May As Well Remove Sniper Class!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ChUnKiFieR, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. ChUnKiFieR

    With the death replay showing our shooting locations, what's the point? You can't play the class in its traditional role anymore soooo... buh-bye sniping :confused:
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  2. Twin Suns

    Of course I got crushed by a MBT! I saw the license plate when it ran over my effing body! :)

    The sniper isn't the only mofo aggravated by the babysitter cam, trust me. ;)

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  3. Demigan

    I don't like the Death Cam but snipers should be the least worried about it at any point in time. The "traditional role" is moronic anyway, sitting still in one spot high up and sniping is simplistic at best and even without the death cam you would easily have been counter-sniped. It's usually not a big secret whereabouts snipers will hide as they'll go to the same f***ing places over and over again.

    Now snipers can do what snipers are supposed to do: Fire and move, fire and more. Smart snipers will fire a couple of shots, move and then watch for anyone looking for him in his previous position giving them an easy extra kill and discouraging anyone from trying to find you or causing them to waste even more time trying to find you.

    Death Cam's should have been implemented differently, I can agree with that. Some kind of PS2-modified ELO system that will tag players who obviously still have stuff to learn and only those players+newbies will get a Death Cam. That would have been helpful in player retention without too much trouble for non-infiltrator stealth players like me who are actually hurt by the Death Cam rather than Infiltrators where only passive players are hurt by it.
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  4. daltera

    Planetside 2 is a game that simulates a space war,
    what does death cam have to do with simulation? what sense does the dead person see who killed?

    In terms of reality and simulation it is ridiculous.

    and it does affect specialized sniper players who shoot a long distance.

    and standing still shooting is part of one of the sniper game styles.

    One reason for showing death, I believe that decreasing the number of reports or requests or denounces.

    prove that death was legal.

    but there are other ways to identify if there is a hack. without interfering in the benefits of a sniper that is advantage of the position where nobody detects it.

    currently those who kill me when I am an infiltrator are players who have seen my position and take revenge.

    even changing position is very difficult because he already has the area where we will be.

    I request to take this off for players,
    or a cam supply however on request and with 1 hour delay.

    this would benefit the application and processing would reduce
  5. Werkitten

    At the moment, I am very bad at playing infiltrator with a sniper rifle. The only ones I can kill are enemy snipers. They always sit in the same places, no camera is needed ^^
  6. Caesar_REDMIST

    If you want to remove death cam, then please also remove cloaking for snipers.
  7. Liewec123

    gonna echo what everyone else is saying, yep death cam sucks and is detrimental to the game,
    but snipers are still the safest cheesiest way to stay safe(er) while getting kills.

    outside of vehicles and maxes, anyone who wants to cheese a high KDR should play sniper,
    you're away from the battle so there won't be many people shooting at you,
    you can go invisible, and you can get oneshots from far away.
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  8. Werkitten

    Invisibility is one of the most questionable mechanics in this game. Especially given the lack of normal camouflage. However, the second point was partially corrected by the camouflage received for the A7 resource, which is now worn by a very large number of players. Now the player of other classes at least does not look like a Christmas tree.
  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

    If by "traditional" role you mean "sits on a mountain 1000m away taking potshots at anyone who stands still", then that has literally never been viable in this game, death cam or no.

    You sound like one of those Doomsayers that claimed the tank was obsolete because Russia invented the ATGM, or the CBG was obsolete because China invented the Ding-Dong. It would take a whole heck of a lot more than a crappy death cam to render sniping obsolete.
  10. HAG3N

    I don't see the death cam as a problem really. I don't think long range snipers should worry too much - wait 10 seconds and relocate, knowing there is a strong chance your victim is going to be heading there to find you. Leave your spotter there, zero in, and get a free kill from your new nest lol. Same way most snipers use other tactics to bait their prey.
  11. ChUnKiFieR

    I once sat in a tree on Hossin and had 99 kills before I was discovered in the same spot. And based on your rant, I would seriously consider talking to someone you love about medication.
  12. Botji

    Cant we all just agree that removing the kill cam would be a good change? I dont care for snipers but having a dead guy telling their friends exactly where I am going to after I killed them is quite crap.

    Tell them who killed them, with what and from what generic direction/area. No need to highlight me running to my next spot or if im running for A point or B point.. perhaps im reloading? "GoGoGo guys! he is reloading!" No thank you :D
  13. That_One_Kane_Guy

    What I described is precisely what you are doing. The only ranting going on in this thread has come from your end, sweetheart.

    Feats like your example reflect more on the stupidity of your enemies than any skill or sneakiness on your part. If you were anywhere near as good as you make yourself out to be you wouldn't be proclaiming the death of a perfectly viable class based on the addition of a relatively benign mechanic.

    Check any PS2 vid from ~2 years ago. What you're describing is basically how the old death screen worked, and for what it is worth it is what I prefer. But to be perfectly honest 99% of the time it doesn't really matter. Most of the time you had a pretty good idea where you died from, and if you are in VOIP with a squad you could usually get your buddy close enough to at least know where to look. The only class that is truly hurt by the killcam is the Stalker only because their ability to relocate is extremely limited compared to other classes.
  14. Booface

    If you get in a good position, instead of staying there until you run out of ammo (or don't with ammo printer), just take your 5-6 quick kills and then move. I play mainly sniper infiltrator and I'm decent but not fantastic. If I can adjust so can you.

    The nice thing about it is that it makes the game less frustrating for new players, and it makes hackers easier to spot and report. Not worth giving that up for long range camping, which while it was good for K/D was never very efficient anyway.
  15. Botji

    I know thats why I would want it to come back to that, should be minimal work for the devs and it WAS better that way, you got a general direction and thats fine but you didnt know if they were 20m or 200m away but yeah, doesnt matter that much its just a small QoL thing that would be nice if they fixed.

    Though cloakers are kinda boned in this update with the bug, seen a few walking around like... super sneaky... fully visible though. Saw a stalker sliding along the wall staring at me and I was genuinely troubled if I should kill him or not :confused:
  16. Werkitten

    Detecting hackers in this way is completely ineffective, since you are only shown what happens after the murder, and with a long delay.
    Compare this with Overwatch or Paladins, where they show the view from the eyes of the person who killed you and you can see what actions they performed. This is a much more effective option, including you can see how you look to the enemy and how fast you are moving on their screen (the difference in FPS greatly affects this).
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  17. Nassaria

    Honestly I don't mind it.. I want everyone to know where I am with my big ol bighorn.. If you come after me I will kill you, if you counter snipe I will kill you lol. Find a spot that you can only get to with la or an esf and just farm them until they rage or give up. :D
  18. CDS72

    Given todays technology the death cams could in theory be considered an advanced form of body cams that the police use and its not out of the realm of possibility that the military might very well one day use such technology in some instances.
    That aside it does suck to have your spot revealed *sigh*
  19. Spkr4theDead

    I fully support removing cloaks.
  20. daltera

    no no no
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