Maxs can no longer be revived is bad.

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by AntDX316, Mar 16, 2023.

  1. AntDX316

    Maxs can no longer be revived is bad. They can be nuked out with an OS inside is balanced. Concussion and flashbangs can make them useless. Lots of Rockets, C4, smallarms fire and they die fast. If anything, buff those instead of disabling Maxs from being revived.

    They take a while to get revived though.. but rather than disabling Maxs from being revived, increase the revive timer?
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  2. Shadowpikachu

    I'd rather see them revive with 100hp so they are just as in trouble as an infantry when they die, if not more, that way you can kill the med too and get a bigger hold while having reasons to push nownownow, advance the gamestate using maxes offensively and defensively is what matters, making their deaths so feasibly important is just more fun for everyone and doesn't remove a big part of medics gameplay.

    Currently you get more maxes then before since in a base you can kill the nonrevive maxes, then they just pull another so they get higher max uptime, compared to making reviving them maybe not always a good option or a big waste of time that will cause more problems to the frontline.

    A max that is well positioned should be hard to remove from position, they now take more rocket damage as intended and do less maximum dps which makes rocketpeekers that already barely have trouble with maxes see them as less then useless now.

    A max that runs willynilly should die easier, with current balancing a max that is smart and the average braindead max is closer together which i dont think the design needs to go that direction.

    Most the arguments against maxes have been flat 'yeah **** you maxes' or someone that didn't think through the alternate options just comparing it to how it is in live now...

    Give it a month or two if this goes live, everyone that doesn't want maxes to exist will take this to go 'hi maxes are useless and dumb please remove them'.
  3. Walking Shark

    Agreed. Maxes cost a lot of resources and should effect the battlefield appropriately. Plus they're not that hard to kill if you're careful and bring the right kit. If you didn't bring the right kit surely someone in your squad did, right? Don't have a squad? Found the problem.

    This is an issue that would be fixed by making squads easier to find and more of a default part of gameplay. Maybe a regional "task force" or something that makes it easier to communicate with the blueberries around you. That alone would fix not just max issues but a lot of other problems with the game right now.
  4. AntDX316

    I dies fast as a Max. Some Maxs can be great of course but if they are outside they can die to A2G, tanks, AT mines, etc. Light Assaults can kill Max units easy.
  5. VV4LL3

    Ooooohhh.. You think dying to C4 is bad... pull a NSO max with a shield -- YOU EAT IT hard with a MASSIVE hit box.
  6. OSruinedPS1

    If it were up to me nobody would be able to be revived.

    "revive grenade" (snorts) Gawd, seriously who came up with this idea?

    These medic-zombie balls are f'ing lame, how can you all not see how lame they are? It's boring!
  7. AntDX316

    no revives would ruin the game