MAXes suck - buff them!

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  1. UberNoob1337101

    TL : DR : They are 110% useless especially without engineers and not worth their price. They need a serious buff.

    In case you need the details, continue reading.


    Compared to MAXes, their closest infantry comparison, the Heavy Assault has :

    - Better DPS
    - Way better accuracy
    - Both AI and AV/AA in the same build
    - More utilities in grenades, medkits and C4
    - Can capture points
    - Has almost no acceleration to sprint speed and all-round way better mobility
    - Can parkour for easy farms in Biolabs
    - Doesn't need engineers for sustained combat
    - Is completely free
    - Has access to and benefits more from better implants

    Meanwhile if it's compared to vehicles of the same price, they blow the MAX out of the water.

    Liberators melt ground vehicles, are quite fast (especially with Afterburner) and are also tanky. AV MAXes don't hold a candle, they take too long to deal DPS and are way too vulnerable while using sustained DPS AV weapons.

    MBTs... do I really need to compare them? Faster, Stronger, Better than MAXes.


    I do have a few ideas to make some of their kit less trashy. Most buffs range from pretty small to massive, with some reworks and added functionality to already existing gear.

    Kinetic Armor could make a MAX completely immune to small arms fire (or, as that is a tad too ridiculous, increase the MAX's resistance to small arms to 95%, granting the MAX effectively 40000HP versus small arms), and greatly increase the resistance to HMGs and Archer fire, in an attempt to make it a competitive choice to Flak Armor.

    Flak Armor could massively increase resistance to explosives that rely on fragmentation or impact to deal damage i.e HESH shells, AI mines and frag grenades, making them a better option for breaching into fortified positions or fighting in areas littered with anti-infantry explosives, but have significantly lower benefits against shaped charges like AV grenades, AP shells, Archer bullets and other vehicle-mounted AV weapons.

    Or, if possible, give them a massive resistance to AoE explosive damage, but provide a much lower resistance increase against direct hit explosive damage.

    Ammo Storage Container is now both a passive and an active ability, resupplying the MAX with ammo upon activation.

    Emergency Repair now also increases repairs received for the duration of the ability by 50%.

    ZOE can be turned on and off at will, but the ability itself is tweaked so in order to reap the ability's benefits, it needs to be active for some time.

    The drawback of increased damage taken is constant and also scales over the duration of the ability, but the movement speed, acceleration, fire rate and reload buffs also scale with how long the ability was active. So say, at activation, the buffs start out very small, but over time they ramp up to be very significant.

    To prevent the ability from being preemptively used, it lasts 10-15 seconds, naturally regenerates slowly and needs to be recharged by getting kills or receiving damage. Kills and damage taken while ZOE is active restore more ability charge.

    While ZOE is active, each kill restores some of the ability charge, allowing ZOE to remain active for longer. However, after being constantly active for a certain period of time (say, 30+ seconds or even 1 minute), the Overdrive Engine starts damaging the MAX thus requiring to be shut down before the MAX dies (the damage also scales over time, and can eventually kill the MAX outright).

    If a MAX dies while in this overloaded state, it explodes dealing significant damage, therefore making it a glorified suicide vest. The intent is to encourage aggressive play and the use of a MAX as a breakthrough tool.

    Aegis Shield can be planted into the ground, doubling it's current HP and acting as an immovable barrier to block doorways and incoming fire. It's HP does not regenerate over time and it can't be repaired. It can be retrieved from the ground by the MAX that placed it, restarting shield regeneration. If not, the NC MAX can start regenerating it's shield after 20/30 seconds upon placing it, and will begin regenerating shield HP after it has been destroyed.

    Lockdown now becomes more consistent, currently the fire rate, projectile velocity and reload speed benefits vary from weapon to weapon. Now it constantly is the highest value (in other words, Lockdown now always provides a 30%/35%/40%/45%/50% increase in velocity, reload speed and fire rate depending on level regardless of weapon used). This is a buff for some TR MAX weapons while using Lockdown, while it may net no overall benefits for others.

    Alternatively, a new TR MAX ability would be nice, Lockdown's power changes from weapon to weapon, and can either be quite useless or very strong. It isn't as versatile as other ES MAX abilities. Or we could get the Vulcan treatment, where TR MAXes get an universally useful ability, while NC and VS get a situationally powerful ability.


    Now, for the weapons themselves

    All anti-infantry MAX weapons : accuracy improved across the board, with significantly lower CoF bloom per shot. The idea is that while still fairly inaccurate, MAX weapons should still be capable of providing sustained fire. As-is they can't hit a broadside of a barn while firing in big bursts.

