[Suggestion] MBT AP - Replace secondary with armour resist buff

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  1. Beastman

    We've been having ye olde debate about C4 vs MBT's in our outfit.
    Especially with the new nanite resource system equalling almost a 9 min wait for a new tank and 3 mins for 2 sticks of C4 to replenish. Some of the dedicated tank drivers are fairly enraged at the resource cost for C4 vs MBT. While I feel the KD for an HE tank outweighs the C4 risk I can understand the frustration of a tank that tries to engage only enemy armour and vehicles. It's very high risk vs little reward (sometimes.)

    My thought was to maybe give an AP driver the option of changing the secondary for something like blockade armour for a sundy or something along those lines. The trade off being reduced damage for increased defence. It would need to be visually obvious so LA's don't waste as much time trying to pick off armoured tanks.

    Discuss! (And please this is very vague don't go RAAAWWWR! Just discuss it.)
  2. Noppa

    First of all that would be only usable on Prowler, other MBT:s doesn't really drive that much on 1/2 cos there isn't that much to gain on it, Prowler other hand is good even on 1/2 Farming infantry or sniping other vehicles from the distance with the Anchor!

    So bad idea!

    But if the ability would replace Anchor mode and disables the secondary then i ques it would be OK, but that ain't the thing you want, you want to use it with the Anchor don't you? :)
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  3. starlinvf

    See "Top armor".
  4. iccle

    I would prefer if the existing options for MBT armor were not ignored by c4 explosions. Won't give up my AV secondary for love nor money because it would reduce my combat effectiveness to much versus other MBT.
  5. Beastman

    I don't think any TR really use anchor mode these days, its basically suicide mode. No I was meaning it more for making AP tanks more survivable against infantry but more able to take on other vehicles. Meaning those drivers get the gameplay they want. Tank vs tank combat.
  6. Beastman

    Top armour protects against damage from the Top. It doesn't protect against C4. And in your quest for sarcasm have missed the topic.
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  7. Beastman

    Also this isn't really for me, I'm one of the LA's that likes to C4, it was just after a discussion with both sides of the argument.
  8. Beastman

    Or would it? You drive a prowler, you fight an NC tank, they pop the shield on and you are as good as dead in a 1vs1. You may survive a bit longer if you had a damage resist of some kind.

    Not that it would need to replace the secondary turret that was just a suggestion to offset the resist.
  9. Xasapis

    When I saw this thread I knew a TR was making it.
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  10. Noppa

    Ha ha, good one.. all i see is Anchor Prowlers farming 24/7 infantry and sniping vehicles from miles away, but yeah like i said, bad idea and ain't gonna happen :)
  11. Axehilt

    Nothing being discussed in this thread makes any sense:
    • From a design standpoint, there's no reason to prevent HE tanks from taking a defensive item protecting against C4. Let players stack everything against infantry, which will naturally make them truly awful against other vehicles.
    • For the same reason, an anti-C4 armor type definitely should not be Blockade Armor. It has to be something else which doesn't improve anti-vehicle capability. The best candidate is if Mineguard also protected against C4 damage (and now that's your "protect me against all the infantry things" item which makes you terrible against vehicles.)
    • Reinforced armors (side/top/front) should probably be explained slightly better in-game, so that players understand their value and thus understand what they're losing by going with the new Mineguard+C4. Even a better icon that simply showed a circle with a 90-degree frontal cone would hint at how armor directions work to players. The current iconography is really lacking, not just the icons themselves but the way that they exist on this tiny frame which exists inside a larger button.
    • Some people here are implying Anchor isn't useful, when it's the reason my prowler has 759 SPM (26.7 VKPH) while my magrider lags significantly with a 606 SPM (18.7 VKPH).
    • Both of which are achieved by taking the AP maingun probably 80% or more of the time, because taking a tank to farm infantry is just a waste of the vehicle (it's less impactful to the battle, and worse for earning certs.) If you do take an AI weapon you naturally tend to want it to be the secondary turret (since you need to stay mobile to make vehicle kills reliably since vehicles are fast, but you can pop into the AI turret to kill infantry and they're not going to really outrun you that easily.)