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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by St3yN012, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. St3yN012

    Hey, I've noticed lately that every time I get revived I'm at 20% health, it seems almost nobody seems to care about upgrading their Medical Applicators. Mine's at level 5 now and I've almost got enough certification points for 6. I personally think it's quite important to upgrade this because having to heal every person you revive takes to long and they are very vunerable once they click accept.

    Please, if you play Combat Medic alot, upgrade you Medical Applicator.

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  2. Daslicer

    also level 5 here
  3. Silrace

    Upgrade level 6 here, but then again I enjoy being a Medic.

    Many of these people play a Medic for easy cert point farming through revives and healing during base assaults and defenses so they can Cert in whatever they want to mainly play. Give it a couple months and people will be sticking to their certed-out "main" class of choice way more.
  4. Yoruno

    Abit of what Silrace said. I'm a mos pilot when im not on the ground so i leave my applicator at lvl...2? In my defence medic's still my main infantry class, but i need dem certs to work on the 15min-cd-200-aero-costing flying chunk of iron first. =[
  5. Trysaeder

    The most annoying thing ever is seeing a bunch of noob medics reviving people with their super slow medtools. I could revive every single dead person within range faster than a single one of their revives. Not to mention the fact that I can't revive people that are already being revived.
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  6. Oddies

    Play mainly HA, though medic is at 50% revive currently, with 7 more certs for 75% revive. It will most likely be a while before I can spare the 500 for the last upgrade though.
  7. Aecen

    I know a few who purposely keep it low in order to get more xp from healing people. Lame but im sure it happens to quite a bit.
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  8. Oddies

    Pretty much. The standard argument of being able to revive more with the better tool to offset points or even gain more works well assuming you're in a situation where medic numbers are low compared to other infantry on the field where you can get those revives. Get close to the zerg where medics are plentiful and you won't get that big of number of revives and the numbers don't look so good for the better gun. Plus a lot of pubs just want to farm their certs in the easiest method possible, basic medic gun revive + heal works well. If a bit backwards. Should have based xp off amount healed as opposed to time spent, level playing field across all levels with speed of higher ranks scoring more over time in the end. Properly rewarded for upgrading while encouraging the upgrades.
  9. Tigue

    I totally agree with you Trysaeder,
    I've got medical applicator 6 as well. My outfit mates and I can't stand it when we see a bunch of random medics with level 1-2 med applicators running around reviving folks in the middle of an intense fire fight with only 20% of their health. They never seem to consider the fact that the players they're reviving are just going to die again before they can even stand up or move. Of course the medic does this just so they can get their 100xp. Meanwhile the revived player's only options are to either respawn at the nearest Sunderer or cross their fingers that the random medic that is reviving them is actually a decent medic. Generally though, they revive at 20%, die instantly again, and then the same medic (or some other 'wannabe' medic) continuously tries reviving them over and over for that added 100xp without any conscious thought about how annoying it is for the individual being revived nor the implications of what it's doing to the front lines in general.

    Seriously - if you're going to revive people with anything less than 4-5 levels do your faction a favor and only go after the folks that can either immediately get to cover or are already behind the 'front lines'. Furthermore if you do decide to revive a player with lower level medical applicators, take the time to heal that player fully before moving on to the next guy! If you don't plan to do this at least do your faction a favor and leave the combat medic duties to the folks who have their med guns up enough to actually get the guys back into battle immediately healed.
  10. St3yN012

    Indeed, I'm quite a decent BF3 player (3.1 K/D and 810 SPM (PS3)) and I know who to revive and who will instantly die again. So when I started playing PS2 I only revived those who I could revived, and fully healed them. The 500 Certification Points are quite a grind, but I think it'll be worth it.

    Also I see to many CM's that run around with the Medical Applicators out, instead of their gun which is kind of stupid. You should only have your MA in your hands when your either behind cover healing teammates or reviving a teammate that is in a decent posistion.
  11. somerandom18

    Oh the joys of fail medics and their lvl 1 applicators... Mine is at 6 and so is my AoE heal. Averaging 20k exp/hr with only alpha squad boost.

