Maxes need a unique radar signature.

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  1. Fortress

    I know how forumside is, so I'll keep this simple.

    1) Maxes are indistinguishable from infantry on the map. This is dumb because maxes are not infantry.
    Therefore, they need a unique signature so players can recognize them for the threat that they are and prepare accordingly, just as they would for any other unit in this game.

    2) The radar signal needs to be constantly on the map, just as it is for vehicles. This is necessary not only to give opposing players room to prepare but also because it constitutes an actual drawback to having the firepower and hitpoints of a vehicle on a pseudo-infantry chassis.

    3) It makes sense (maxes are big, heavy, and loud, which should be represented in the map) and is consistent with the rest of the game.

    This change would preserve the raw power of the max while allowing smart players to have the information they need to effectively deal with them before they are already too close to handle.

    And before any of you pull the stat card on me, here is my actual character.
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  2. Ryme

    I would like MAXes to have a unique id on friendly radar as well. It would help an Engineer figure out where to go, rather than wait for one to take damage to look for the wrench sign.
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  3. Flapatax

    Sounds like a l2p issue. Maybe you should flank more.
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  4. Astriania

    support +1 ... I hate it when I sneak up on a red dot and it turns out to be a MAX, and like you say it makes sense.
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  5. HannibalBarca

    I don't really see why anyone would disagree with this for any reason.

    Unless you're this person. There must be some word to describe people like that. It's right on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite think of it.
  6. Hatesphere

    I'm all for a specific max icon on the map, not sure about the vehicle like always showing though, would that mean maxes could start certing stealth?
  7. Ash87

    I really thought this was already to be added in.

    I would say you could draw the line at them showing up as special icons if spotted like infantry (you don't have to make them have a vehicle signature though IMO).

    So, +1
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  8. Flapatax

    "Outfit member"?
  9. Hatesphere

    no, the word we are looking for is "silly" you are silly if the only thing you can say to a reasonable change to the game is "L2P issue"
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  10. f0d

    im pretty sure (99%) they had a different signature in PS1
    why they diddnt do it for PS2 i dont know

    (yet again PS1 shows how it should be done)
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  11. MaxDamage

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    They've already made one. They're going to add it later.

    Yes f0d, they did in PS1. MAX units appeared like square brackets: [
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  12. Flapatax

    Nope, still gonna go with "outfit member".
  13. Hatesphere

  14. Flapatax

    I'm saying Fortress needs to flank more.
  15. Hatesphere

    I'm say that has nothing to do with the topic at hand and more to do with how silly you are being. or do you just get off by pretending to be H4rdC0rz?
  16. HannibalBarca

    Fortress is suggesting that Maxes should have a unique map icon.

    Your response has nothing to do with map icons.
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  17. Keiichi25

    Planeside 1, the Max stood out as a ']' like symbol.
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  18. HannibalBarca

    That sounds great. Do you have a source? (Not disputing, just wondering).
  19. Leer

    Really? This sounds like a l2p issue for a poor MAX player. I don't see why a special unit should get it own indicator. OP points are valid and realistic. I can see it being of benefit and to everyone and no real drawback. One example...Pilots can hunt/avoid AA MAXs and AA MAXs draw in AC to knock down. Both sides are happy.
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  20. oherror

    I could go for the friendly unique ID. That be useful but keep the sig the same as other infantry so the enemy has to be more careful.