Medic Gameplay Flaw

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  1. supermate

    Ok so as i have been playing medic allot recently due to AR directive i have come to realize a big law in the over all game play with medic that could be filled rather easily. Lets just say im sure we have all been there running over to someone to start the rez and bam they despawn/respawn when you're a meter away or even as you start the rez i know i have done it countless times. but imagine if the medic just as any other class can q spot enemy infantry if the medic could q spot friendly dead infantry and it gives them a little message like when you are being revived i.e. being revived by [player name] but instead of that said [medic is on the way]. This right here would allow a medic to tell troops to stay down and wait for a rez, but of obviously add a feature that when the medic dies the message disappears . adding this would allow a medic to alert his fellow downed comrades that he is on the way. i guess having a microphone would allow this but not everyone is bothered to talk would just be a very nice addition to the all round crucial class. Im sure that i am not the only one who wishes there was something like this.
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  2. Devilllike

    That is not a flaw that is player stupitity if you look at your map you can see the + coming to you but most players just give up on it because most medics do not revive so they just go away but still i would agree if they could add a little message
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  3. HadesR

    Also you need a Rez for a reason .. So you have to judge whether it's worth the Rez and maybe dying again , or just taking the respawn hit ..

    Considering there are no limits to respawns , unless you are guarding a point there is no great loss to yourself or your team not waiting for the Rez .
  4. BlueSkies

    You mean when the map is actually working correctly? Its been awhile since I saw medics on my map as +
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  5. zaspacer

    Maybe have the Dead Player get the message "You have been tagged by <Medic Character Name> For Revive". Only allow the tag by a Medic within 30 meters of the corpse.
  6. Lemposs

    I usually just tell them over proximity to not respawn.
  7. FieldMarshall

    What i would like is the option to have revivable players a different hud color than alive players.
    Also when im targeting someone with 10% health in the middle of a cluster of people, i dont want my med tool to be able to target the ones with full health.
    Would also be nice if the med tool didnt target people who have been revived but not accepted the revive yet.
    Some sort of (optional) hud arrows pointing to the nearest revivable friendly would also be nice.

    All this would make medic easier to play. Sure, one could argue that it should be added because it requires less "skill", but i really believe the pros outweigh the cons.
    It would make the game better for both the medic, and the ones who need a medic, screaming "medic" into the mic.
    (Btw, screaming medic into the mic doesent do anything special, unless you also tell the medic where you are. They can already see you on the minimap, so if you dont get revived straight away, there is usually a good reason for it)

    I think they should try to make gameplay less annoying and frustrating. We have enough of that already.
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  8. WeRelic

    Yeah, the medic/patient relationship is a bit dysfunctional...

    I think that the instant you start getting revived, it should disable spawning until you accept/reject the revive. I've lost many a revive to people who spawned at the last 2 ticks of the revive. I also think that they should allow for diminished XP for rejected revives, so that the medic who wasted his time on the revive will get something out of the deal.
  9. Devilllike

    When you are in the middle of the fight and you try to keep your team forward reviving is essential
    yes when it works correctly
  10. Iridar51

    You're based on a wrongful premise that every dead player wants to be revived and will accept the revive.
  11. \m/SLAYER\m/

    Before devs ruined it, you were able to see medics on the map, now only medics can see other medics,
  12. MrJengles

    It's an excellent idea, one I'd love to see, but Daybreak have a huge backlog of things like this not put into the game. UI and coding are their bottlenecks.
  13. Icedude94

    Instead of reinventing the wheel, just take a look at what much older FPS games did.

    After you die, the game should show you a timer till your body disappears while keeping the nearest medic highlighted on your map. Every time you left click(with a cooldown of a couple seconds to avoid spamming) your character shouts for a medic. If however you don't want to be revived and you don't want your incapacitated body causing medics to run into gunfire and get killed, you can simply right click to despawn your corpse.
  14. Kulso

    *Hides UI*

    *Stares at Medic walking around my body*

    *Frustrated sigh*
  15. Kcalehc

    Which then should lead into an option to remove my corpse from the game, without re-spawning; thus I, when dead, am not a distraction to a medic that could be helping another player that wants a revive/heal.
  16. Taemien

    Press Z and say, "I'll revive you."

    Not in a squad? Don't worry about reviving. Go back to directive farming with that assault rifle.
  17. Yuki10

    Haven't seen "+" on a map for a medic for a while... can't remember which update broke this.
  18. Iridar51

    Yeah, that would be nice. Currently your only option for that is to respawn, which is not immediate.
  19. CazadorDeLaBruja

    I never wait for a Rez. I dont expect my team to help me EVER. so i release every time. I never play Medic because i dont like the class... but when im Engy i take the time to Heal/Pop ammo for randoms *i also take the time to destroy Unused ammo boxes* Helping the enemy is a bad thing... but i digress. Its nice to see some one that actually is willing to play the Medic for the role of supporting the team. Hooray for you! but you likely arent on my server/faction and i we would likely never be friends in the first place nore would i ever expect you to sit there and camp my body for when i die. my K/D is always positive... and that is good enough for me. id rather respawn then wait on a medic. Also the game doesnt reward players for support or teamwork... only kills... thats the Devs Fault.