    Weapon diversity : Traits of most MAX AI weapons are amplified and as such they are specialized in each role. Most notably, the standard or "basic" MAX AI weapons are generally buffed, high capacity MAX weapons get slight DPS reductions but better CoF bloom along with a slight magazine increase, improving their sustained DPS.

    The idea : Currently, no reason not to use the most accurate AI MAX weapon (Mercies/Blueshifts) while NC AI MAX weapons generally suck altogether. Attempt to buff most of the weapons, add a few attachments to change functionality.

    I'll now go into details for AI MAX weapon changes, feel free to skip

    Terran Republic
    Decent, but I think that Mercies are best. Onsalughts are fun, Mutilators have insane ammo capacity and Cyclers are alright, but could be a bit better, especially the accuracy.

    M1 Heavy Cycler
    • Rate of fire increased to 430RPM, from 400RPM
    • Bullet velocity increased to 500 m/s, from 450 m/s
    • Bloom per shot decreased to 0.04, from 0.05
    • Ammo Pool increased to 540, from 480
    • Crouching Still CoF reduced to 1.25, from 1.5
    • Crouching Moving CoF reduced to 1.5, from 1.75
    • Standing Moving CoF reduced to 2, from 2.25
    • "New" attachment : Trident Burst - the weapon can no longer full-auto, instead after a wind-up the weapon fires 10 shots at 125% of the fire rate. Higher DPS during burst, but lower sustained fire rate. The Recoil decrease and CoF decrease is also worse, making the weapon with this attachment less accurate if one fires burst after burst in quick succession.
    M2 Mutilator
    • Rate of fire decreased to 385RPM, from 400RPM
    • Bullet velocity decreased to 450 m/s, from 500 m/s
    • Magazine capacity increased to 120 rounds, from 100 rounds.
    • Bloom per shot decreased to 0.03, from 0.05
    • Crouching Moving CoF reduced to 1.75, from 2
    • Standing Still CoF reduced to 1.75, from 2
    • Standing Moving CoF reduced to 2.25, from 2.5
    • New attachment : Automated Ammo Loader - the weapon has a 0-second reload allowing for non-stop fire, but the fire rate is reduced to 345RPM. Not sure on the Rate of FIre numbers, could be lower, could be higher.
    M6 Onsalught
    • Rate of fire increased to 550RPM, from 492RPM
    • Bloom per shot decreased to 0.04, from 0.05
    • Headshot multiplier reduced to 1.5x
    • New attachment : MCG Firing Mechanism - has a maximum fire rate of 652RPM, but has to go through a spin-up time of 2-3 seconds with a starting fire rate of 400RPM.
    • Alternate new attachment : Old MCG Firing Mechanism - Functioning like the MCG before the rework, weapon has to go through a spin-up time of 3 seconds before firing at 750RPM.
    MRC3 Mercy
    • Rate of fire increased to 440RPM, from 426RPM
    • Bloom per shot decreased to 0.04, from 0.05
    • First shot recoil multiplier to 1x, from 1.5x
    • New attachment : Sabot rounds - increases bullet velocity to 800 m/s, headshot multiplier to 3x, improves all CoF stats with a 0.25 reduction, and fire rate is increased to 500RPM, but the rounds deal significantly less damage overall, doing 100 damage per round and bloom per shot is increased to 0.06.
    New Conglomerate
    My opinion is that NC MAX AI weapons are extremely weak as-is. While they were a tad too strong before, now I only see an NC MAX once in a blue moon.
    • NC AI MAX gun nerfs are mostly reversed. Can't pull the exact stats out of my head, but generally NC MAX shotguns become much stronger, with longer reload times, and slightly lower fire rates. But this time, they actually deal damage.

    • Some other changes include : CoF per shot is increased and fire rate of all the NC MAX AI weapons is slightly reduced, with the exception of the Hacksaw. This is mostly to slightly worsen the accuracy of unslugged shotguns and reduce their DPS a bit, without gutting their burst damage.

    • Old NC AI MAXes would also easily win most engagements against other MAXes within 10m with ~50% of their HP remaining, so they could get a blanket 15% damage reduced versus MAXes to at least make it an interesting fight. I'd add this as a last resort blanket nerf in case NC AI MAXes handily beat other MAXes.

    • Slugs are back! Their accuracy is substantially improved with great CoF stats, but suffer a fire rate reduction and significant damage drop-off past 25m. Overall reduces the power of slugs, but makes them much more consistent.

