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  1. RadarX

    Are you ready to get Battle Rank 100? Good news! To celebrate the release of Hossin, we have a Double XP weekend for all players July 18th-20th. The development team wanted to help you out, so we went out and gathered some interesting data and tips for you.

    Passive Benefits

    There are a bunch of ways to get XP bonuses in game that all stack with each other and the bonus from the Double XP weekend. Here's a list:
    • Continent Lock Hossin. There is a different benefit awarded to the empire that locks a continent. Locking Hossin gives a XP bonus, so when that alert pops jump over there and help your empire dominate!
    • Underdog It. Playing on a continent where your empire has the lowest pop gives you an XP bonus.
    • Become a Member!This helps you in three ways: you get 50% bonus experience, you give your squad mates bonus XP, and you get access to monthly Member's Only Double XP weekends. In fact, there is a Member's Only Double XP weekend scheduled for July 25th-27th.
    • Buy a Boost. XP Boosts are available at a variety of durations and all their bonuses stack with other XP bonuses. For the best value get a Heroic Boost, its twofer giving you 50% XP for yourself and 5% for everyone else in your squad.
    Train Your Skills

    Practice makes perfect! Unsurprisingly, our stats show the more you play the more XP you earn. To jumpstart you with a little insider information, here is a list of some actions you can do in game that give bonus XP that you might not know about.
    • Spotting! Not only does it help all of your allies, but it also gives you bonus XP when anyone kills someone you spotted.
    • Healing, Reviving, Repairing, and Resupplying squadmates give some pretty significant bonuses.
    • Become a transport driver. As a Galaxy pilot, you earn XP when those you're transporting get kill. When you deploy a Sunderer, you get a nice steady stream of XP from teammates spawning there.
    • Stick around at the end of Alerts and Base Captures to get the XP at the end.
    Now, before you jump in check out some of these training videos from Wrel. He covers a ton of topics suited to noobs and veterans alike.

    Play Nice with Others

    We've done extensive research and found that players who play in a squad earn 40% more XP per minute than those playing alone. People playing with their outfit earn 50% more XP per minute.
    Convinced to join an outfit? Here are the top XP earners from last Saturday July 12th, maybe they are recruiting?



    Tracking your personal stats is a good way to min/max your earn rates. There are a few resources out there on the internets to help you with this.
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  2. SiosDashcR

    I feel like top scoring a bit.. biased towards the "larger outfits". Of course the more members you have, the larger accumulated score.

    How about an average Score/Min per outfits?
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  3. Pyldrvr

    Your outfit wouldn't be on that list, either...

  4. Alarox

    I agree with this, although I think both ought to be mentioned.
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  5. SiosDashcR

    That's fine with me -- But highlight those smaller/efficient groups who optimize their time on the battlefield.
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  6. MajiinBuu

    "Get The App"
    You mean the one that takes 5 minutes to start up? It's faster to open my web browser and check the forums/players site there.
  7. starlinvf

    The problem is that the meta in this game (high level strategy) is the one thing that can't be quantified correctly in the Stat trackers. Worse still, the types of activities the more effective Outfits and players that tip battles in their favor often result in less total points. Rapidly responding to battle field conditions, moving between territories without before the cap award, and the massive psychological deterrent that either pins down an offensive, or causes them to avoid a fight completely (like a good AA nest).

    So the grand irony is that the actions that produce the most impact, often result in the least amount of fighting. Do something to demoralize the enemy completely, and suddenly the points stop flowing.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Large outfits with crap tons of points are usually ones that get so stale mated in a firefight, that neither side progresses, and they both end up farming each other. The more calculated ones will usually make a decisive move, or simply find another fight where they might make a difference.

    Now if you want to see crazy effective, watch Emerald's use of a Battle Bus (aka the Fun-derer). With a good team, those things are twice as dangerous tanks... and with the way Hossin's narrow road ways work, they're roughly as mobile as a Magrider.
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  8. Promac

    SOCA is not even close to the biggest outfit. Not even the biggest outfit on Briggs. Just really well run and a great bunch of guys.

  9. Kulantan

    Yeah its going to be biased toward the bigger and more active outfits, but that is the point. They are presenting it as a list of outfits who maybe pubs should join. If they refer people to the elitefits its just going to cause annoyance for all involved.
  10. LongbeardedBMFVS

    The only thing that matters in PS2 is coordinated out-populating.
    **** OP **** every faction is crying about. The real skill in this game is to flood players into bases and spawncamp.
  11. brathernumzy

    when will teamspeak be made apart of the game most of the outfits mentioned require to have it and it alittle unfair not mention hard onlag to run both the in game voice chat and an outside program im only new to game and already im findin this a problem
  12. TheBlazing

    Galaxies still don't give a big enough bonus to justify their use and the 350 resources unless you're in a higly organized outfit, which is not the case for everyone, and this is also the reason why the whole "redeploy meta" thing can't be fixed. If redeploy was hit with the nerfhammer, players would still not pull any Galaxies simply because it is the least rewarding thing to do in the game.
  13. gibbelblonk

    I would play if it would not be a freaking dia-show everytime i look at anyone.
  14. Moridin6

    Was just on EMerald, only getting my membership and normal xp, no double..
    didnt get double for the july 4th weekend either
  15. TheKhopesh

    I can't wait.

    (Is it just me, or is it REALLY easy to get to BR 100 these days?)
  16. Frostiken

    So for some reason I'm not getting double xp :/
  17. King-David

    soe please stop making crap like this forum and fix bugs in the game kthxbye :D
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  18. Baleur

  19. Voodoo4500

    LOL, "There are a bunch of ways to increase your us us money....and pay us money."
  20. ZeroErrorz

    Now, before you jump in check out some of these training videos from Wrel. He covers a ton of topics suited to noobs and veterans alike.

    ARE U REALLY THAT LAZY SOE, also why arent you linking mattiace channel he got some nice flying guide and "review" about how your treating the game, ow btw MAKE A HOW TO FLY GUIDE ALREADY THE NOOB NEED IT TO SURVIVE and problaly reduce the ammount of nerf rocketpod thread since they can kill air by themself.