May As Well Remove Sniper Class!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChUnKiFieR, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. daltera


    kill cam is for amateurs, it becomes a children's game
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  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    This is an arcade shooter with a T rating. It is far closer to a children's game than it is to Space ARMA.
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  3. ChUnKiFieR

    You make it sound as if I knew going to that tree at that particular time and place would net me all those kills. What I'm psychic now? Good or bad had absolutely nothing to do with anything. It was dumb luck and it only happened once. Besides that, it was just an example you ***-basket. Seek help!
  4. That_One_Kane_Guy

    You are projecting so hard right now it isn't funny. Does admitting you are wrong really hurt so much?
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  5. AgentRed

    They should make it for BR 1-30 should have auto access to it. Then after 30 there should be a button on the kill screen to access it once. This should help if you want to see it you can but you will have to press it every time. I would still like to have it to report script kiddies and exploiters .
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  6. Vileblood

    Dont get me wrong and all but the only faction that im actually gonna use a sniper with the infiltrator is NC because it is the only base 1 shot headshot. All the others i use things like the tengu smg because of how usefull it is to get into large bases like amp stations.
  7. Blam320

    Or, maybe you can stop camping one spot and actually change the location you're shooting from? Don't be like the Hobbits who sit in the hills 500m away from the fight the whole time.
  8. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I find that a good touchstone for measuring if someone knows what they are talking about w/r to sniping in this game is the range they consider themselves to still be 'helpful'. If it's far over 150m more often than not the answer is "No'.
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  9. Tarjan

    I'm torn on this issue. It sucks when you're the sniper but so helpful when you're not. It can be incredibly frustrating to be sniped with no idea where it came from, especially in a game like this with the ranges we can engage at.

    As I'm still new to this game (pay no attention to my join date) I use the infiltrator as much for the recon dart as the longer range rifle. Haven't found terminal hacking too useful yet.
  10. ChUnKiFieR

    Somebody's still playing Doom in their empty little head aren't they? You really have no clue how stupid that reply is do you? Let me help you out. Anything you can do in THIS game that doesn't violate the eula is legal, whether you like it or not or like how I play or not! So suck it up buttercup! :cool:
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  11. Blam320

    Lmao now that's a response and a half. Quite the salty response.
  12. ChUnKiFieR

    You're right! I overdid it. I'll try to tone it down in the future. But these children make me so mad. They have no sense of honor.

    I once came nose to nose with an enemy harasser driver who also had no gunner. We were stopped. Somehow I could see that he knew as I did that if we switched seats and started shooting at each other it would most likely end in a stalemate. After a minute of eyeballing one another, we put each other on our friends lists and drove away. Now that's honor!

    These kids team kill each other for fun, revive each other then say who cares about stats. Until they can't get into a good outfit that actually looks at stats before you can join. If your stats are hokey looking, they pass you by. How do they not get that stats are a kind of resume'?
  13. MonnyMoony

    I haven't found the kill cam to impact me all that much and I play infil/sniper a lot. Most sniper rifles leave a very pronounced tracer anyway - so it's fairly obvious where you are sniping from. I specialise in counter sniping using this very method.

    If you are cunning, you can actually use the kill cam to your advantage.
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  14. ChUnKiFieR

    Thank for proving my op point! "If you are cunning, you can actually use the kill cam to your advantage."
  15. JohnMcCreedy

    1. You have a cloak.
    2. You have a weapon that will one-shot any class short of a Max from any range.
    3. You have legs. Move position.

    Move position or better still snipe the fool that comes for you. Most snipers are at the rear of enemy assaults. Even if the kill cam shows your position, I've got to get through tanks, aircraft and a bazillion infantry all the while hoping you don't notice me. Unless you're a complete moron, there is no reason in the world the kill cam should affect you.
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  16. That_One_Kane_Guy

    That isn't proving your point. It's quite literally the opposite of your point. YOU the attacker can use the info against the person watching your killcam.

    Snipers frustrated by the killcam are generally the ones who think they're Bob Lee Swagger sitting alone on a mountain 500m behind enemy lines and generally not inclined to think in those terms. In my opinion the only class with a legitimate grievance against the killcam are Stalker Infiltrators, simply because the nature of their playstyle precludes rapid relocation after a kill.
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  17. Jingstealer

    Anything that hurts snipers in the game is a good thing. Because snipers hurt the game, plenty.
  18. Zagareth

    Im fine with that, I barely cloak as a sniper, because the sound reveals my position more than everything else. A good camo is better than any cloak.
    But still, if you wanna keep the nanny cam, give snipers a tactical counter. Maybe enhance Motion Sensors lvl 5 with a jammer, so the cam is unable to track the direction. You still have the hit indicator of the death hit (if you pay attention) to determine the direction of the shot. Good enough for experienced players, who were always able to get to the snipers spot.

    But hey, I doubt the DBG will do that - they don't want tactical snipers (camper) in game.
    Anyway, that won't work against the best snipers. No matter what class I play, as long as I get a weapon, I shoot a fly off your nose w/o scratching your skin.
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  19. Tman3555

    The death cam is the most rediculous thing added to the game. All yall hating on infils, they aren't the only ones effected by this. LA's, tanks, sundies, harassers all flanking gameplay is effected by this. Deathcam was never a thing for PS1 or 2. Idk if we got a big influx of COD players or what but seeing not only where exactly you were killed from but also what they are doing seconds after you've been killed completely destroys stealth gameplay. This something straight out a hackers toolkit, and it's added as a feature in the game, makes no sense. And even worse is you see an infils out line while they are cloaked in death cam. Whats the point of the cloak then? I've used the death cam a hundred times so far to see where I got killed, and yeah it's convenient, but its like easy mode. Like i'm hacking, theres no fun, theres no coming back and strategically trying to counter snipe. No it's just stay dead watch what the enemy does and just go kill them. Make this a thing for new players. Or make it something that turns on for someone whos been repeatedly killed by the same person over and over within a small time frame. Somethings gotta change with this thing though. And everyone who loves the kill cam just likes an easy way to find out who killed you, instead of embracing the difficulty and natural feel of this game.
  20. Blam320

    I thought you knew. Nobody in this game ever exercises any sort of awareness of anything other than what's immediately in front of them.

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