Medic or Engineer certs

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  1. xthezerohunter

    Which class gives certs back the fastest? I'm kinda just gonna be playing support for a bit and going for kills when I have to. Both the Medical Applicator and Repair Tool are on Level 4. For Engineer I got a Utility Pouch, Tank Mines, and Sticky Grenades; they're really useful for taking out infantry if I'm getting camped. Usually I use the Tank Mines like C4 baiting MAXes and infantry around corners and stuff. For Medic I have the Shield Repair and Revive Grenades. It seems like I always play the wrong class when things get good. I'll go Engi because we're getting camped by 12 Sunderers, 15 Tanks, 4 Harassers, 2 Flashes, and a Thomas The Steam Engine Collectible bought off of Ebay for 19.99 plus shipping and handling, and then when I turn around to start places tank mines, all of them are destroyed and I'm surrounded by corpses that I could be farming for xp. But then when I play Medic nobody wants to be a Zergling so i can farm their deaths for revive ribbons. So which class gains certs the most. I get a lot of ribbons with the shield, but it seems boring.
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  2. Opapanax

    Both are great cert gaining classes. I prefer engineering as healing was never really my thing. As I said both pretty much provide constant cert income. Just always be on your toes with the med kit or repair kit but one thing as medic and even engineer is that killing the enemy is priority.

    What I mean to explain is as a medic you see a battle go down before you try to rez them is to ensure the enemy is dead so that they don't just shoot and kill the guy you heal again and again. Especially if you don't have full health revives. I regularly will not accept a rez if all the medic is doing is running around with med kit out and not actually shooting back.

    The same can go for engineer tunnel vision but more importantly is always approaching friendly tanks from the side for repair. Don't become road kill and following a sturdy MAX unit is also a good idea.

    Oh and Tank mines... tank mines all day.
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  3. xthezerohunter

    While it's on the topic of certs, I would also like to ask for Infil stalker cloak cert gain from just recapping points over and over.
  4. Lonecat

    For medic vs engineer, I would say:
    - Engineer can be played in the backline, whereas the people to resurrect for medic are always going to be near the frontline
    - Only 1 medic can resurrect someone, 2 medic can heal someone however you effectively reduce the healing xp in half as the player is going to be healed twice as fast. On the other hand, all engineers get XP from the ammo box, but the repair is similar to medic heal (it is shared between engineers of course).

    It's probably pretty even, but engineer is perhaps more relaxed if you drop an ammo box and let it do the work for you (medic shield restoration is pretty similar, but I think less efficient than ammo box).
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  5. Alfred The Butler

    I say go engineer! As mentioned above the Ammo pack give lots of xp (Even more once fully certed) Also healing friendly MAX units and tanks make everyone happy! And if you do decide to go back on the offensive and try to get some kills just place down that handy-dandy AI Turret of yours and aim it in the direction of the enemy and fire! (Rapidly clicking mouse works best! Think burst firing.) Any faction needs more engineers!:)

    However if you do decide to go medic, get Rez nades ASAP!!! (That's all I can tell you, Mostly play engineer myself. Sorry!)
  6. _itg

    I think it's easier for new-ish players to farm certs as engineer, since more experienced players with better gear will usually beat you to every revive, but you can team up for repairs. In the long run, medic will normally produce more certs, though, especially if you upgrade your shield bubble. Either way, you want to max out your chosen classes tool (and ammo pack, if engineer) sooner rather than later.

    If you're playing at an extremely low-pop time of day, that can actually be a decent cert-gaining option, mainly because in order to play support classes, you need other people to support. This would work best a 3-point base with a couple acquiescent enemies. You run around flipping points, they flip them back and don't try too hard to actually kill you.
  7. Iridar51

    This just made my day, thanks! :D

    To answer your question, you shouldn't think about best class for current situation, because you're never gonna choose right. Instead think "How can I, as a player of this certain class, be useful right now?".

    For best cert gain, I'd recommend using Medic, but you're not gonna go far on just support XP gain. You will have to fight and kill people. Thankfully, medics have access to awesome Assault Rifles, which are almost always relevant.
  8. St NickelStew

    I hit BR 40 on my main character today after playing for about four weeks. I am new to PC gaming and the mouse + KB.

    My score per minute for my Engineer is 219.
    My score per minute for my Medic is 213. The Medic SPM is catching up.

    Having two ammo resupply kits always out is a nice, steady stream of Certs. An Engineer can count on friendlies shooting and needing ammo more reliably than having them get killed where they can be revived. With medkits and restokits friendlies can heal themselves. So I think Engineer is a more reliable source of certs.
  9. xthezerohunter

    Thanks for the info, I restarted my character as Engineer and got 100 certs in the first hour.
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  10. Mefi

  11. Dumpsterprophet

  12. Carl1879

    I would say engineer its incredibly versatile, you can repair maxes, vehicles, turrets etc... for easy xp and certs ammo packs drop one in a busy location and its great. Then you get turrets that mow down infantry or help allot with vehicles, anti personnel and anti tank mines. C4 for maxes. The spitfire is great at getting assists too, sadly allot of those will probably be friendlies though.

    Medics can heal or revive infantry and can drop a bubble that repairs shields for xp and they get C4 so they are great at getting certs too but the engineer is simply a jack of all trades and does well at them all.
  13. Skiptrace

    Engineer is more certs due to the ammo supply pack. At Max level you can place 2 at a time, and they last for like 7 minutes or so. You can also remove anti tank mines with Max rank repair tool, which is VERY useful. Cert out your engineer then your medic.
  14. Vorpal_Spork

    Cycler TRV is love, Cycler TRV is life.

    Not really. Anyone can get rid of them by shooting them.
  15. Kalari

    arent engie also gonna get alot of anti maxx stuff soon? (anti-maxx rifle and tank mines work on maxes)
  16. xthezerohunter

    You can't shoot them when they're under the only sunderer for 300m
  17. RedArmy

    i prefer the Torq9, substantially more accurate
  18. chuck105

    For engie ammo packs are the best way to earn xp, along with killing vehicles and infantry. Repairing is fine, but while repairing you're not doing other stuff. For medic, I've heard revive grenades are good. Go for the bandolier, so you can use them multiple times, then reload, rinse and repeat. For both medic and engineer, drop ammo and the regen thing religiously, unless it's currently being used. All those little bits of xp add up.
  19. LaughingDead

    Maxing out ammo packs will give you two that last 7 minutes. My general philosophy is that medics will have to be near the guy that's dead, this means you have to be near whatever killed him and often enough with small fights you have to kill the thing that killed him first, while engineer on the other hand will only need people that shoot. Whether or not he dies is next to irrelevant, there will always be someone that needs to shoot.

    And if you're not great at shooting, you can simply mount a turret and practice in a safe-ish location, along with repairing maxes, this can be a great way to get certs.
  20. undersuppressivefire

    well, it depends on your play style. as a medic, people will definitely thank you for rez them. you gain more XP from revive than healing so let you friends die then revive them would be helpful for certs grind.(although sounds a little bit evil i admit). the assault rifle medic has typically excels at longer range, which is actually kinda strange considering that medics will always stay at front line. but you can still get several unexpected kill though.
    engineer is more versatile, i have to say. it has two ways of gaining XP for starters which is actually better than medic considering you need to unlock the shield bubble for medics to get it's full potential. You can also lay down suppressive fire from your default turrets. the way i play engins is to stay at front line, heal up MAXs while constantly gaining XP from ammo pack. As a engineer, you have access to carbine which can be useful at close range, so you can actually try flank enemy and get some kills, but you might need to attack accordingly since engineers don't have maneuver abilities such as jetpack.
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