[Suggestion] MCG Spin up needs to go to match TTK

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Canaris, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Canaris

    This mechanic may have worked in the original but with the TTK as fast as it is in this game it warrants the removal of the spin up time delay on the MCG, it's ridiculous that we have a weapon that supposed to be a medium to close range gun but requires about the time it takes for a NC or VS to shoot you down in before the gun starts firing.
  2. Lukor

    Or you could develop some smarts and pre-spin the weapon when you know there's enemies nearby. Then it takes you less time to shoot than it takes for the enemy to go to ADS. You dont have to ADS in most cases because the MCG hipfire is amazing (even more so with a laser sight).
    The mcg is one of the deadliest weapons in the entire game when it comes to CQC, you just have to know how to use it.
  3. Canaris

    So I should just run around all day spining my gun in the hopes that the next corner I turn there will be an enemy, that's fine maybe they should add spin up to all VS guns too then you can play as your preach, I'm sure you'd love it.
    If the game TTK was as long as Planetside 1 I wouldn't have a problem but it's not.
  4. Pella

    Prespin doesnt work. You cannot "Warm" up the MCG. Its takes exactly the same time to fire. But agreed HA weapons are terribly designed.
  5. Lukor

    Wait..what?It sure works.
  6. Eric Smith

    Prespin works fine. The trick is to prespin just as you are about to round a corner, then take your finger off the trigger if there are no bad guys there. If there are bad guys you keep your finger on the trigger and begin firing.

    That said, the gun needs to prespin when you shoulder it. They also slightly nerfed the RoF on release which made the gun go from barely decent to absolutely terrible.
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  7. Canaris

    now you see that could actually work, when you go into scope mode the gun should spin up into ready mode, like it
  8. Pella

    Still takes 1 seconds to fire prespin or no prespin.
  9. Eric Smith

    Yes, but you can make 0.9 of that second happen when you're behind cover if you constantly prespin the gun. It's only when you're blindsided that you're in trouble.
  10. Pella

    Yes and that's the problem we are discussing in this thread. Whats the point in taking a MCG over a standard LMG?
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  11. Kyutaru

    Same reason as any heavy weapon... it's for squad support. The MCG can still wipe out an entire room of enemies with a single clip. It can even be used to scare enemies away because if they don't duck behind cover, they're as good as dead. MCGs work well when there is a LOT of them firing at the same time. Some of the Bio Lab stalemates I've seen with NC maxes guarding doorways could have been ended easily by having a TR MCG rush. Problem is that this staple gun isn't unlocked by default.

    Regarding prespin, you people are talking about two different things. Tapping the mouse button doesn't work, but that's not prespin. Prespin is the 1 second you hold the mouse down before rounding a corner, and that does work because you come around the corner firing fullauto.
  12. Canaris

    exactly the supposed strength of the MCG is ruined by the spin up time, I keep seeing everyone say "simply start shooting before you go around the corner or into the room..." that's a great idea I'll support my squad by shooting them all in the back or other random greenies who happen to have gone before me. o_O
    It's the stupidest reason/solution I've heard.
    You know why almost no one uses it it's because it becomes detrimental to a fire fight.
  13. Kyutaru

    It's not like squad support weapons don't exist in the real world.

    You can rush in with a bunch of M16s, or you can sweep the area with this.

  14. Canaris

    all our rifles are LMGs already, the MCG is supposed to be a more cqb weapon yet we can't use it as such
  15. Pella

    Yes because i am going to do that around every corner. Where in fact i could just use a LMG and burst them down short/medium/Long range no problem, with less ammo+ accuracy and downtime from reloading all the time.

    What planet are you on? The MCG is better for suppression in a bio lab. And a Duel Cycler max does that job better.
  16. Kyutaru

    The MCG is not a CQC dominator, never was, never will be. It's the B.F.G. that mows through packs of infantry and MAX units, not a run and gun quick firing SMG. It's purpose is identical to actual LMGs because PS2 LMGs have been repurposed into rifles. What's the difference you ask? Nothing kills a room of enemies faster. The value of the MCG is best seen when you have a squad of players using it, as then the obvious advantages it possesses become more obvious. Honestly, have you never played a game that had a chaingun in it designed to rip people apart? It's slower and more unwieldy than the handheld assault rifles, and few to none ever use them, but don't for one second doubt their murdering power if used appropriately. It's a specialized weapon, not something you marry and carry everywhere with you.

    So do it already. Use your LMG, it's the default. No one is forcing you to switch to the MCG. It shines in large firefights and dense rooms where its killing power is unmatched by any handheld weapon.

    I said counter-suppression, and the MAX isn't a heavy assault weapon. It has its own disadvantages to contend with.
  17. Canaris

    M7 MCG
    Range: Short

    and you think it's not a cqc weapon.... o_O buddy I have a bridge to sell you
  18. Kyutaru

    That's it's effective range, not the range where you will kill all who oppose you uncontested. If you want a CQC weapon, you use an SMG-style MSW-R or CARV. The MCG was *NEVER* intended to run amok with hipfiring at random enemies who pop from behind corners. Doing something stupid like that will get you killed. It's for clearing out rooms of enemies with lethal bulletstorms, your squad is responsible for defending you from the in-your-face ninjas.

    If you don't play with a coordinated squad and actually use tactics... buddy, what the hell are you even doing here discussing a heavy support weapon?
  19. Canaris

    trying to get an obviously flawed gun fixed, you on the other hand I can guess don't even play as TR hence the reason your so against us having our traditonal HA gun in proper working order.
  20. Kyutaru

    You could have spared yourself from embarrassment just by checking my posting history. Heck, you could spared yourself disgrace by not posting the attacks on posters. But what's really important is that you could have spared yourself looking like a fool for denying the bullet hell deathdealing potency of the MCG.

    The MCG is even less accurate than the Gauss SAW while moving, it was never a CQC weapon. The only effective way to use the chaingun is standing still blasting full auto, at which point it has the FASTEST firing rates in the game as well as the LOWEST recoil of any heavy weapon. Bullets fly straight with this gun, you expend less of them to murder people, and that pack of enemies is now dead before you had to reload. This weapon eats MAX units faster than pulling out a decimator.