    • Attachment for slugged MAX shotguns : Rubber slugs - 15%/25% velocity reduction and damage decreased, but slug rounds are silent and slow down the target, similar characteristics to the Tranquility, except the slowdown lasts for 2-3 seconds so it makes a difference.

    • Attachment for unslugged MAX shotguns : Shaped choke - There is no pellet spread, all pellets are fired in a certain shape : vertical, horizontal, triangular, diamond, any shape of player's choice. They're perfectly consistent, but also less accurate at range, especially if the CoF is high.

    • Mattocks - by default can switch between slugs and buckshot, overall a bit less DPS than pre-nerf. They also have the 2x headshot multiplier

    • Hacksaws - More DPS than pre-nerf, but worse accuracy.

    • Grinders - Keeps the 18 rounds in magazine, but becomes semi-automatic and gets the lowest DPS out of all the shotguns by far. Other stats are identical to the pre-nerf version, save for worse CoF and slightly reduced RoF

    • Scattercannons get a few buffs to keep them in line with the others, stats remain mostly pre-nerf save for the reduced fire rate and CoF.

    Vanu Sovereignty

    In my opinion, Blueshifts are great, and every other VS AI MAX weapon is trash. Cosmos was really nice with built-in Unstable Ammunition, but since that got nerfed, it's Blueshift all the way. They're all hilariously inaccurate. The aim is to make the other weapons more competitive and in-line with Blueshifts in terms of power.

    Quasar VM1
    • Rate of fire increased to 350RPM, from 337RPM
    • Ammo Pool increased to 450, from 400.
    • Crouching Still CoF reduced to 1, from 1.25
    • Crouching Moving CoF reduced to 1.25, from 1.5
    • Standing Still CoF reduced to 1.25, from 1.5
    • Standing Moving CoF reduced to 2, from 2.25
    • CoF bloom reduced to 0.045, from 0.06
    • New attachment : Plasma Fusor - Reduces fire rate to 240RPM, turns into a mini-Lasher. Secondary fire mode turns the gun into a melee weapon, casting a plasma sword/whip. Overall a reduction in anti-infantry capability, but stronger anti-MAX with secondary fire mode is capable of massive damage at hugging distance. Also melts light vehicles.
    Will continue this later, gotta pull out the old NC MAX stats from somewhere and think about other VS AI arms.
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    A lot of thought put into this. And I agree that without a pocket engi MAXes are often quite poitnelss and not worth the resources spent.
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  3. Liewec123

    totally agree that maxes currently are like flushing 450 nanites down the toilet (when you could have pulled a lib or MBT.)

    imho it all boils down to the C4 oneshots, take the c4 oneshots away and you can actually survive if you play carefully.
    that is why i have been asking them to take the c4 resistance of Ordnance Armour and make it baseline,
    Ordnance Armour would still be a decent option, but it would finally be that, AN OPTION, currently it is 100% mandatory.

    for NC
    i'd give them back their CQC power, it is disgusting what wrel did to the NC max,
    before that abomination of a patch i had spoken out against slugs, imho slugs were a bad idea,
    NC max should be GOD of cqc, but useless at anything outside of 10m.
    NC max currently is nothing more than "the Gorgon max" gorgons are pretty bad, but they're currently the only option.

    for TR
    i feel TR is in a pretty decent spot, all i'd change is:
    i'd let lockdown allow for crouching so that you can take cover without unlocking,
    and i'd drastically increase the ammo supply of Pounders, currently when locked down you're out of ammo so fast.

    for VS
    again i feel the AI weapons are in a fairly decent spot, but i'd give ZoE a total redesign,
    i've been suggesting this since 2015!

    so to summarise!
    make maxes survive 1 c4 by default THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN AND HAS NEEDED TO HAPPEN FOR YEARS.
    give NC their CQC bite back,
    give TR the ability to crouch during lockdown, and some more pounder ammo
    give VS a more useful redesign of ZoE.
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  4. Campagne

    I really don't see the justification here. Going on and selecting any server shows MAXes performing with the highest KDR across the board for all factions, even the NC MAX!

    Why are MAXes weak? They massively out-perform infantry and can take on whole squads at once.

    They're weak against vehicles by virtue of their infantry aspects and the most powerful explosive in the game, and therefore they should be further buffed against infantry? Why? There's no logic or reasoning for this.

