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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mastachief, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. YamiNoTenshi

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  4. Mastachief


    Coming to lots of bases near you
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  5. Tito

    gj my NC warriors lot you help
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  8. Frances

    Awesome fight against the TR at Hayd on Amerish
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  11. Shamrock

    Some entertaining vids, bring back Tony Hart and morph!
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  13. pulse

    And this is why Light Assault is the most fun class in the game! (to me at least) :)

    Sup Yamino, long time no read. Just realized you changed colours (yeah i've been gone for a while).

    <3 pulse
  14. JOups

    Some great, close fights today
  15. Mastachief

    The fights have been getting better and better. Are you guys in for Season 2 of commclash?
  16. JOups

    Is the season already planned?
    Well to be honest... I have no Idea.
    Maybe after August if we can see that our numbers grown more constant we can make a desicion in this direction.
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