[Suggestion] MBT Auraxium Lumifiber Idea

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Alarox

    The Auraxium Lumifiber for the MBTs is a bit underwhelming to myself and others I've talked to who have it. I have an idea that I think will fix all the issues we have with it and drastically increase the coolness factor.

    Suggestion: Make the Auraxium Lumifiber change the aesthetic of your ES ability while equipped.

    Vanguard: Vanguard Shield is now GOLD instead of BLUE.
    Magrider: Magburn gains a unique trail that matches the lumifiber colors.
    Prowler: While in Anchor Mode the Prowler's shots glow red and gain a unique tracer.

    This would fix the issues of:

    1.) It not being as noticeable compared to the normal lumifiber as we'd hoped.
    2.) Turning on the Lumifiber making any kind of stealth impossible, which is often important for an MBT in hiding from air and flanking other vehicles.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. DFDelta

    Gets my seal of approval.

    One question though:
    Will my magrider get to fart a rainbow when I turbo? Monocolored trails are so yesterday.
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  3. Alarox

    That's up to TRay. Although I hear he has a thing for the VS, so if this happened I'm sure it would look good.

    Also maybe a different color tracer when the lumifiber is turned on? That would certainly be nice.

    I like the idea of improving directive rewards especially for vehicles.
  5. Alarox

    This is not a bump.
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  6. Calisai

    I'd also like to be able to have normal lumifiber on while having the aurax. If that would be possible, it would be cool.

    Btw, I really, really, really, really want a way to have lumifiber on while the headlights are off. (or an SC option of no headlights... is that possible?)
  7. Calisai

    I was actually hoping when I heard about the aurax lumi... that they would have given us the rainbow lumi.

    The current aurax looks very washed out and on my Mag anyway... it just looks like its white at night.... a bummer... doesn't look special at all.

    It looks the best on Amerish during the Day.... beyond that, its either washed out or you can barely see the pattern.
  8. kjadia

    I'm another disappointed Auraxium MBTer. I think Alaraox suggested some great ideas to make the reward more impressive. Hopefully as more players unlock it there will be more complaints and eventually a change made.
  9. Sebastien

    I like the Vanguard idea, probably wouldn't use it though. At least it's better than the kill me lights.
  10. Bindlestiff

    Does anyone have a screenshot of what the Auraxium lumifiber should look like for MBTs? I got mine yesterday for the Magrider and found it is more silver than purple. It looks alright but can't help feeling a little disappointed by the whole thing.
  11. ronjahn

    That is probably displaying correctly. Mine is silver/white most of the time, then it bugs out every once in awhile and turns green and starts flickering.....

    My idea would be to turn the MBTS Gold Plating into Auraxium plating, but this idea is better :)