    They're slow and inaccurate because they have massive health pools and damage resistance. A far more agile and accurate heavy assault is going to lose every time in a straight fight. They can also heal and resupply themselves with equipment, abilities, and/or terminals. If they could capture points why wouldn't players just use MAXes every time?

    MAXes need to be less powerful and more supportive. They can cost less and need less help from other players when they're not just free killstreaks.
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  5. karlooo

    That's a cool idea with lots of potential. Support and maybe some faction can get a melee, full out tank role MAX. That would be crazy.
  6. Liewec123

    checking my server (cobalt) the KDR for max seems identical to other classes...
    and this is a unit that costs 450 nanites, as much as an MBT or Liberator.

    all you've done here is confirm exactly why maxes suck, the cost of the most powerful vehicles,
    to perform like a free infantry.
  7. Campagne

    Oddly so, excpet the NC's MAXes have an average over 4.0, (somehow), with the other two factions' MAXes being second place.

    Nanites don't mean a lot, especially not for a unit that can be used infinitely after the initial cost with no other means of spending more nanites in the process.

    They should be better against vehicles if anything. Infantry can't do anything against a MAX by themselves, MAXes don't need to be even better.
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  8. Blam320

    MAXes need to be REWORKED, not buffed. None of them are in a good spot, and their sole use is as a force multiplier for as long as you don't get nuked by C4 or double-tapped by a Decimator (both of which need nerfs regardless; there's no reason why C4 and Decimators should be as strong as they are).

    Honestly MAXes should still be very tanky, but they should either specialize in area denial or some sort of more traditional "MMO style" tank role, where your job is to create space for your fellow infantry to work with.
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  9. Clone117

    with the way aegis shield works already. Id rather have the ability to sprint and shoot one arm with it up. Thats just my opinion tho.
  10. Demigan

    The problem with MAX's is that they have one extreme that requires balancing. It's effective health pool against small-arms is so large that it requires nerfs in other departments, like DPS, range, movement speed etc. The MAX is also designed for one thing: Murder. These downsides and it's lack of powerful self-regeneration relegate it to defensive grinds where it's health and high damage per magazine can help it stop tons of enemies, as long as the MAX is supported to regenerate or be revived after the enemy assault needs to regroup for the next attempt.

    If I had my way, MAX's would have a lower effective health pool but have easier ways to regenerate their health and armor. They shouldn't be healing anywhere as quick as regular infantry as a trade-off for their longer up-time during combat, but quick enough that you aren't boned if no Engineer/Medic is nearby to get you back into the fight. Also they should simply be as fast as regular infantry. You could perhaps add up/downsides, like when you use shift to run you will slowly move faster and faster so you can easily travel from base to base but the faster you run the longer it takes before you can pull up your weapon and fire at your enemies.

    For weapons MAX's should have special roles to fulfill rather than being tanky DPS murder-bots.The NSO MAX's bubble-shield is actually a wonderful idea, although it could use tweaks. Imagine if MAX's were more like rally-points for nearby allies, where the MAX offers protection as you force yourself through a chokepoint, creates short-term area-denial which could take the form of flamethrowers, creating a temporary flame or chemical hazard where your weapons impact or just slows down all enemies passing through a particular area. MAX's could buff allies, debuff enemies, provide special services such as being able to reveal enemy positions through walls for a moment, temporarily increase shieldhealth, create cover for allies to hide behind, have superior tools to guide allies towards targets, provide a momentary spawnpoint/spawnbeacon, be able to carry around fire-support that nearby allies can fire and other such things that would help with teamwork.
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  11. karlooo

    Yeah I would really look forward to having the MAX units redesigned into a unique support role.
    For the NSO MAX, I believe if the MAX primary job would be to tank and shield allies I think the unit should be full melee only.
  12. Liewec123

    the number of times that i get rezzed is massively overshadowed by the number of times that i dont.

    not my experience on either side.
    i run my heavy with decimator and av nades, maxes are a free kill.
    1 nade, 1 decimator and bye bye 450 certs.
    and are you forgetting that every class except infil has c4?
    i've literally been spraying people with Gorgons as they walk up, throw c4 and walk away to detonate it.
    that crap can be thrown across the room and will oneshot a max anywhere in the vicinity.
    they lob it through doorways like ***** grenades, byebye 450 nanites.

    maxes are squishy as fk for something that costs as much as a liberator.
    a liberator takes 3 bricks to kill, even the freaking 150 nanite buggies take 2 bricks.

    the c4 resistance from Ordnance Armour needs to be baseline,
    there is no excuse for the slowest and most expensive unit in my game
    (i have ASPs reducing MBT, Lib and Gals to 360, max is the only 450 nanite unit now.)
    to get oneshot by infantry with zero skill involved.
  13. GImofoJoe

    As it stand Maxes should be the same price as Lighting 350. It's really not worth the 450 IMO. I think there should be another tier of anti infantry suits, a better version of Max at 450.
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  14. Campagne

    That's not terribly relevant, honestly. There is the basic, free, and infinite capacity to be revived endlessly. If players choose not to help that is their prerogative, not an issue with the MAX or with reviving.

