May 31 2023 - PC Hotfix

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    All PC servers will come down for the following update on Wednesday, May 31st, at 6:00am PT (3:00pm CET). The downtime for this update is expected to last up to 2 hours.
    • The Durability Module now provides increased damage resistance from tank shells and Air to Ground weaponry
    • Increased damage resistance for construction objects from the Yellowjacket and the Howler mining lasers
    • When a silo is destroyed it will no longer consume Cortium from all nearby structures. It will only consume Cortium from the structures below.
      • Ammo Tower
      • Routing Spire
      • Vehicle Gate
      • Recon Array
    Dev Note: This change will aide in the ability to get a base up and running again after a silo has been destroyed, and a new silo is constructed.
    • Facility Silos now accept Cortium deposits
    • The Pillbox and Spear AV Turret construction objects now accept modules
    • Fix in place to prevent flickering on the Command Center's Skywall Shield
    Dev Note: We will monitor this and adjust as needed
    • ANTs now have the Gate Shield Diffuser as a Utility slot option
    • The Solid Wall construction object no longer decays when in range of Silo with Cortium
    • Repair Modules now affect the Solid Wall construction object
    • Module Dispenser no longer takes damage from friendly fire
    • Module Dispenser now shows the correct interaction prompt when access is restricted
    • The Vehicle Gate's shield FX now despawns with the Vehicle Gate
    • Command Center terminals no longer take damage
    • Updated Routing Spire terminal texture
    • Removed a potential secondary floating terminal screen from the Routing Spire
    • Orbital Strike Uplink now displays damage FX
    • Glave and Flail interaction terminals are easier to access
    • While in an ANT, the nearest Silo's HUD indicator icon will clamp to the edge of the client/screen
    • Cortium Silo's building FX now last for the entire build time

    NS-D Helios
    • Switching to and from the Helios now plays the appropriate animation
    • Reloading the Helios now plays the correct animation
    • HS/NV scope added to the Helios
    • 3.4x and infrared scopes are now positioned correctly on the rail
    • ADS adjustments for a more accurate CoF
    • Burst mode's initial shots are now more accurate while in ADS
    • Alternate fire reload now uses the correct animation timing
    • Alternative fire mode CoF bloom, when firing from the hip, is now smaller
    • Alternate fire mode now provides a slight CoF boost while aiming down sights
    • Alternative fire mode direct and indirect damage output has been decreased
    • Extended Magazine now increases the magazine size by 50
    • Converted the Forward Grip attachment to a Comfort Grip
    • Primary and alternate fire modes now use common movement speed adjustments
      • Applies to both ADS and while the Helios is carried at the hip
    • Weapon unequip time has been increased
    • 5 Round burst now has a HUD fire mode icon
    • Tool-tip icon is no longer low res
    • Firing while aiming down sights is now far more accurate during the initial shots of a burst.
    • Alternate fire reload now uses the correct 1sec. rechamber as the primary firemode.
    • Alternate firemode CoF bloom from 0.2 to 0.1 from the hip.
    • Alternate fire direct damage from 450 to 200.
    • Alternate fire indirect max damage from 450 to 400.
    • Extended Magazine now increases magazine size by 50, instead of 150.
    • Primary and alternate firemodes now uses common movement speed penalties from the hip and while aiming, 1x and 0.5x respectively.
    • Weapon unequip time from 0.25sec. to 0.5sec.

    L2-100 Kingsnake
    • Increased reload speed from 2.00 to 2.75s

    Apex SMGs
    • Kills with Apex SMGs now contribute to class directives requiring SMG kills
    • Iron sights for the AF-4 Cyclone and PMG-100 are no longer misaligned

    Planetside 20-Year Legacy Directive Event
    • Focused Assault: Only kills during Meltdown alerts count towards progress
    • Directive events have now been localized in French and Russian

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Removed recent work regarding point lights and particle illumination
      • This will address numerous accounts of flickering particles, intensely bright lights, and possible performance dips when in range of particles being illuminated by point lights
    • Oshur: Added Unstable Meltdown to possible alerts
    • Oshur: Alerts will now trigger quicker under low population conditions
    • UI: Report Player option is now accessible from the Support menu
    • UI: Place-able items now tint appropriately
    • UI: Settings: Reticle tinting now has a Reset to Default option
    • UI: Settings: Chat Background Opacity slider now has an accurate tool-tip
    • UI: The Construction Preview on the ANT's loadout screen is no longer enabled while re-deploying
      • This button was previously unresponsive while in this state
    • Missions: Construction tutorial missions no longer appear after completion
    • Anti-Material and Bolt-Action rifles now play the correct reload animation when the magazine is empty
    • Esamir: Esper Research Station's spawn point is now named correctly
    • Attachments: Heavy Barrel movement speed reduction is now percentage based (reducing the overall movement penalty)
    • Deathnaught Helmet: Camos no longer affect the eye section
    • L2-100 Kingsnake's reload speed has been slightly increased
    • Various item description updates
    • FX have been applied to Routers allowing better visibility from a distance
    • Removed an "@" symbol from displaying as a capture point on the HUD while in VR
    • Air resupply pads at Tannae Power Base now function correctly
    • Updated localization pass to account for various strings
    • Removed several inaccessible Cortium nodes on Oshur
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