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    tried to delete duplicate
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    Played All 3 factions ALOT... there is alotta truth to this, I must admit
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  3. Wrel


    Hunter Mode: Increased movement speed and silences or severely dampens MAX's audio profile.
    Stationary Cloak (working name): Cloak ala Infiltrator while stationary, and for a short time upon starting to move (fade timer).
  4. Bob Niac

    Would rather NC have a nanite buff, like AOE resist or AOE repair ala the Medic (but for armor)
  5. FleshDeep

    A few possibilities for a vanu max
    -IR/NV with auto spot feature (better situational awareness for team nearby)
    -IFF Motion Detection suite with proximity radar spotting targets on the radar for friendlies nearby as well as max (with enhanced identification to identify hostile maxes)
    -Weapon Overcharge-(weapon toggle to switch energy weapons to single fire with the ability to overcharge the weapon for enhanced damage ) and consider giving them an energy based aa gun in lieu of the ns-10 air burster.
    In reality it would be nice for all the maxes to have a strong Anti armor weapon package for being somewhat effective against heavy tanks. purhaps a weapon that is only fitted on one hand( say right hand only anti tank heavy weapon) to avoid overkill or a 2 handed heavy weapon system the maxes can arm (very big chaingun for the tr, antitank energy weapon for the vanu, Ant tank Cannon for the NC)
  6. Khodexus

    Instead of 'lockdown' give the TR Maxes an ability to increase their rate of fire, without penalizing anything else. And put this ability on an energy meter like the heavy assault shields.

    Give the NC Maxes an Armor Lockdown similar to the effect of the same name in Halo Reach, they become immobile for a brief duration, but also invulnerable to damage.

    For the VS Max, I think general better physical capabilities is the name of the game. They look more like a cybernetically enhanced super soldier than an exo-frame, so make them more agile, with faster base run speed, higher jump, better turning speed, and higher melee damage.

    That's my suggestion.
  7. FleshDeep

    NO to the NC armor lockdown immobolizing the nc max if your going to mobilize the TR for there little rate of fire burst. simple solution would be like the nc vanguard or heavy assaults a Nano Mesh Generator based on an energy pool.
  8. Tuku

    Spawn as Max instead of spawning as light assualt and changing to max
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  9. Fimconte

    All for improving the MAX as a Class, but please no race based special abilities.
    NC Shielding seems extremely powerful. As does the Lockdown mode for AA MAX'es.
  10. CaveItUp

    What if the VS MAX got the ability to do a little "thrust" in any direction? Kind of like the Thruster Pack in Halo 4, but not quite as strong.
  11. Sereglach

    I only play as TR, and as a casual player, so I will make no claims of being a savant on anything. However, with what I have played and what I see, here are some things I believe should be done overall for the MAXes. These aspects put the MAX back into the spotlight as a powerful, nanite-infused exosuit that augments a standard infantry soldier into a vehicle/human hybrid. Of course it becomes more costly, as well.
    • Empire specific abilities are a must. This is what I believe they should be, and why:
      • TR: Anchoring is fine, however it should be tweeked to be viable in any situation.
        • Allow the MAX to move, but at EXTREMELY reduced speed, and with different and loud noises (this makes a moving anchored max show up on radar from great distances). After all, the spiked anchors on the calves of the MAX are ripping out of the ground and being replanted with each step. While moving firing is not possible, as power is diverted in the suit just to pull the legs off the ground. This allows an anchored MAX to turn and face an enemy that flanked it, but cannot fire on it until it has drawn a bead and stopped moving. However, it is a better alternative to the 5 second Anchroing/Mobilizing time. Each upgrade improves the speed at which a MAX can move while anchored (15, 20, and 25 percent of base movment/turning speed)
        • While Anchored the MAX should have increased ROF and reload speeds as per the prowler. This improves with each tier of the certification upgrade (20, 30, and 40 percent).
        • While anchored and NOT moving, the MAX diverts power into internal nanite repair systems, that repair the MAX at a flat rate per second, disabled for a flat amount of time after taking damage (0.8% sec repair /20 second disable, 1.6%/15 second disable, 2.4%/10 second disable)
      • NC: A comprehensive defensive package would be optimal, I'll call it the NC MDS (MAX Defensive Suite)
        • When activated the MAX diverts a large amount of power to a defensive shield. The base aspect of the ability would funciton similar to the HA or Vanguard shield, allowing the absorption of a large amount of damage before overloading. This would be a fixed number across all three ranks of the shield, equal approximately to one standard, dumbfire missile's base damage. Tweaking may be necessary as I don't know all the numbers within the game's programming.
        • Each upgraded tier of this ability also adds a degree of extra damage mitigation from both explosive and small arms fire sources. As flak/shrapnel are more indirect forms of damage, their damage mitigation is higher as it is more easily handled by the shield (5% small arms / 9% explsoive, 10% sa / 18% ex, 15% sa / 27% ex).
        • Due to the massive draw on the MAX's power systems, firing weapons through the shield decreases it's effective length of time, as power is drawn back out of the shield capacitors. Seeing as most NC weapons are slow firing, this would count as 1 second of shield time per shot fired out of a weapon (so 2 seconds if both triggers are squeezed at once). Shield capacitors would also be improved per each upgrade of the system, increasing it's viable duration and recharge rate. (20, 25, and 30 seconds, respectively)
      • VS: Due to their alien technology and penchant for accuracy, I give you the VEX (Vanu Electro-countermeasure Experiment)
        • Upon activation, the VEX allows the MAX to have improved accuracy. The targeting reticle on the MAX HUD will change, with size based upon the rank of the VEX cert (10, 20, and 30 percent of the viewing area, or other predetermined amount of game designers). The MAX unit will LOCK ON to the target nearest to the center of the reticle, and weapons fire will adjust accordingly to hit the target. Types of targets locked on to will depend upon the primary weapon equipped. This system will not lock on to friendly IFF (Integrated Friend or Foe) signatures, and will switch to targets not blocked by friendly units. This system improves standard accuracy per rank of the certification (5, 10, and 15%) which will also give the MAX unit improved shot grouping over distance.
        • Countermeasure suites with the MAX suit will trigger upon activation. This will give the MAX a personal radar with ranges dependent on rank (30, 60, 90 meters). This will also scramble enemy radars within that range. The countermeasure suites also scrambles lock on systems. Any lock on weapon system will cease to function while within the MAX's radar, and/or allied vehicles within the radar range will also have an increased lock on time requirement (.5, 1, and 1.5 seconds).
        • The downside/visual effect: While using the VEX system the radiation emitted by the Vanu MAX unit will be quite obvious to the naked eye, and the MAX unit will emit a glow similar to that put off by an engineer repair tool. The VEX system also has a very limited duration, due to the draw on the MAX's systems. However, increased battery life and recharge rates come with each upgrade in rank (30, 45, and 60 seconds).
    • Some of the following things can be added as more common pool abilities:
      • A travel mode that disables weapon systems and allows movement speed boosts (5 second activation/deactivation period) at a 20, 40, and 60% boost to movement speed.
      • A nanite ammo generation unit that restores a % of ammo every 5 seconds with a flat 20 second duration, if fully expended, and flat, slow, recharge time. (2, 4, 6, 8, and 10% ammo restoration with standard 5 tier cert costs).
      • Although neither of these abilities are amazing, they have their place, their use, and are something MAX characters will use, or switch out loadouts at a terminal, when they don't have engineer support or a ride to take them places.
    • MAX health needs to be drastically improved. Either give MAX units the ability to have a passive cert for improved health (5%:10 certs, 10%:30 certs, 15%:50 certs, 20%:150 certs, 25%:500 certs) or give MAX units a blanket 25% health increase.
    • Damage Reduction: Regardless of MAX health improvement scheme, give MAX units immunity to all non heavy pistols (the common pool ones slated to come out), as well as non-MAX melee; and improved damage reduction from other forms of small arms fire, approximately 10% base. Also improve kinetic armor %'s by at least doubling them, making them a much more viable form of suit slot. However, I would prefer to see improvements along 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15% respectively, which would be triple the current kinetic armor stats. This feels much more in line with the flak armor attributes, making it move viable.
    • Give an optics certification treethat would function as the rail attachments do on standard infantry weapons.
      • By hitting your infantry rail light button, the MAX woud activate either NV/Infrared, Thermographic, Zoomed optics, or flood lights. All optics would be visible as small units mounted on MAX shoulders. Flood lights would cover an area in front of the MAX similar to vehicle headlights.
      • Zoom would have up to 3 tiers for amplification levels (1.5x:100 certs, 2x:200 certs, 3x:500 certs)
    • Give MAX weapons attachments/modifications.
      • Standard Anti-Infantry weapons can acquire 3 tier rail laser units as per certain other infantry weapons, as well as cyclic boosters offering faster reload times (10, 20, and 30% boosts) at similar cert costs to the laser units. Laser units would be mounted on the side of the weapon, near the MAX's hand, while cyclic boosters would appear as some kind of module on the back end of the weapon, near the MAX's elbow.
      • The Flamethrowers slated to come out can acquire fuel jet boosters, displayed as a different nozzel on the end of the flamethrower, increasing maximum effective range by 1m:10 certs, 2m:50 certs, 3m:150 certs, 4m:400 certs, 5m:1000 certs. They can also acquire improved fuel to increase flamethrower damage by a % per rank (4, 8, 12, and 15% at respective ranks) displayed as a different fuel cell on the flamethrower. Because of the improvements to damage, they would not acquire improvements to magazine size or ammo capacity.
      • Bursters can acquire high velocity munitions, allowing for better high altitude/long range performance at lower damage, extended barrels for improved accuracy/shot grouping, as well as the typical magazine and ammo capacity boosts.
      • Empire Specific Anti-Vehicleweapons should acquire abilities based upon their empire, as well as ammo capacity boosts.
        • TR: Increased AOE of the pounder at cert levels similar to the flame throwers range increments and Sabot munitions that remove all AOE but provide better direct fire with nearly flat trajectory. Only one equipped at a time.
        • NC: Give the Falcon a flak munition that sprays high velocity, armor shredding flak with a shotgun-like spread at the target, giving very high damage, low bullet drop, but less effective at range. This would excel at base defense when tanks start rolling into amp stations and tech plants. It would only take a handful of direct hits to shred anything that's not a main battle tank. As an alternate give the option of increased AOE for the standard munitions as mentioned with the TR pounder.
        • VS: Give enhanced energy projectors that decrease the Comet's damage drop over range/increase overall damage, while also increasing projectile velocity slightly. As an alternate approach, give the weapon unstable plasma munitions that do massive amounts of damage to soft targets and larger AOE increments but decreased firing accuracy. Due to having no projectile arc, make AOE increments 1/2 those of the other two factions. Vanu prize accuracy over spray-and-pray, after all.
    • Since weapons now have their own ammo boosts, remove the ammo canister armor ability and refund those certs.
    • Add more common pool weapons that are available to all empires, giving some more variety to what each empire can throw onto their MAX, which could create some interesting blends of empire specific and common pool weapons:
      • NS404 Anti-Infantry MG: This heavy machine gun is a slow firing anti infantry weapon that fires 10mm high velocity rounds with reasonable accuracy out to mid range. Although ROF would be slower, accuracy would be maintained at greater distances. Overall damage at close range would not equal any empire specific weapon, but it gives more viability for a MAX stuck out in the open or in longer range engagements. Appearance could look like a mini version of a kobolt/basilisk blend. Attachments could include the laser sight and cyclic booster mentioned for other anti-infantry weapons. Ammo supply would be akin to a basilisk, as well.
      • NS109 MRS (Micro Rocket System): The Nanite Systems Micro Rocket System is a new wave in anti infantry munitions giving area of effect fire support against clusters of infantry units. This weapon system would look like a small, simple, 4 pod rocket system that fires, obviously, 4 rockets per reload in a scattered spread with 2-4m AOE radius with moderate damage. The rockets would fire in a very rapid fashion but would have very slow reload times. Damage would equal a frag grenade on direct impact but splash damage would be only 1/4 of what a frag grenade can do, with a much smaller radius. Direct impacts could do light damage to armored targets, with splash damage having no effect. Improvements could include AOE and/or damage boosters similar to what was mentioned for the Vanu Comet, or fin stabalizers for the rockets allowing for straighter rocket flight. Ammo supply would be between 40-60 rockets.
      • NS907 Recoilless Rifle: Bringing back ancient technology and giving drastic modernized improvements, this recoilless rifle offers excellent anti-armor damage at long range and decimates infantry if hit with it's high velocity sabot rounds. This weapon would fire EXTREMELY SLOW, with reload times double that of a HA missile launcher. However, with very little bullet drop over long range, and high velocity, it would provide MAXes with a long range tank killer. Accuracy, on the other hand, would be off just enough to allow for hitting a tank at long ranges, but would make hitting an infantry unit at ranges outside 100m extremely difficult. Standard projectiles would have no AOE. Cert paths could include Soft Point munitions to do extra damage to air targets but less damage to tanks, or HE rounds doing AOE damage and improved effects on infantry (maybe 50% frag grenade capabilities, so one shot wouldn't kill, but dual wielding would). Ammo supplies would be limited to similar amounts to HA rocket launchers, but the punch would be similar to locking launchers, not quite dumbfire launchers. Appearance can seem as a small bodied unit with a barrel similar to a burster's but a bit longer.
    • COSTS: Cooldown timers should be decreased slightly, by about a minute. However, the infantry resource cost should jump up to at least double what it currently is. If you have your passive cooldown reduced greatly, and die a lot, or change classes a lot you will rapidly find yourself without the resources to spawn a max.
    • Spawningneeds some drastic overhauling:
      • If you have the cooldown and resources to spawn as a max, please add MAX to the deployment screen.
      • If not available, then please remember the last class we were before we switched to MAX, instead of always making us LA.
      • If we switch from MAX to something else without dying, then please reset our spawn timer. However, do not refund the resource cost. This will prevent constant swapping from MAX to other classes, particularly medic so the MAX player can self heal and then turn back into a MAX.
      • Also, if we log out as a MAX, then let us log back in as a MAX.
    FOR EVERYONE WHO SAYS TL; DR - TOO BAD, this isn't meant for you, it's meant for developers who will actually read it.
  12. Hammerklau