    As always, that's an issue with C4 more than anything. That same presumed LA would stand very little chance without it. And that's being generous. Not to mention C4 and consumable explosive company cost per use and only deal with the MAX once. Revive and repair and now the infantry have nothing without a resupply.

    And what of all the players without Decimators, AV grenades, and C4? MAXes are weak/bad because of the existence of specialized equipment not available to everyone? I have C4 equipped on one loadout of one class, with every other loadout on every other class equipped with something else. Most of the time I just avoid or shoot MAXes with small arms. In fact, the last MAX I killed was with an OS which I specifically right-clicked on the map just for him. How special he must have felt.

    Anyways, the main issue I have with all the buff MAXes suggestions is precisely this: If C4 resistance is passive, they become far too difficult to kill. They already survive easily with Ordinance Armour, and if the main threat is passively reduced they can heal passively or further increase resistances to bullets across the board while surviving C4, should they choose to give up the remaining large bonuses against explosives. There isn't any justification for allowing this with all of their current strengths.

    And furthermore, Ordinance Armour is flat out too powerful as it is. Nanoweave is considered too good and it only gives a 20% resistance, OA gives anywhere from 20% to 85% differences than default.

    MAXes aren't weak, C4 is too strong. Take a (non-NC) MAX and stick him in a room with 12 random infantry using only small arms and odds are the MAX will win. They are not weak, 450 nanites is an arbitrary, meaningless resource, and they don't need further improvements.
  15. Liewec123

    yes c4 is the main problem for max, but its not an issue with c4 being too strong,
    for example when they changed the stupid buggies (harassers) to survive 2 c4, i think it was a stupid decision,
    same for libs, i dont feel like it should take 3 bricks to destroy a lib, 2 seems about right.
    so now we have cases were c4 is underperforming and a different case were c4 is overperforming.
    so rather than nerfing or buffing c4, we should change the resistance to it on a unit to unit basis.

    screw them? you're pretty much saying
    "well what if my free infantry doesn't want to bring the right tools to fight a 450 resource unit"...
    err, you die?
    what a silly question, would you ask that about tanks?
    "but what if i'm playing my free engi and want to kill MBTs?
    but i don't want to use any AV equipment, like AV turret or tank mines.
    i only wanna use my Carbine, pistol and a spitfire! MBTs are so OP!"

    all of the free infantry has ways to take out a max, whether you choose to use them is up to you.
    infil is the only class without c4 access,
    you COULD use it on the rest if you wanted to, but you choose not to.
    every class has access to underbarrel nade launcher which kills a max in 3 shots.
    i have AV on almost every loadout of every class except for stalker (when i'm not using explosive Xbow.)

    you might actually find that you'd have an easier time killing them with the proper tools
    (nades/rocket launchers/other explosives) than you currently do,
    because they'd no longer be forced to run Ordnance, which grants resistances to the usual counters.
    auto repair offers no bonuses in combat and i expect it'd be the most popular choice, if we had a choice.
    so all of a sudden many of the maxes currently forced to run Ordnance will be taking 20% more damage from rocket launchers
    75% more damage from splash etc.

    making the c4 resistance or Ordnance Armour baseline would actually give us a suit slot were we can choose what to use.
  16. Campagne

    It absolutely is. C4 is by far the most powerful single weapon in the game and yet it's spammed like common frags. If not for C4 most MAXes would probably live even longer. Under-performing against specific targets according to you, yet capable of almost instant kills upon placement of anything else in the game. With a large AoE.

    Besides, if C4 wasn't the problem you wouldn't be asking for passive resistance to C4 specifically.

    No, I'm pretty much saying one unit shouldn't automatically dominate purely because of its inherent strengths without skill or effort, of which a machinegun MAX expends little. Without any of that special stuff MAXes don't really die, at least not without a lot of ammo and time or numbers.

