May As Well Remove Sniper Class!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChUnKiFieR, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Demigan

    I would change that idea a little.

    BR 1 to 30 get the killcam fully. Its supposed to help them learn how it works. Make sure they know that this killcam will stop at some time.

    Above BR 30 the killcam only activates fully if the target was spotted. If he wasnt spotted you dont get a killcam at all.

    If for some reason killcam still has to stay then if an unspotted enemy kills you the camera wont track your killer and the camera will only look in the general vicinity, not directly at the enemy.

    This increases the need for teamwork and information gathering.
  2. Raidashi

    Honestly? I despise the kill cam, and not for the reasons stated above.

    My issue with it is that it unforgivingly points out what I consider PS2's biggest flaw, being the innate server lag. Theres a saying that "Ignorance is Bliss", and in this case, it's... Irritating, to realize you were killed by some one who had and could not have line of sight on you, usually after you've pulled back into cover only to die there behind said cover. I'd genuinely rather not know, and think it's probably been the source of many unnecessary hacker reports.

    But I will agree, it's kinda cheesy to know exactly where that person who found a clever hiding/sniping spot is. I've taken advantage of it, as well as been on the receiving end. I've also scored a kill, only to then realize that the group they're in must be on comms together when half a dozen people instantly whip 180 to face in my direction and and even people on the other side of the bus start looking.
  3. Warspine

    I would like to keep the deathcam. It gives the players who likes to solo or just grunt in the zerg a fair chance against the discord/teamspeak outfits. They have deathcam via voice insted. So KEEP IT.

    Stealth plays to much into this game. Use better camo insted and snipers should use range and movement. Almost every br 100+ are running around in their superstealth and beeing a grunt is no point. You die in 2 seks against them anyways and they move twice as fast, and they are stealthed. Flashlight is a very cool idea and i love it, but i cant feel that it gives me much of an upper hand since it's also a becon for anyone who wants to take you out.

    Paying to play, and buying in the store. To support the game and the developers. I would therefor also suggest a premium chat for us so that the devs can listen to the once who supports their work aswell.
  4. FoulFoot

    Forget the death cam -- what about shots showing on the mini-map? That's the real barrier to sitting in a tree and sniping newbs at the vehicle terminal.

    For you younguns, you probably don't remember the days *before* minimap shots. Ah, yesteryear.
  5. Zagareth

    That was PS1... in PS2 there was always a shotindicator on the minimap, when shooting w/o a silencer

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