[Suggestion] Medic Tool Improvments

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by RoaRawR, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. RoaRawR

    Drop the whole "X amount ressed and increase at rank" you ressed for X at all ranks

    it just annoying for the one to be ressed at 20 , and the annoying part of "I rank up to heal better but my revives give me less XP now" fight to

    Main fire button for Heal, Secondary fire for Revive

    I hate it so much when I try to ress my squad and my heal tool get stuck on someone who don't even need healing....

    If the healing medic dies, "release " his healing tool from that body
    reason why you sometimes find a dead teammate you can't res because the medic did die while he was trying to revive him (he still locked)

    Medic Player improvment

    Wish there where a change that could favor medic's to res to win for the team and not cert farming like a *****....
    Players who shot other medics because they "steal" their revives, seriously? I know the 20% is annoying but it is ******* patetic when I see medics shot other medics because this is "My cert territory"
  2. irishroy

  3. VKhaun

    Okay, but you'll also have to concede that it's absurd that you get XP for reviving a guy right in front of someone who's just going to kill him again. Nothing makes me mad like when some XP farming medic revives me and after hitting accept I wake to find a tank has rolled up and is looking at us, or that four guys are shooting in our direction and I just go right back down again... then invariably they try to rez me AGAIN... and when I click no they try to rez me AGAIN just as I could click to respawn but now I have to click no again first.

    No XP unless the person you rez lives for 10 seconds. Or run it as a leech effect where instead of XP for the revive tiself, you get 10xp for every 100xp the person you rezzed earns (Or whatever ratio, adjust numbers as you see fit, don't nitpick.) until they die again.
  4. RoaRawR

    reread it before post, that is my point!
    right now if you want XP, healing applicator 1 > 6, you get same xp for reviving with 1=6 but there is less to heal on rank 6 so you get less XP to heal = less XP for applicator 6, this is why you get people who neglect ranking it up!

    it is this I wish for removed, it is a teamgame. it is much more satifaction to play for the team (or in more orginized group) than to kill your teammates just because of bad game mechanic

    I am here for a solution for both sides of the case and not for the certification farmers alone, this way both the cert solo players can have their fun but at same time not be useless thorn for everyone else

    @vkhaun, agree I wish if you said no to res, it means NO (you be killed and not removed opption to be ressed, valid idea but sadly this is not the most advanced forum code so you can't edit OP to add idea...
  5. kadney

    I would like to see the Exp given for each "dot" of the circle you heal. Like 10 Exp for 2 dots or w/e it is on Lvl1. So the speed of healing one person wouldn't change the amount ot Exp you get. But since you heal faster overall you can heal more people -> get more exp in a period of time. The experience gain for ressurecting should be based on the amount of health given aswell. For example: a basic revive gives you 100 Exp. Each 2 dots healed during the revive give you 10 Exp. So if you revive the target up to 80% health you will get more Exp than if you simply revive it to let's say 20%.

    But my guess right now is that we will never see anything like that in the game. :confused: