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Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. JGood

    We want to add the ability to preview an item on the player’s current Loadout for their class/vehicle so everyone can get a better idea of what it's really going to look like in context.

    This would apply to Camo (tint), decals, wearables, and vehicle attachments.
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  2. Shockfrosted

    Beautiful, no more blind camo purchases.
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  3. Phattie

    Not sure why we're even being asked about this guys... this should have been in-game in the first place, not an optional extra that'll be added at "some point!"
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  4. Scienta

    Was needed in the first place
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  5. Yutty

    does this mean things will look like the actual preview? [IMG]
    Instead of us paying $ and getting this: (*NC model doesn't seem to have this issue)
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  6. innociv

    This is why I haven't bought a few things. Can't always find an image of what it really looks like, especially with a certain camo.
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  7. Dkamanus

    Yes please, thank you.
  8. xthorgoldx

    Yes. I don't like having to google every cosmetic purchase to find out what it actually looks like in game.
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  9. Pikeman84

    yes PLEASE. I have been wanting to buy some camor for my soldier, but I'm too worried it will look awful to buy it.
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  10. Zakuak

    This is a must!
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  11. Blackoth

    Also stats, i want item stats in numbers, i cant stand looking at bars of does not compute
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  12. ChrisLand

    Absolutely yes.

    Another feature that should have come with launch.

    However, this is a lower priority IMO then changes that more directly effect gameplay.
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  13. Eyeklops

    Yea, I'm trying to not vote on UI enhancements. Who wouldn't up-vote/want "Were going to make X, Y, Z interface better"?
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  14. Kiaburra

    Useful, quality of life improvement. Players feel less buyer's remorse.
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  15. Houkai

    Badly needed.
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  16. Sarblade

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  17. DemoEvolved

    Currently, it is actually HARD to tell which classes a given weapon can be equipped on. It should be dead clear in the description who can equip the thing you are about to buy.

    Same with vehicles.
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  18. Phyr

    Does this include adding real numbers and stats to the weapons preview? The bar system is, in my opinion, a terrible way to compare weapons.
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  19. Craig1287

    While this is something that should have been in the game from the start, it doesn't really affect the gameplay, so I hope that this isn't receiving too much focus of the dev team.
  20. Selerox

    While this might not cause gameplay issues, it is something that causes a lot of bad feeling amongst the playerbase. It's not vital, but it's helpful, and shouldn't be hard to implement.

    One thing that some other games do well is for weapon previews. The ability to use them in an unlimited fashion offline against bot targets. It's not much, but it's better than the current "try it for 30 minutes and pretty much never get the chance to use it again unless you buy it" system we have now.
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