[Suggestion] Maybe these should be called the "Fury Sunderers days"?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DobryiPupok, May 21, 2024.

  1. DobryiPupok

    Everyone understands that we are faced with the Sanderers bug. And of course, this bug cannot be left in the game on a permanent basis. But. Many note that this really added new fun and variety to the game. Tactics have changed, roles have changed.
    Therefore, I suggest sometimes introducing something like this into the game for two or three days (idk) for variety. Maybe it will be "Fury Sunderers" again, or "Wrathful Ant" or something else. The main thing is that all players can have it for 1 cert. Maybe vehicles with new abilities (if installed) should have a temporarily increased nanite cost, or may be not...
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  2. GreyGun

    That is a wonderful idea!

    Maybe during sun storms some of the trillions of units of nanites that have been spent so far in this war manifest themselves as a Bose–Einstein condensate and overclock the sunderers weapons systems. :)
  3. sofiaflorence

    It's new fun for the ones in the sundy. Air players not so much when they are shredded in an instant. Construction players not so much when his base is destroyed in a minute. Armor players not so much when they are lucky to even get one shot off. Infantry not so much when they are instantly shredded the moment they walk out the door. Yeah but it's fun for the ones in the sundy,.. I'll give you that.

    And yes many have adopted new tactics such as exploiting an op sundy to counter the op sundy, while others have adopted the tactic of not playing the game until it is fixed.
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  4. SashsaACIII

    that's right, it's a critical failure, error sondoret.At the moment, access to the server is limited due to technical checks. (Вродебы нету ограничения на серверов)
    надеюсь на стабильность серверов и игрового клиента. GL HF :)
    @DBC @Mithril CM
  5. DobryiPupok

    At first I was also upset by these Sunderers. But to get such Sunderer was available to everyone, including you. It only cost 1 cert, so everyone was equal.
    I'm also a builder and the Sunderers destroyed my bases in 30 seconds.
    But then I just made myself the same Sunderer and had fun too.
    By the way, I disagree about tanks. Vanguards and Magriders usually easily kill such sunderers. Magriders simply shoot from behind an obstacle and then hide. And they repeat this until Sunderer dies.
    Especially if you have a team of a couple of tanks.

    These tanks have killed my Sunderer many times in the last couple of days. And this despite the fact that I shot at them.

    It’s hard for Aircraft, of course. But they can also switch to Sunderers for 1-2 days and get some new fun.
  6. sofiaflorence

    You just proved my point. The only thing we could really do is resort to using the exploit too if we wanted to deal with the exploiters... It was broken and that's why they fixed it. It hurt the game. Population was much lower than usual this weekend.
  7. DobryiPupok

    If you do this as an event, it will no longer be a bug.
    I haven't noticed any significant population decline.

    The only problem was that it was not planned and no one knew or understood what was happening. You just need to organize everything correctly so that everyone knows and understands what it is and how to use it.
  8. TRspy007

    Honestly I thought the population increased a little bit during the bug. Mixed feelings but a lot of people were having fun. Definitely had more fights. Today it's back to paper buses and it's just awful, especially off hours. Logged off cuz pop is so low the buses were dying so quick there's not a single fight on the continent. Good day for a2g though I guess, sky was full of them as they're now once again unchallenged. The deploy dome kinda sucks, and the point defense thingy might as well have just been deleted. I don't even see the difference when I have it equipped. Also reactive armor and dome I had maxed out but now they're stuck at level 1. Good luck defending your sunderer. I preferred when the buses were bugged.
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  9. melioa

    so...they removed all the stuff that they just added for the sunderer. Typical....they do not know what they are doing.