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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mastachief, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Damack

    Shameless Bump!

    Community Clash
    Wednesday 2nd April 2014 - MercenaryS vs Rebel Rifles

    Looking forward to a great game.
  2. Loui5D

    Bringing back all the old school members on the 7th, be there or be square!
  3. YamiNoTenshi

    But I'm a circle!
  4. EvilJollyT

    You weren't there, and therefore by simple definition a square.
  5. YamiNoTenshi

    I was there, you just didn't see me.
  6. YamiNoTenshi

    Ever heard of a man called Xale? I sure have.

  7. Mastachief

    Come support MCY and Miller in the semi final of the EU bracket.

    16/04/2014 @ 20:00 BST

    Love it or hate it the Zebra needs your love.

    NC Vs NC

    Esamir lane, round 2.


    Fingers crossed SOE don't screw another patch up and the Esamir points don't start hacking themselves like they were doing last week.
  8. Mastachief

  9. Frances

  10. SacredRay

    The hated MCY outfit... -_-

    If you're libbing in some random outback base on Esamir and you suddenly get tankbusted, chances are its an MCY
    If you're VS and you're fighting TR in a Biolab and a Blue galaxy full of maxes suddenly appear, chances are its MCY
    2AM and Indar is getting ghostcapped by NC? lol MCY is there.

    You're getting Max Crashed? MCY. Liberator spam? MCY. Tank zerg? MCY. Jump-pad 1 click rocket spam? MCY.

    Never have I been unfortunate enough to face a bunch of sweaty scrubs every single time I login like I do with MCY.
  11. EvilJollyT

    Thanks dude!

    While I'm bumping the thread I might as well say EU Community Clash Season 1 winners by the way. Just sayin' :)
  12. Pirate Cat

    Well done MercenaryS a well deserved win in my eyes.

    Always a chllenge on live aswell, shooting down your air is worth double points, defeating your infantry more so!
    Nothing feels as good as halting a MCY resecure, or pushing the scary blue buggers off a point hold.

    And if we (often) fail we can always say its because you are all a bunch of br100 MLGPRO arseholes (or whatever the other guy said)

    Thanks MCY you make Miller a more interesting place.
  13. Mordus

    Congratulations from FU on the win, MCY!
  14. YamiNoTenshi

    Congrats on the win ya buggers! Now go show the world why miller is the best server!
  15. Tanchester

    Congratulations on the win MCY! Well played, and much deserved.
    [JBX] was on the stream cheering for you guys!

    Best of luck in the World Finals!

    See you on the live server! ;)
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  16. Mastachief

    Thanks for the support. We saw you in the chat logs.
  17. Mastachief

    Join us as MercenaryS EU take on DasAnFall USA in the World final of Season 1.

    19:00 BST on [Twitch.tv] http://twitch.tv/planetside2/

    [MercenaryS Website] http://mcys.eu/
    [Twitter @mercenarysps2] https://twitter.com/MercenarysPS2

    [DasAnFall Website] http://dasanfall.com/
    [Twitter @DasAnfall] https://twitter.com/DasAnfall

    [What is Community Clash?] http://www.ps2commclash.com/

    Two of your casters
    [Klyka] https://twitter.com/Klyka
    [Lurperza/PurrfectStorm] https://twitter.com/PurrfectStorm

    Cheer on Miller
    Cheer on NC
    Cheer on MCY
  18. Bvenged

    Good luck MCY, though I doubt you'll need it!
  19. Arch

    Good luck guys, make Miller proud.

    Miller server, best server.
  20. EvilJollyT

    Thanks all! We'll do our best.