Medic is the best way to get XP in this game, bar none

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by KorJax, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. KorJax

    It almost seems unfair to the other classes. The only thing that comes close is an engineer. An HA that takes out really juicy targets while constantly getting ammo can compete XP wise, but thats very situational.

    They get a really good gun, the only class that uses full on assault rifles. Good damage, good range that can easily hold their own against any target. Let's not forget they auto-heal with their ability, which in the end functions similarly to HA's as it increases their lasting power on the field. Anyways, needless to say, you can kill really, really efficiently with the medic.

    Their XP per heal is rather good too. About 10ish XP per second, close to 15-20 if you are defending a main base with a membership or a boost. Simply by healing one guy from almost dead to full health you get almost the same XP as a kill. Healing squad mates? Well exceeded. Seeing as theres never a shortage of hurt people around, it's really easy to rake in points from healing alone.

    And then, finally we have revive. Where I get 150XP per revive on a squad made inside a main facility with my 25% XP boost, which is more than what I'd get for making a kill. 75XP with zero boosts and no defense bonus, almost a kill (and definatly a kills worth of XP by simply healing to full on revive). It's extremely easy to hang back where its safer and just constantly revive people to get "one kill every 3-5 seconds" worth of XP with much smaller risk than it takes to actually kill someone.

    Adding all these up, you get a class that no matter what they do, they will get plenty of XP for performing their function. Take one of these guys into a major base assault or defense and you will ROLL in the certs like no tomorrow. I can easily make 80ish certs per hour by playing actively with a medic on my 25% xp boost, without it even being a massive battle (but obviously, a big enough one to keep me busy), meanwhile using any other class I struggle to match that level of XP in two hours.

    I'm not saying the clear XP advantage medics have over all other classes needs nerfed or anything. While it's a bit silly that 9/10 doing dedicated healing/revives gets you far more XP than agressive killing (sans killing a large room off with a single grenade, and other special circumstances), the XP rate for being a medic is really nice. Rather, I'd like to see -all- classes be brought up to the medic's potential. You make jack **** as an infiltrator for example, even if you are excellent at it and doing actual recon/infiltration (hacking only gets you 25-30xp, despite it being extremely useful, and you can only hack a very limited number of things, recon darts get you zero XP, etc). Light Assault doesn't seem too bad XP wise considering all they do is kill, but the medic is really good at killing too so why not just go with that? They should bring in more opportunities to earn good support XP across all classes.
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  2. Glenndal

    XP gains are highly unstable across classes, and vary a great deal with combat availability and skill. Not to say xp shouldn't be higher for skilled players, but the margins should be moved closer to center. I've heard nothing about mechanics to change this, but I'm not sure that its something that SOE or people in general are aware of.
  3. Swiffle

    I'm not sure if I average more XP/hour with medic or LA. Medic probably much more consistent though. I don't mind medics piling up a ton of XP though, since it's all helpful to the team. Good bit of incentive to stick with your squad/team and work together. More opportunities for other classes to offer support and earn some XP would indeed be nice.
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  4. grin

    And yet there are so few medics actually playing effectively or at all.
  5. Lukor

    I dont see the problem with that. In a game where 90% of the population seems to be about KILLZ KILLZ KILLZ and k/d ratio it's nice to know that playing support gets rewarded aswell.
    I dont get a fancy revive vs deaths stat to drool over at the end of the day, i just know that i helped my outfit/squad/zerg win the battle and thats it. Oh and a ton of xp.
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  6. Oliverquinn

    Agree with infiltrators needing more exp/cert, however being a Medic myself, I only ever see 1-2 other people in a 5 hour session that have upgraded anything on the class and are actually doing the right thing.

    I've never ever seen anyone else use a revive grenade, most medics are using stock skins and are under battle rank 5 before they get bored and move to a heavier class.

    Let's face it, while Medic rolls in exp/cert no one plays them because they'd prefer to have a awesome shiny jetpack, or be able to run into a building and take 5 people on at once in their Max suits.

    Also when reviving 70% of the time you never get exp because they'll spawn elsewhere/decline or just run off before you can heal them as well giving only the stock 75exp instead of 125.
  7. Pashgan

    So I've tried a medic after reading how easy xp is. Didn't see anything like that during assault of The Crown. Either nobody dies / getting hit - or all dead at the same time.Could get more xp by dispersing ammo as engineer.

    However I've found alpha squad medic carbine (Vanu) is extremely accurate.
  8. IshanDeston

    I am playing 90% of the time Medic. I am making 90% of my exp by killing people. I can't say i am happy with my exp gain. Yes, there are situations where you run into the zerg, then i am noticing a bump in my exp, but overall i can't say i am feeling all to useful or like i would be reaping exp.

    Maybe i need to be running with the Zerg more often, instead of running around in a platoon, trying to keep the enemy from taking over all the territories around the zerg, but in general i can't say i am making a lot of exp as Medic.

    As Engineer i am noticing a real bump in Exp and cert gain. There is always something to do. A terminal that is broken, a turret that needs fixing, some damage on vehicles. As Medic, yeah, there is a handfull dead and the occasional heal exp. Maybe its because my healgun is level 5 now, but i really couldn't say i am making alot of exp.
  9. DeadlyShoe

    Support a pounder-HEG MAX in your squad as engineer. He reloads every second and every second is +17xp Squad Resupply Points. And you can shoot things too! Ahahahaha.
  10. Sturmhardt

    No, it's fine the way it is, there needs to be motivation to be a good teamplayer. If you want to solo and gain mass XP get some rocketpods or drive MBT.
  11. Naburimannu

    In my experience, medics only have plenty of healing to do if they're on at peak hours and running with the zerg or an intense combat at a major base. When I've done that as a medic, there are usually 3-4 other medics there, so enough-healing-for-two is being split 4-5 ways.

