Medic Directive Armor Savior/ Medic kills should be reduced.

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by gnometheft, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. gnometheft

    Am I alone in this? I have been playing consistently trying to grind for this since directives came out, I have gotten over 2000 kills as a medic since hitting my master tier, and of those I only have 174/300 savior kills, and ~290/800 enemy medic kills, while all my other requirements were completed with half the time I've put into this.
    I feel like both Savior and medic kills should come down for the medic directive armor requirement, or be changed from a requirement. They are not really related to being a good medic in any way. Why are half of the directives for this armor about killing people as a support class? There is no reason you should expect ANY class to be able to reliably get Savior kills, and there is no reason to make a player prefer to kill a medic over any other class right in front of him, aiming his sights at him.
    Kills is one thing, at least I know how to get those, but Savior and Medic kills are too random to be so high of a requirement.
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  2. Matt879

    Savior kills down to 200, enemy medic down to 500/400. I've gotten about 1500 kills and I'm only on 174/800 enemy medic kills and 110/300 savior kills, I feel you man :/.
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  3. SharkSpider

    The directive requirements are fine. Starting from scratch you'll have the class directives well before you get enough kills to complete the weapon ones.
  4. Matt879

    It's more of a problem for people that already had some AR's auraxed. An what you say is that it's balanced compared to the assault rifle directive, but it should be balanced compared to the other combat medic directive requirements. I had 4/5 reqs done, and by that time I was 1/3 done with saviour kills, and 1/4 done with enemy medic kills. Maybe SOE wants these extreme requirements in every directive (1160 max punch kills, hundreds of pilot assists in vehicle etc.), but if not, then these two definitely need to be tweaked.
  5. TheKhopesh

    I've surpassed the regular, but I've still got a TON of medics left to kill.
    The kill counter goes by FAR faster from what my friends and I are experiencing.
  6. TheKhopesh

    I have to agree that the savior and medic kills take too long.
    You just cannot get these reliably, so they need to be lowered to what you'd expect to see from standard combat.
    I see maybe 1 medic kill for every 10-15 kills I get, because medics don't lead the charge, they hold back and rush in to rez the downed friendlies.
    This means seeing them while you're also in the back healing/rezzing is not a common occurrence.

    As a medic and engie, your main job is supporting others in a fight, so if they are looking for more to add to these fields, here's what I suggest:

    Add a counter for assists by those you're actively supporting.

    For medics-
    If you rez someone and they pop up and get a kill, that should count as an assist (Like a spawn deploy bonus for sundys and galaxies) and reward some XP along with one more number toward a support assist for the medic directive.
    (Would also apply to those who get a kill while directly in your medic field or being healed by your AOE health regeneration range. But only if they are in the field when they get the kill, no timer for these.)

    For engies-
    If you're actively repairing and the max/vehicle earns a kill, you get some XP and one more number toward a support assist for the engineer directive.
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  7. DeadMansShadow

    After a test of about 400 kills, when I was trying my best to target enemy medics, I got 11% of my kills as medics.

    To put that into perspective, ignoring all previous progress (which gets reset once you get to master level anyway) 800 enemy medic kills equates to about 7000 enemy kills. Makes the 1200 kills as medic requirement relatively pointless if you ask me. And I seriously doubt that a single requirement for a silly medic armour recoloration should be equivalent to getting over 5 auraxiums if you started from scratch.

    On top of that, as mentioned previously, the 200/300 medic kills I had when I completed my Expert medic requirements got reset back to 0/800 when I reached Master, which is quite frustrating. --This does not happen with ribbon requirements or weapon-specific requirements so I'm pretty sure it's a bug.

    Oh and do you know what the best part is? Completing the directives Carbine requirements reset ALL achievements that weren't tracked by ribbons/weaponkills. I wouldn't be surprised if completing the Assault Rifle directives would reset all medic and savior kills.

    At the moment the directives are bugged as hell, and it seems that somebody just pulled numbers out of a hat and made those the requirements. I know that they're probably trying to fix it, but it makes playing very frustrating.
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  8. Frosty The Pyro

    you could make an argument for the weapon directives, as they reward actual gear. But the class dirictives reward is purely cosmetic, and therefor PURELY braging rights. Having them be dificult, even to a ridiculous degree, is not really a bad thing. Everyone is not ment to have bragging right, if everyone did, they arent realy worth bragging about are they?
  9. vanu123

    I wouldn't mind having them lowered especially for a medic class but the point of directives are to be challenging.
  10. The Funk

    I got my savior kills in a few days. I found that I could increase my odds by finding big, preferably open field infantry battles and prioritizing targets that were firing.
  11. Matt879

    They should be challenging, not challenging compared to the other requirements. What's the point of having a 1.2k kills req when another req requires you to get 5000+ kills in actual combat?
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  12. TheKhopesh

    I understand where you're coming from, but I can't say I agree with it.

