May 10, 2013 Members Daily Sale: Maticore SX40/TX2 Emperor/LA8 Rebel (Pistols)

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by zaspacer, May 10, 2013.

  1. zaspacer

    Today's Daily Members Sale are faction Pistols:
    Maticore SX40 (VS)
    TX2 Emperor (TR)
    LA8 Rebel (NC)

    You can see weapon details here.

    They are normally 700 SC/500 Certs, but are 350 SC with the sale.

    Anyone want to give their thoughts on the effectiveness of these weapons?
  2. ThereIsNoTry

    Waste of sc. IF you want to get them, buy them with certs. But they should be waaaaay down the priority list.
    Also the only one I would say is an improvement on the stock gun is the Manticore.
    Again: waste of SC. You can get

    And on a side note: don't buy anything <500certs with SC.
  3. JudgeDeath

    Yeap, only direct upgrade to stock pistol is the manticore that provides allmost as good performance as the NC starter pistol.
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  4. Hosp

    Rebel used to be awesome and almost worked as a replacement for a primary weapon...but they nerfed its accuracy. Now it's just a sidegrade compared to the default. They want to turn people toward buying the revolvers.
  5. ColdCheezePizza

    ^this, if your tr/nc, just put a silencer on it and your set.