    If you're playing off-peak, or not at the major bases, you're mostly a middling-class fighter; combat is too fatal to have lots of half-injured people to heal, and too dispersed to safely get to corpses in time to revive them. As somebody without a lot of FPS experience looking to play support while he skills up, it's frustrating enough to make me consider going engineer instead.
  12. Trysaeder

    The CM is not really a support class until you have at least the second last levels on both your healing abilities. Until then, it's more like a Medium Assault. It's a front line class with a tool to revive allies, which is second in lethality the front line class with a tool to kill vehicles. The only true support class is the engineer. His firepower is less than the combat classes, and he has a huge arsenal of tools to help sustain the troops on the front line. Ammo, repairs and a turret that can create a small 'sanctuary' where allies are mostly safe.

    Medics gain experience wherever death happens, as they can benefit from both enemies and allies.
  13. Hagestol

    Pilots gain 10 - 100 times the experience we do. Its all good.
  14. UrMom306

    Find a stalemate battle at a large base, be on the defending team, heal or repair, revive, and kill...let that defense bonus build and profit
  15. KorJax

    I'm not saying the medic should be nerfed or anything with XP (though I do think you get too much for a revive, considering a revive+heal will get you more XP than a kill with three times less risk involved).

    I just wish I could play my main class and have opportunities to make as much XP. I just wish I could be a gal pilot and have opportunites to make as much XP. Etc.

    Fact of the matter is, the game rewards the medic HEAVILY for playing a solid balance between assault and support, both tasks it does very well at. Meanwhile, all other classes and support vehciles (sans the sundy using AMS), get hardly any rewards for doing support roles.

    I'd love to play a dedicated infiltrator but I find myself never doing so anymore just because I easily double my XP gain by being an active combat medic who kills, heals and revives instead of actually infiltrating, scouting, etc for my outfit. Being an infiltrator, I'm not rewarded at all for actually doing my support role well. Just like I'm not rewarded at all for being a good gal pilot (I thought about being a dedicated gal pilot before release, now it's impossible to even think about doing that). Just like how I can only make decent XP as a light assault, if I jump on top of things and kill dudes from unsuspecting angles (though this is really nice, and its stuff you can unlock for the LA def helps with the cert gain).

    An engineer who is at a main assault and constantly rearming/repairing teammates is the only thing that comes close or beats it, but you need to be in that exact situation to beat the medic in XP gains. And he's not the best fighter either (but him being able to repair his own tanks more than makes up for that).
  16. UrMom306

    I agree with you that all the classes should have equal oppurtunities to make xp.

    I do however completely disagree with this statement. If reviving was less in xp people wouldn't do it. Reviving is a pretty big deal in this game due to the nature of the battles, spawn system, etc. I could see it working like this. Max xp for a revive + heal is 100xp. So lower level medical applicators, the initial revive xp is low, in order to get the full 100 you gotta heal em up. The next level revive xp is a little bit more, cause you have to heal him less. And obviously the max medical applicator will give you a solid 100 xp cause there is no healing involved. This mechanic would also promote medics to heal after they revive. Only flaw with this system is if the guy that gets revived runs off and you can't fully heal them, but on the flip side that would encourage medics to level up their medical applicator so they don't miss out on any xp.
  17. irishroy

    yes, medic is nice.
    and why not rewarding the people, who don´t think aleays
    good, that a game works against this:
    so people get awared because they don´t always think like this:
  18. Faction

    not Lib pilots LOL
  19. Neurotoxin

    Operating the Zephyr on the single Liberator in the area, with 9 ESF protecting you, is the best EXP you'll get in the game. You just have to be able to nail all their AA before it gets after you.

    Medic isn't bad, but I've gotten in the habit of not accepting revives from anyone who isn't on voice comms. More often than not, revives from randoms just lead to being killed in the exact same spot again. Likewise, as a medic, most of my revives die before I even have a chance to heal them the rest of the way.
  20. Joust

    I was waiting for a thread like this to pop up, though I thought it would be another week or so. I won't refute the argument that medics likely get the most XP, but there are stipulations. Do you know where the bulk of our revives come from? They're not "in the back, where the medic should be" - they're in a firefight where you're crouched, 5 meters from an enemy, without a weapon, lighting off a bright green flare. Without NV or IR scopes during night raids, the only thing your average BR10 or less will see is the odd muzzle flash and your oversized MSPaint spraycan beacon of pleasant green healness. With most medics bringing people up with 25% HP, a person is likely to get 2 kills (or tags) just by popping off a few in your direction. If you reduced the XP gain on reviving there's really no point in doing it since you'll spend more time running back from spawns then you will actually doing any healing. Lets not even that mention 20% of revives give no XP regardless, be it either poor server communication or recent FF incidentals.

    Yes, Infiltrators need some love but they (and all point-and-shoot classes) should never get what a skilled medic does. It's incentive to play an already underplayed class (above BR10, that is). I also think a lot of those proclaiming "uber XP medic class needs omg nerf" (not that you're saying this, but it's been said) are people seeing a good medic in an even better situation. I have no hope of defending a base alone or taking on two enemies, even though my K : D is usually >1:1. However, most classes do - it's only fair there are other tools in my kit which can give me a nice way to gain XP (since zerg storming certainly isn't one of them). There's a lot of dry, heal-less situations where I'm just hoping to tag someone to get partial kill XP. More than most might think. I have all the reason to believe that a medic racking up massive XP would manage to gain similar XP (at least 90%+ of what a medic is getting) on any class they play, likely because they're a skilled player, not a skilled medic.

    Hang on, I'll say that again. A skilled player, not a skilled medic. I see a lot of bad, bad medics just getting mowed down before they can get a revive off.
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