[Suggestion] Maybe It's Time We Stop Locking Continents?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Dgross, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Dgross

    It's Saturday afternoon. I want to play some PS2.
    I log on and see this.


    Amerish locked, Esamir locked (my two favorite continents), and TR is pushed into a corner on Indar, which is the faction I play.
    So my only choice is Hossin? I try to avoid Hossin like the plague because it's just too cluttered with stuff, but this afternoon that is my only realistic choice.

    This November will be 3 years since PS2 was launched, and we still have only 4 continents total, with 2 playable at any one time.

    It's time to end these restrictive lack of choices. I want to play on the continent I like, not be forced between the lesser of two evils.
    After 3 years we should have 4-5 continents, where locking 2 would make sense. That would at least spread out the giant zerg vs zerg fights that always bottleneck the lattice lines on the 2 continents that are open.

    I really miss finding small fights and not being forced into giant 96+ battles that I really don't enjoy that much because of the lag.

    Please let us play the game how we want to.

    - signed, me
  2. sustainedfire

    My understanding is that continent locking happens due to poulation.

    You can still ghost cap on an open lane. Though the way the game is currently configured, other players can you know, interact with you in a shooter format.

    Rather then play musical caps.
  3. Pikachu

    Sure just make more people join the game so we can keep player density while we expand playable area.
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  4. Jubikus

    I like continent locking and i hate continent locking

    I like it because it gives you a decent reason to fight during an alert and a sense of reward when you win.

    Now the problems i have are well the next alert most alerts are fine as the orginized big squads are not on for most alerts mostly the prime time ones the problem comes in with the resource reduction during an alert and say Vanu won the last 2 alerts and have vehicle and maxes for cheaper this gives them much more transport/tank support and max crashes to defend there base much more than the enemy which gives them quite the advantage on winning the alert.

    The only reason this isnt a huge problem is because the game has 3 factions and if one has 2 continents locked well they are likely to get ganged up on and lose because well the advantage of resorces wont outweigh trying to fight twice as many people
  5. Dgross

    We have enough people playing for 3 continents.
  6. Onhil

    Continental locking is bad indeed, but it's needed for one reason

    1: Indarside
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  7. eldarfalcongravtank

    i just think they should heavily increase the time intervals at which alerts happen so that alerts become rarer and something special again, like they used to be when they were first introduced. back then, everyone was like "whoa! an alert! lets go mobilize our forces!" but nowadays it's more like "sigh, not again. it's gonn ruin muh fight".

    let us fight without alerts for a bit. and also bring back facility alerts. i cant even understand why they removed these. they were a great change in pace occasionally when the three factions went for Indar techplants or Esamir biolabs all together.
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  8. Skiptrace

    I have to agree with Onhil, If Continents didn't lock. The only populated continent would be Indar, because it is normally the first one you spawn on, and the only one most new players know about. It's a way to keep your gaming experience fresh, with "new" backdrops for your playing every so often. It gets quite boring looking at the same Indar everything for 3+ hours. I like Continent Locking, but it needs improvements.
  9. MarkAntony

    what server? because on miller we barely have enough for 1 continent.
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  10. HadesR

    He's maybe talking Emerald and that cap's out at a MAX 1900 players on a good day during peak time.

    So 316 people per cont per Empire for 2 open continents ...

    Not what i would call overflowing

    Open 3 continents and you are talking a measly 211 per Empire at peak time with peak pop .. Nothing to warrant the removal of the locking system.
  11. FateJH

    What if we went halfway and only allowed continents to lock and unlock by territory control? Meanwhile, Alerts would only grant the bonus to the victor without locking the continent. We keep existing rules and mechanics regarding how many open continents are available.

    Of course, I know the dark side of this: the faction that can capture a continent by territory intentionally holding itself back so that it can keep fighting for the bonus of that continent from a position of being so far ahead they just can't lose.

    In reality, the mechanics of an intercontinental lattice should already be there. There's no excuse.
  12. Pikachu

    As the game keeps decaying, fewer continents will be open. Next year we would be down to battle islands if there were any.
  13. Regpuppy

    The continent locking is a necessary evil to maintain some semblance of play-ability, even with current prime time pops. Personally, I'd prefer for them to at least attempt intercontinental lattice for some sort of fluid gameplay between continents. But I've given up on hoping. :rolleyes:
  14. AlterEgo


    I f**king love Indar.
  15. MarkAntony

    I'd like them to merger the reamining euro servers to give me a few more months of fun in this game.
  16. AlterEgo

    Once every week, there should be an alert that only has a 25% chance of happening. However, these alerts go like this:
    -Destroy 10,000 (or however many vehicles can be destroyed) tanks in X amount of time.
    -Take over every single facility on X continent with out losing a single one.
    -Use the tech plant guns to launch a preemptive strike on enemy warp gates.
    -And plenty of others.

    I want missions that are more specific and interesting. An awesome ES alert could go like this:
    As VS, protect the Vanu Archives on Indar at all costs.
    As TR, collect all data codes from Vanu Archives.
    As NC, disable all forms of Vanu tech within Vanu Archives.

    As TR, protect the BL crash site on Esamir with out failure.
    As VS, collect all remains of the ship.
    As NC, find the hidden safe containing vast corporate riches.

    As NC, protect the NC Arsenal on Amerish from all attackers.
    As TR, seize all forms of electromagnetic technology from the Arsenal.
    As VS, find all Auraxium structures used to power the Arsenal's energy output.
  17. Dgross

  18. johnway

    Yeah i've noticed that on Miller there doesn't seem to be enough people for 2 continents. hell, the last few days I've managed to login straight into an alert with no problems.

    Even in the alerts its a bit depressing. I see areas where NO ONE is bothering to defend or attack. I'm also struggling to find and stick to a decent fight these days.