    HE tanks against infantry are in the same boat. But an AP Lightning takes thought, skill, and effort to beat an AP MBT. It's like a wraith flash roadkilling a MAX. It's not good, and it's not fun. The only real "solution" is just just avoid them, if possible.

    Costs are completely meaningless. You're basing the entire argument on a meaningless, worthless, infinitely sustainable, zero-effort, zero-cost resource. In order to play as a MAX a grand total of 9 minutes must pass without a membership, boosters, or ASP bonus. (4 with everything.) Time spent while playing as a MAX, dead, or AFK outside the warpgate or VR will also tick. Once spawned a MAX can be played forever. Death does not cost when revived, health does not cost when repaired, abilities do not cost when used, and ammo does not cost to fire. Play safe, smart, and/or in a zerg and the MAX can last all day. The cost is practically non-existent.

    I don't want to be forced to carry the only effective counter in case I might encounter a MAX. That's not fun. You see? It's also a lot less effective on classes that can't fly, and is less effective than anything else against everything else. Not fun.

    They're not forced to use anything against 4 of the 5 classes unless they stupidly overextend massively. But given how massively good Ordinance Armour is, at least some people would still use it. But regardless, if they don't they'll be harder to kill with literally anything else that isn't a rocket or a tank mine.

    The main issue is still the same: MAXes can kill incredibly quickly despite their massive health and resistance advantages, and yet only die to the most powerful item in the game if they don't have the direct counter equipped. You want the direct counter passive, but have not demonstrated a need or legitimate reason, citing only a difference in completely free resource costs while ignoring the disparity in effectiveness and lack of permanence in the death and potentially subsequent loss of a MAX unit.
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  17. Liewec123

    OK can you step in to reality please? Noone else is playing in your freaky fantasy world.
    where c4 is the only possible counter to maxes. (But you still don't use it...)

    in your freaky fantasy world HA isn't the most played class,
    And apparently HAs don't all have rocket launchers in your freaky fantasy world.

    In your freaky fantasy world maxes are undying and everlasting, always revived, always repaired,

    Its just a shame that you freaky fantasy world means jack $hit in the real world,

    Let's hop back to reality...
    You refuse to run max counters, so in your warped mind you've turned maxes into the boogieman,
    Well sorry, your mind isn't reality, the rest of us have no problem taking out maxes,
    You see the unstoppable boogieman, we see a free-cert-pinata.
    In reality a max is lucky to last 5 minutes,
    In reality it takes 2 left clicks from the most played class in the game to kill a max.
    So I'm not gonna bother wasting time on this with you anymore.

    But I'd recommend that you ACTUALLY TRY to counter them before declaring them invincible unstoppable killing machines...
  18. Badman76

    Gutted you didn't say thy were Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger...
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  19. LurkingHorror

    Sorry, Campagne, he has a point there. Maxes die way to much, all the time, and way too easily to a tool freely available on the most played class in the game.

    This is why talking about upping max resist to rocket launchers is really not unreasonable at all, and certainly not as outlandish as wanting to to buff maxes against a close range delayed fuse explosive available on an otherwise unremarkable and underplayed assault class.

    I mean, throwing an AV grenade, then peeking out of cover to launch a rocket, that's pretty much insta-death with no chance to react or retaliate, much easier and safer and possible from much longer ranges than even c4. From a lesser played class, this might be more tolerable, but from the most played class in the game, which you encounter in great numbers in pretty much any fight, I think giving maxes some more protection from the menace of heavy assaults specifically is worth some consideration. It however certainly doesn't require blanket explosive resistance against everything including the much more uncommon threats like c4.
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  20. Liewec123

    i'm actually fine with getting 2-3 shot by a free class using a free weapon!
    after the first rocket hits i can react, i can choose to retreat and play safe,
    or stick around and try to kill him before he fires off the 2nd.

    the only thing that is absolutely unbelievable is that maxes are still able to get oneshot by c4,
    there is no possible reaction to someone hurling c4 through a doorway, you're dead, you're just dead.
    zero skill oneshotting a 450 nanite unit shouldn't be a thing.

    all i want is the c4 resistance from Ordnance Armour to be baseline,
    Ordnance armour will still be a good option, since (as you pointed out) rocket launchers are a huge threat,
    but we'd finally be able to take kinetic or auto repair without getting oneshot within the first 30 seconds! :)

    currently they might aswell remove the suit slot option and just give us a "max certline" for just Ordnance,
    because we currently have no option, Ordnance is mandatory and Kinetic/repair are just cruel traps.

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