presented, let the person know how much health they will start with when they accept it.
    if you have 2 medics, they both reduce the rez time together...more power in numbers, with assists for all

    any would address some of the rage i feel doing healer duties.
  2. Sturmhardt

    This is important. Devs, read this.
  3. UrMom306

    I thought about that too when I was leveling up, here is my thinking though...would I rather have a slow tool that nets me more xp but puts me in the line of danger for longer, also resulting in less revives per hour OR do I want a tool that is fast, nets me a quick 100xp, allows me to use it from safer distances, allows me to use it on the run, giving me more friendlies to cover my ***, that ultimately gives me a higher revive per hour, also resulting is less deaths for me.....choice seems pretty dang clear to me
  4. vrcarnage

    Max lvl aplicator, AoE, triage, I also have both grenades even though I only use the reivive. It's goofy imo to not upgrade it. Even though some goofs think that you get more exp for the healing part lol. They are dead wrong because I can raise 4-5 per there 1.

    Personaly I would not care about a slight exp loss for the fact that I can get someoen off the ground in about 2 seconds and because of that I am less likely to die. Because I am dieing less I get to do more work in the field ;)
  5. irishroy

    but, because we don´t wanna be too nasty to new medics, what about :
    the "better" medic gets 1/2-3/4, and the newbiemedic gets 1/2-1/4 of the xp of a revive

    the only time i don´t heal a revived guy is, if there are more(3-5) other dead guys lying around, because it seems to me more important to have at least 3/4 20% guys, than one 20 guy.
    and you also can switch on your heal-aura^^


  6. yukipo

    There definitely needs to be a priority system where the person with the highest level applicator gets to revive if two or more people try to revive someone. I've seen the idea thrown around here already, and I like the sound of it. Maybe make it so that you can assist in reviving someone and get XP for it. Not necessarily speed up the revive, but just to say "hey, at least you tried, here's something for your trouble", so as to not discourage people from reviving at all.

    Also wouldn't mind a decrease in the amount of certs for lvl 6 applicator. 500 certs is a pretty steep wall, though it's not impossible or outrageous, it's kind of a long grind for someone who doesn't have any active XP boosts or whatnot.
  7. Trysaeder

    500 certs is really nothing in comparison to the increased utility it gives. It is THE most worthwhile 500 cert upgrade in the game, and I wouldn't hesitate even if it was 1000 certs. Your revive speed goes from 180% to 280%, and the range goes from 2.5 to 4.5 metres. The heal speed increase is really not noticeable, so I generally let low level medics heal BUT THEY DON'T. As soon as their sticky green fingers touch a corpse, I facepalm at the slow revive speed and then cringe as the victim stands up on <50% and dies before being able to dive for cover.
  8. TheEvilBlight

    Does triage seem worth it to you? Vehicle healing sounds interesting, but how much healing will you get done in the fight? Most of it should be healing infantrymen in the field.

    But yeah, I'd love to get more certs and plow into medical. I loved being a AdvMed/Engy in Planetside1, and before that rolled a decent Medic in Infantry.
  9. vrcarnage

    TBH it would be the second to the last thing I upgraded on the medic (heal grenade being the last). The reason being is that most people do not get in the vehicle until they are healed or they heal them selves w/ the medic swap. It is extra exp and helps out in certain situations. Example: Trying to keep a sundy up w/ eng and the eng just keep swaping in and out taking turns healing sundy and getting healed in the sundy.

    It is very situational but, since its an ability that is automatic it does not hurt to have the extra skill.

    Medic is a fun class as well as eng. I have the eng pretty decked out as well. Full cert gun on that tank mine / anti infi mines upgraded ammo. I am still working on that. Once I get the eng done. I will probably start working on a vehicle of some kind.
  10. JimBob22

    Working on the level 6 upgrade here too. I was going to hold off on it and cert on a new weapon or something...but the jump in effectiveness from level 4 to level 5 was astounding. Best certs I've ever spent.

    Even if you're only planning on being a sometimes medic, get the level 5 tool. You won't be disappointed.
  11. Apollyn

    I'm saving for the last 500 cert upgrade but I always get the time I got the max upgrades, then the Magrider, then the A2A missiles for our Outfit air op, then the LA needs more jump pack....

    Damn Im bad at saving up certs :D
  12. UrMom306

    Me too...i'm just decided NO MORE UPGRADES till the medical applicator is done lol its tough..
  13. efx00

    I agree. The applicator should spray healing foam and aloe juice. This will let other medics know that this person is under medical administration. maybe also bandages should shoot out.
  14. Daedalus272

    I agree something needs to be done about the low level med spam. I don't necessarily begrudge them looking for xp given the FPS and rendering issues, but their activity hurts the team. Now making them second fiddle may turn people off to healing , given higher level med applicators capabilities so how about giving them the primary revive award, but adding in a secondary award to those who assist and critically giving the revived party the benefit of the best person using his applicator when he is revived. This spreads the cert gain around and increases benefits to the team and high level medics operating amongst the low levels while still allowing them some benefit.

    If we go highest med applicator gets the most xp always, then it makes it much more difficult for individuals to increase their skill. Good medics will mostly want to practice their craft and help their team. But getting people to that stage needs to be encouraged. In any event some changes are definately needed to at least help the team benefit from higher level medical revives whether or not experience is adjusted.
  15. St3yN012

    The point is, medical applicators need to change:
    - We need to be able to revive the same guy with mutliple people at the same time, and the person with the highest lvl applicator is going to win.
    - Low level applicators reward you less points for reviving someone.

    Someone else has got something to add to that?
  16. hsal9

    The "lvl 1 applicator gets you more exp" way of thinking is faulty. By the time a newbie with lvl 1 applicator gets somebody up, I already rezzed second guy with my lvl 5 one. Its simple :p
  17. Logri

    Am currently grinding for the 500xp one, so that way to expensive upgrade better be shooting a golden shower of healing!
  18. dual

    I totally agree the applicator upgrades separate the "First Responder-type" from the rest. The 100 certs I put into triage haven't been paying off as much as I though and if I had to do it again I wouldn't buy it before hitting rank 5 for the MA.

    More revives = More Certs
    Heal more Squad members = More XP
  19. Shockfrosted

    My applicator is at level 5, as is my active ability. Haven't calmed down my skill-magpie-syndrome to save for level 6 yet.
    I've met many players who played medic before me, outrank me (my BR is a mere 20) and still res with level 1-2 applicators.

    People don't seem to realize that the increased speed and range, as well as the increased health given, gives them more people between them and the angry guy with the MAX.
    Screw the humanitarian business and the wah wah, upgrading your tools means you're less likely to get gunned down or too distracted to notice that grenade. Do it for yourself!
  20. sicat

    Finally got my lvl 6 yesterday,it's well worth it.Don't get distracted spending them certs,save em up for it.
    Rez speed is great,and the full health means i don't have to hang about topping em up and can get me gun back quick/or move onto next patient.

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