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  1. Mastachief


    MercenaryS are recruiting.

    Website - http://mcys.eu
    Empire - New Conglomerate (NC)
    Server - EU - Miller
    Language - English
    Leader - Beckbond
    Playstyle – Co-ordinated Teamplay

    We want YOU!

    Who are the MercenaryS?

    • We are first and foremost a community. We come together to play our games in a co-operative and successful way while having fun. We span many countries with members from all walks of life and nearly all of our members are 25+.
    • Started in 2002 in Operation Flashpoint playing successfully in competitive ladders.
    • Planetside came along in 2003 which quickly turned into our main focus. We became recognised as perhaps the best EU NC outfit and arguably the best EU outfit across all servers.
    • In Global Agenda we were again a formidable presence, winning most of the seasons of the EU region in the first year after the title launched
    • We have some 200 community members across many games.
    • Our Planetside 2 outfit has around 40 active members right now with an aim to have a whole lot more. We would like to have 25+ people on during the prime time hours.

    Our Wiki to summarise who we are:
    (Thanks to http://www.planetside-universe.com/ for such a great service to the Planetside community for more than a decade)

    Who we are looking for?

    People that take the application seriously, please make the effort.

    Active Planetside2 players
    • At least one battle rank 40 character or above. This is purely because we are looking for players that have enough experience to function in the game without having their hand held.
    • We would like active players to be playing at least 20 hours a week with the lion’s share of these hours during our prime time. Activity is important to us at it builds on our relationships and encourages everyone to play also it avoids us becoming a warehouse for people that play once or twice a week. The best fun is after all had with friends you see often.
    • Be active on our forums. A lot of information is distributed here and it also has sub forums for the many other games that our members play.
    • We have a great Teamspeak3 server that we use for all our games. Members are expected to be on TS with a working mic. This rule is a requirement.
    • We speak English. International members need to be able to understand and at least speak enough English to be able to relay the situation to the rest of the platoon.
    Team Players
    • We run as a group pretty much all the time. Members are expected to at the very least follow the general mass of the squad at all times. If we are running an op or doing “something” we expect you with the squad at the drop of a hat, speed is key in our playstyle. We tend to get more organised around 7/8pm GMT.
    • Sorry guys but this is a rule we find has served us well as a community for 10 years
    • We enjoy a good laugh but at the same time we know when to switch on.
    • Thick skin, we jest we poke we ***** and moan.
    • No racism/sexism/homophobia
    • 90% of your play time must be on NC
    Sense of humour
    • It is possibly one of the most important requirements we have. We do not need pocket hitlers or wannabe military generals. We, like you are here to have fun.
    No Hacking / Exploiting
    • We have a zero tolerance policy.
    What will we give you

    • We will give you a community to be proud of. A place you can call home and have fun. Organised team play. If the developers ever do get some meta game into Planetside 2 we can give you success and notoriety.
    • We often like to do events from serious business to serious silliness.

    Pop along to http://mcys.eu and click the application link. For reference in your registration our leader is Beckbond.

    Once complete you can expect a swift reply and provided the app fits what we have described above we will invite you to play along side us in game and on Teamspeak for a couple of days. These couple of days will give both you and ourselves a chance to get to know one another (essentially will you gel into the current member group?)

    An applicant will then be placed on a trial the length of which depends on your activity but is normally around 2 weeks. While on trial you are expected to play as you intend to play if you become a full member. Partial access to our forums will be given while you are on trial.
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  2. Veca

    MercenaryS has a really good community and always active discussions on our private forums.

    I highly recommend placing an app, they recruit very efficiently so don't be afraid to drop your info in.
  3. baratol

    Come and join, you may even hear me sing!!
  4. Mastachief

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  5. BaptistsK90

    Bump for you guys , and just a post to say Look after Aunty, Great player
  6. EvilJollyT

    Actually, according to the local clinic, his sex is on fire.
  7. RedCat

    For some reason I haven't seen you guys around, until yesterday on Esamir. Was fun:p
  8. Mastachief

    We enjoyed ourselves ;)
  9. Pella

    Awesome dog fight's last night guys. Was so much fun.
  10. Mastachief

    Yeh it was very enjoyable we are learning to fly reavers as it's the one weakness we have as a group. (obviously we have a few of the best pilots in the game but on mass we are learning)
  11. YamiNoTenshi

  12. SebDollar

    Awesome flying with you guys yesterday!! Our Reavers blocked out the sun :D
  13. GigaClutch

    Bump for a great night ;)
  14. LordCreepy

    Certainly has some of the best pilots on nc side if not on the server itself.

    If you see the [MCY] tag you know you're getting a fight.


    PS: Damn you Xale for hunting down our pre nerf vulcan harasser with a reaver making it look like the easiest task of the world..
  15. Pella

    We should set up a 6v6 or somthing all out dog fight. With no AA prehaps. Will be fun.
  16. Loui5D

    Some footage from last night.
  17. Mastachief

    It was good playing with you guys.
  18. Nexium

    A bit of test server fun.

  19. YamiNoTenshi

    Kanum is an elderberry and his mother looks at hamsters! Wait....
  20. Shamrock

    Quality outfit, if your a skilled fps player and choose NC as your faction, look these guys up.