    The cosmetic directives wouldn't be devalued by evening out the requirements to achieve them.
    They still take considerable dedication to reach, as they should, but they shouldn't be something you generally only see on players who play nothing but that class.
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  13. Kociboss

    Directives are fine but the rewards aren't.

    Sparkling, glowing jelly on top of your armor. Woo hoo.
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  14. gnometheft

    That's a good point, but there is still no reason to have 2 of the directives so wildly out of bounds with the rest of them.

    I mean medic/savior kills are going to be the last 2 for EVERY medic. They are not only rediculously harder than any of the other directive requirements, they are literally impossible to reliably obtain. The means of getting them is fine, but it just can't be so many for so random of a thing.
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  15. commandoFi

    They ought to add a heal assist ribbon and make it a directive category. Whenever someone you recently healed kills someone you get XP and progress. I think you might actually already get XP for it, just no ribbon.
  16. celem

    If this does already grant xp then it's hidden (no popup). I routinely sit behind cover with heal locked on an HA who steps out into fire, I get heal ticks if he takes hits, plus shield if i deployed the field, but nothing obvious for the reaping he's doing.

    I'd be up for heal assists. Not on a timer like the sundie's. Kill while beam or aoe is active, heal assist. Perhaps 3-5 seconds on res. but could make both the same progress counter. Call it support assist or medic assist or whatever, I dont see a need to split hairs.

    I also hate saviour/medic kills. If our all-time progress was used, ok, but since the counters reset every tier it just leaves master lopsided. And its never going to be one I complete to tier up until i'm forced to by lack of option.
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  17. EverestMagnus

    So I'm not going to lie because medics hold back I find the frag gernades to be a good way to get the kills. Not going to lie I've occasinally been the medic with full gerndade bandoleer and frag gernades equipped.
  18. Noktaj

    I agree.
    Medic kills count should be reduced to around 500.

    BTW, got my medic last directive tier last night and finished Medic Kills before the Savior Kills.
    You just need to hunt for medics:
    1) Always play alerts (better chance to run in an enemy platoon with medics in it)
    2) Alternatively hunt for small 1-12 / 12-24 fights. Squads usually runs with a couple of medics around.

    Anyway, every time i got a medic was like freaking christmass
    I fondly remember those time when I spotted a medic in group of enemies and I DID NOT FREAKING CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE than kill that medic, even if that would result in my certain death... :rolleyes:
    Or that time when I found two low BR medics, instead of killing them instantly I waited for them to revive each other every time, squeezed like 5-6 kills only there, then a Banshee mosquito showed up ruining my fun :oops:
  19. Moz

    Just because you completed the kills directive doesnt mean you should passiely gain the others aswell.

    They are designed to give you something to aim at, to keep you playing. The levels are fine as they are.....
  20. TheKhopesh

    Not entirely true, though I understand the point you're making.

    You can focus on using the medic tool to heal and revive while running the shielding device allowing the gain of all three ribbons simultaneously.
    This means you can do all three medic requirement ribbons (Revive, shield, and healing) at the exact same time.
    You add to that the fact that you can be gaining a point for each of the remaining directive options by getting a savior kill off an enemy medic.
    (Granted that last one won't happen but once in a blue moon.)
    As well, you can supplement additional healing off pulling a repair sundy and leaving it in a prime location to leech as much repairs off vehicles (for some reason this gives "healing" credit. I don't know if it does or does not also yield repair credit, but I earned a healing medal as an engie in my repair sundy not two days ago).

    The point is that nearly every directive option in the medic class can be gotten all at -virtually- the same time.
    I was doing all three ribbons and whatever kills I could get when the chance presented itself when I was on my TR medic (who doesn't have all the ribbons) and found that only the revive ribbons were pulling ahead of the rest (As I do have revive grenades on it. I have most of the medic class certed out on my TR alt, save the last tier of the shield device and a few final tiers of armor abilities) just yesterday.

    So the majority of these are all achieved at around the same time, but if you choose -In theory, at least- you can focus on one specifically to get it finished faster.
    Sadly, this isn't the case for enemy medic or savior kills, as they're essentially "luck of the draw" when picking a battle.

    You may find a massive cluster of medics hunkered in a corner perfectly in C-4 range, or you may go hours without sight of one medic willing to leave the almost entirely inaccessible to your reach as a medic as the heal the front line soldiers from the complete safety of their forces inner perimeter (well, complete safety from a medic's reach of influence at least).

    Likewise, savior kills only occur when you just so happen to be in the right place at the right time to kill an enemy in time to save the ally he's considerably damaged.

    My point is, the current option of killing enemy medics should indeed be more realistically valued, as currently it's not being completed by virtually anyone but those who don't complete the shielding ribbons (While -almost- literally every other goal is inescapably reached before reaching enemy medic kills).