    Love itttt

    Only thing that annoys me is if the people i revive take a while to accept... and another medic with a lower lvl applicator tried to revive them too they will spawn with lower heath and i will have not gotten any exp but whatever
  12. ScorpDK

    Still at level 3, but since I now have given my Sunderer and Flash their needed upgrades, I'm pooling my points into my medical applicator, since Medic is my primary class (closely followed by Engineer). Both for less "omfg, I'm losing my patients/patience" while rezzing people in combat, as well as to not having to constantly chase after those dumbos that immediately charge forth into the enemy only to get one-shot'd right away.

    But I do agree that they should tweak the XP gain so it combines the revival XP with the healing they automatically receive from the better tool. Otherwise people will just stick to their low-level applicators to farm XP, despite the fact they're completely hamstringing their own force's progress.
  13. ReddieD

    More xp for doing an inferior job seems backwards...once that's fixed, hopefully this problem goes away.
  14. St3yN012

    LVL1 = 20 XP
    LVL2 = 40 XP
    LVL3 = 50 XP
    LVL4 = 60 XP
    LVL5 = 70 XP
    LVL6 = 8000 XP

    This seems fair in my opinion.
  15. JDCollie=VX9=

    Mine is level 6 as of last night. The difference between 75% and 100% health on revive is a nice bonus, but the biggest advantage is the increased range. Being able to rez someone without leaving cover is a big plus in my opinion.
  16. MaxQMeng

    You know what would really stop all those low level med rezzing? Remove the "rez tagging" thing, so I can still rez people even if they are already being rez be some low level meds, just make it a race and whoever's tool finish the job faster gets the points, and the player is rezed at whatever % the med did the work.
    That way, those 5 sec slow rez med tools will be taken over by higher level med tools, meds who put certs into their tools get more xp doing their jobs, and people will have better chance of being rezzed with more health.
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  17. Redcleoud

    There's no excuse not to have it at 3 at least it's not even that much time to cert that. What irks me isn't simply being revived to 20% health, I just figure ok maybe they're new meds... but no, they dont even HEAL YOU UP to full health. If u have a lower med level tool than 5 or 6, u need to HEAL who u just revived! It's farming yeah too but truth is u can get more XP doing other things than low med revives where you're likely to die too.

    As a dedicated medic usually, there's also a flip, I have med 4 almost at 5, so I still need to heal when revived. OR just anyone low health like to run away from medics it's not just finding cover they call for a medic you start to heal and they run away like you're supposed to follow them like a lap dog, please, 1-2 seconds u can sit still in cover... if u get revived don't run off into the fray check your health... let the med heal u up. Because not all medics are just farming most imo do upgrade a bit perhaps not to 6 or 5 I think 4 seems to be the happy medium as the last 2 certs really shows ur dedication with the cost.
  18. St3yN012

    The point is, medical applicators need to be changed because the people who spend alot of certification points in it get screwed while it should be the other way around. I've got 340 certs now, I will upgrade to level 6 but I see why people wouldn't be motivated to upgrade (I don't like those people) so this really needs to change.
  19. ScorpDK

    Upgraded to level 5 last night while defending an AMP Station for 2 hours, then rolling with a whole armada of vehicles and troops to take back the continent for great justice. Big difference once you got rank 5, guys being revived at 75% and healing them afterwards is no longer a high priority so you can revive people before proceeding to patching up the minor wounds left.

    Going for the final rank next. Shouldn't take more than 2 days tops to get it.
    But yes, they really need to add the healing XP to your revival XP, since you're doing both at the same time and you shouldn't be penalized for doing so.
  20. UrMom306

    I agree it seems the way the certs jump from a 100 to 500 is a little extreme, I just unlocked the 100 cert lvl last night, and now i'm faced with the 500 cert wall.. but since the medic class is my go to class, no biggie. Time to grind out 400 more certs :/

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