[Suggestion] Maybe stop being VS biased @devs?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by vonRichtschuetz, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Campagne

    You're probably stupid! :p
  2. YellowJacketXV

    I had a good laugh, ty mate.
  3. Scroffel5

    No u doodoo head!
  4. Exileant

    ;) Yes it is more punishing, because the gun is buttered up enough to never have to miss. The gun is stable enough for you not to. If you do not miss, you have won in 3 to 4 head hits. The Orion is garbage compared to either version of saw. Higher damage makes your target flinch harder. It is all about which is most likely to connect easier. o_O That goes to the saw due to high damage slower rate of fire which allows it to be used at greater range. ;) Much like a P.P.C used on my scythe has the lowest time to kill of any nose cannon, but can easily kill more targets than any other nose cannon due to its nature. :D I am not shrugging off your findings, I am just saying there is a lot more to it than estimated time to kill on a still target.
  5. Liewec123

    spam flinch from high RPM weapons is far more disruptive than slow (but slightly higher) flinch.
    it is the reason that in the early days of crazy flinch, people were using the highest RPM weapons that they could find,
    because higher RPM means more instances of flinch and throws the crosshair all over the place.
    the difference between 143 damage and 200 damage is 39% more flinch.
    whereas the difference between 500 rpm and 750 rpm is 50% more instances of flinch.

    but i'm glad you bought it up, because its just one more thing that Orion does better, so thanks! :)

    so we have two weapons with the same TTK, but one is punished far more for missed shots,
    and the other is more likely to force it to miss due to causing 50% more instances of flinch.
    its getting worse and worse every time you get me to compare them! XD
  6. pnkdth

    Flinch is still a thing? Thought kind was like bullet drop, i.e. it used to matter but nearly got removed from the game (obviously low velocity weapons still feel it but those are mostly close quarter weapons)... And I don't even run battle-hardened.
  7. Exileant

    :confused: No, informed people used the highest R.P.M. weapon they could find because over all they dealt the most possible damage. :eek: This is still true today for all weapons in 98% of all shooters. It is called a "Diamond In The Rough". o_O Most people over look them because they have the lowest damage. In the beginning, almost EVERYONE dismantled their Atheon's E. in D1. A select few kept theirs and utterly ran the crucible for a while until people learned how to combat it. Everyone and their mother hunted for it after that. ;) Flinch is the opposite of recoil, the more constant it is, the easier it is to control. (For me) I cannot count how many times a stray shot from a Saw has knocked my site off of the person for me to re adjust and for it to happen again. Being that the saw only needs to land 3 or 4 shots? An Orion does not do that. :eek: It is simply like adding a second layer of recoil. Once you feel where the gun is going to go, you just correct and let it fry. o_O Eventually you get good enough to anticipate where the recoil will knock the gun before you even get hit and use it to your advantage at the start of a battle.
  8. ColdBackHAND

    Do you have a freaking problem using default font color or do you feel special. I know its latter.
  9. Exileant

    :eek: It is both; the first is BECAUSE of the second. :D Hahahahaha!
  10. BrbImAFK


    Yes... that graphic is very scary, demonstrating that you can still "hit" a target even though you obviously missed him.....

    Oh wait. No, it's not. Ya see, your bullet doesn't start in the centre of the crosshairs and travel from there. It starts from below that - where the muzzle of your weapon is supposed to be. That's why you'll often shoot a wall your're hiding behind even though your sight gives you a clear shot.

    And just to mention one other thing... I just logged into the VR Training to test this image. And it's right. Pity that I can do exactly the same thing with a non-UA weapon (I used the Eridani SMG).

    This image is blatant scaremongering. Now, if you *actually* want to prove something, go duplicate this showing the furthest you can go with UA and the furthest you can go without it. I'll admit there's a difference, but it's *way* smaller than this image is pretending!
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  11. Liewec123

    That'd make sense, if I wasn't getting headshots.
    Can't really see the hit markers from the little gif, but I was landing headshots,
    But you're saying that i'm hitting the dude in the shoulder.
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  12. BrbImAFK

    Ah, right! I couldn't see that on the original, I was just assuming hits (which is what I was getting with the Eridani). Huh. I'm gonna have to go back and do some more testing!
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  13. MrHighfield

    I am assuming that you mainly play as TR or NC... Because you both seem to be unable to fight each other; more the NC to the TR. Once the VS focus' on one of you; the one that VS isn't fighting seems to attack what they stopped defending.

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