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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Mathgeekjoe, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Mathgeekjoe

    The MCG is the empire specific weapon of the TR, but it doesn't really feel TR. Like aside of the fact that it looks like a mini gun and that it has a spin up time, it really doesn't feel any different than your standard LMG. Like it carries the same basic magazine size of 100, extended magazines bumps it up to 200 but other LMG also get 200 bullets with extended magazines. Its high rate of fire is nullified by its spin up and its lower range damage. I really don't see anything special in the MCG (other than it is awesome). Now the recent update did help the MCG become great for sustained fire since the ADS bloom never changes. But it didn't change the fact that every body typically uses extended magazines on the MCG because it needs them.

    • Personally I think a mini-gun should have a bigger magazine than a LMG. I suggest give the MCG a standard magazine of 200(or at least 150).
    • Then to make the MCG feel more TR, make an attachment that makes the spin up time longer and slower but it give the MCG crazy RoF after extended sustain fire.
    • To replace extended magazines, add a new attachment that is chain fed. It would never have to reload but as a downside it loses a lot of RoF.
  2. Casterbridge

    Just want to say I never used extended mags any more, always use the BRRT and i find it just fine.

    Now if they want to give it extra bullets sure why not, though 150 would be safer than 200, 200 with BRRT would be extreme. Now if they wanted to give me more ammo in reserve that I would take.

    Okay this second point is just odd, the spin up was one of the most annoying things about the gun before, even with an increased ROF after the spin up a lot of people are going to die before that spin up finishes, not to mention with BRRT currently the spin up time and RoF are pretty nice as is. The MCG is a room clearer with the BRRT.

    Again this is sounding odd. You want to increase the RoF more than currently it has, then slow it down so it's chain fed, the numbers would have to be pretty well balanced cause otherwise it's going to be ridiculously OP or UP, I guess this would change it to some kind of suppression weapon which could be interesting to see how it plays out.
  3. thingymajigy

    I think the 845rpm/143dmg guns are the highest dps automatic small arms in the game (I could be wrong). With BRRT the MCG is 844prm 143dmg, and has 100 bullet mag. I'd say it's pretty good right now especially with the fixed ads CoF, which helps shoot all those bullets without stopping. You have to remember it's not an LMG and you need allies around you to survive.

    Give it a larger default mag size and more ammo pool and it should be ok.
  4. quatin

    PS2 MCG is the laziest MCG implementation I've ever seen. Take a LMG model, put the shotgun crosshair on it and call it a chain gun?

    In all other games. The chain gun is under slung. The right mouse button pre-spins the barrel and you walk slower while it's spinning. It has 1 huge ammo belt. It's supposed to be a suppression weapon that kills in CQC, but useless at range. What sets it apart from a shotgun is a lower TTK, but a much longer firing time. The classic spray and pray weapon.

    Everyone complains that it doesn't seem much different than a LMG, because it is a LMG! It behaves exactly like one, because it's based off a LMG model.
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  5. Flapatax

    If you can't murder everyone and anyone with the BRRT it's user error.

    MCG is one of the silliest OP weapons in the game right now. I'd trade the lasher and every lmg except the Orion for it.
  6. Corvus Corax

  7. Sock

    I'm constantly blown away by how many average players disregard the MCG-BRRT. Barring maybe full auto shotties, no infantry weapon caters to lazy play more. There's no punishment for lacking trigger control or not burst firing and if you can actually aim you're going to be doing AR levels of damage with 100 rounds to spare and a heavy shield to fall back on. Laugh off the MCG and you may as well just come out and say you have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. Flapatax

    I can only assume you posted this in context, where Walter realizes his world is collapsing and everything he's done has been for nothing.

    If you previously assumed the mcg was bad because of poor performance while using it, excellent usage of the gif.
  9. PlatoonLeaderG

    MCG without extended magazines is not fun....I tried BRRT but i still love holding the mouse button and hear the sound for so long as the bodies of VS/NC pile up!
  10. Mathgeekjoe

    I really don't understand why would people say they would rather have the MCG than the lasher. Maybe it is because the VS don't use the Lasher correctly, and thus underestimate it usefulness. If there is one gun in the game capable of the most yet used the least, I would say that is the Lasher.
  11. Corvus Corax

    I find the MCG to be situational. I enjoy it, but the idea that you should be invincible with it is laughable, and if that's the insinuation, you really don't know what you're talking about. That's what I was responding to. You will die to any competent shotgun user in CQC - and that's a fact.
  12. Sock


    MCG is much better than "situational"
  13. Corvus Corax

    cool story bro, using yourself as the only and evidently fact-bearing example. HERE LOOK AT MY CUT PIECES OF GAMEPLAY WHERE I CLEARLY KILL 10x TEH ENEMIES HURR
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  14. Sock

    Thanks I think it's cool too. I also think it does a pretty good job of showing the MCG works very well in CQC. If you want to prove me wrong, I'd happily watch a video of you losing CQC 1v1s over and over.
  15. Tallfeather

    Could you please elaborate on the situations which the VS should be using the lasher "correctly"? I'm not being snarky, I'm serious. I haven't seen it rise above "flaming blue poop flinger" for doorway spamming, but its entirely possible I've not seen a clever usage.
  16. Ztiller

    It's funny how people who always claim the "VS are not using the Lasher correctly" are always non-VS with a maximum of maybe 50 kills with the thing.

    The reason the VS don't use the Lasher is because it only excells at three things.

    1: Firing at a doorway from an elevated position with chest-high coverage and few flanking posibilities. Guess how often that happens?

    2: Getting yourself killed due to being useless in 1v1 and highlighting your position to everyone within a 500m radius.

    3: Getting weapon locked.

    Every VS who have ever played some with the Lasher knows exactly what it's good at. The problem is that those scenarios are so ******* far inbetween that the weapon ends up a useless piece of ****.
  17. Latrodectus

    Yeah, the MCG is good at killing bads and medics who never put their medic-tool away, but there are lots of weapons like that. There isn't really anything in that video that you couldn't have accomplished with a T-9 Carv or probably even a Carv S. While I'll agree with the supposition that the MCG caters to a lazy playstyle that mimics full-auto shotguns, it's still not quite up to snuff as you can easily out-shoot an MCG user, while you can't really say the same about full-auto shotguns.
  18. Mathgeekjoe

    The Lasher is capable of doing the most when used by a team. And it is capable of more than spamming doorways. In one on one battles the lasher can win by doing damage out of line of sight, like shooting around corners or cover. While on lasher isn't to awesome, three or four are a force to reckon with.

    Simple logic, what does the lasher do instead of other weapons-- it does AoE damage. What does AoE do that normal bullets can't-- it can hit multiply targets and doesn't need to hit to do damage. How does that make it powerful-- when multiply people are using it the AoE is lethal and unavoidable.

    Seriously, if you VS used the lasher correctly, you would always win bio labs alerts and do serious work in other fights.
  19. Moz

    I have a suggestion for the MCG.......

    Give it to the NC! :D
  20. Corvus Corax

    yeah, i'll cut up my gameplay so that I show only my deaths...
    oh wait, that's not a good way to prove a point. oh well.