    Would be nice if the VS max could get dual lashers. Currently NC maxes are vanu maxes that are just plain better. And our comets even though they have no drop off move so slow and at range where they are useful, the bullets cross over missing the target... and when they do it at long range they explode doing no damage to the target. That aligned with the fact hitting infantry with dual comets is super hard and splash damaging them like the falacons do isnt really an option for any real damage, we're stuck in a place where at the moment the ONLY use for our maxes isnt our guns, but purely as a meat shield, and the token burster. Many of my outfit members are prefering to go pure bursters because they're more reliable than our mid ranged guns vs infantry. Our dual nebulas just dont match up compared to the hacksaws or close range tr cyclers.
  13. coleisepic

    you sir must suck
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  14. SGT Ace

    TR - super rate of fire
    NC - shield generator
    VS - long range laser beam
  15. SGT Ace

    Yeah, anchored mode is a bit ********. Noone uses it because you are insta killed by scythe/reaver/liberator other tank. You are just easy target, standing still.
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  16. Khodexus

    Did you miss the part where the lockdown makes the Max INVULNERABLE to damage for a short period? This is not a HA shield that absorbs a certain ammount of damage, it's complete invulnerability for as long as the ability lasts. The idea is that if you're quick on the trigger you can avoid taking damage from things like rockets, artillery shells, or any other attack you can see coming that would normally seriously mess up a max. Then you let go, and go back to fighting normally while your energy for the lockdown recharges.
  17. Rentago

    your issu
    your issue stems from the fact that they made everything in this game made of paper.

    Tanks need easily twice the health they currently have, maxes also need atleast 1.5x more health, the problem with lockdown is it makes you a STILL TARGET, and nothing in this game has armor or health to actually tank anything.

    Maxes die in like 2 grenades, let alone 2 rockets, tanks blow up in 3 hits.

    The original planetside required you to use a DECIMATOR on a max, required 3 direct hits to take one down, if not it would atleast take 6 regular rockets to take one down.

    (the decimator used in this planetside isn't the 3 shot disposable from the original, just another NC reskin.)

    Tanks took like 20 rockets originally.

    The thing is infantry and everything are so weak because everyone has access to everything, if maxes were super good everyone would be in a max, just like everyone would be in a tank.

    This is their attempt to balance their battlefield MMO, battlefield doesn't make a good mmo.
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  18. Slider

    How does 'All Red X's' equate to 'U Suck'? Just look at a damage graph for 'Scat Max' and see how the damage plummets at range you ignorant troll. Fairly new to the game yet I'm ranked in the top 100 on Waterson without ever touching the 'Liberator'
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  19. Haman123456789

    How about higher mobility like jumping higher and moving faster for a short period of time for either defending or attacking bases?
  20. AuroraLunacy

    Let the VS Fly!!!! C'mon you give all the other teams cool capabilities. If there's any alien technology we would have stolen it would have been their antigravity technology. Temporary flight!!!! Or light boosters like a light assault but much less usable.
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