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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mastachief, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Mastachief

    We have 5 places available, for 5 good girls or boys.

    • are you interested in competitive play? (Scrims, matchups, upcoming EU ladder)
    • Can you kill TR and VS like the dogs they are?
    • Can you pick any class at will and contribute to our squads and their objectives?
    • Are you br50 (or do you feel you are worthy or exception)?
    • Is your main NC or will it be?
    • Do you want a community to be proud of, full of gamers who are great people from all ages / countries / cultures?
    • Do you want to contribute to an outfit that has the aim to provide fun for all members through very close knit squad play while taking the micky out of each other and our enemies?
    • Do you want to fight outnumbered and win?
    If you can answer yes to the above then perhaps you should apply @ http://mcys.eu

    Are you currently in an outfit that is dieing a slow and painful death or do you just feel you want more from your squad members?
    Again if you can answer yes to the above questions, get in touch with us either in game or on our forums and we will get you in squad and on teamspeak to run with us and see if we mesh before you apply.

    Contact any of our:

    Recruitment and leadership officers

    Thanks to DWG for streaming. Our own video is in editing.

  2. cassan0va

    Good fight, we need to figure out better ways to deal with those maxes:)
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  3. Mastachief

    Thanks. It was a good fight with some solid engagements. It even attracted and audience of PTS randoms.
  4. YamiNoTenshi

    You can't really deal with MAXes, the only way is to just bend over and take it like the fish you are ;)
  5. EvilJollyT

    It is so pointless posting here. No-one ever wants to leave/swap outfits. They should.

    Mine is better.
  6. YamiNoTenshi

    But mine is bigger ;)
  7. EvilJollyT

    Bigger and worse than mine? Ouch.
  8. YamiNoTenshi

    Not worse, just different :)
  9. EvilJollyT

    Sexy different?
  10. YamiNoTenshi

    You know it :D
  11. Versuchender


    As much as I love seeing MCY when capping/defending a base, the performance (aka farming) at the Zombie Event was just embarrassing. I expected something better since there have been more than enough lame TR. (Which I am used to, though.)
  12. sp3zle

    OMFG , most ppl give a **** about events like this zombi **** !!! This is still a shooter and you guys should stop being ******** and try to win a Alert as a more usefull event.
  13. Mastachief

    Sorry we play planetside 2, this zombie game you speak of must have imposters.

    We farmed with shotguns... even have it on video. Approaching a bio lab in a biolab alert is stupid even for a zombie.
  14. Mastachief

  15. Mastachief

    Corruptlol's video quickie

  16. Pella

    Bro Fist.

    If your NC and want to play competitively, these guys are working hard on it and doing a great job. Join them. Instead of wasting away in some random outfit.
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  17. Mastachief

    Row, row, row you boat....
  18. YamiNoTenshi

    Gently down the golden stream....
  19. Mastachief

  20. Loui5D

    Sneakily dropped a squad of mercs at scarred mesa, took it right from under the noses of a platoon's worth of TR.