MAXes are nothing but easy KD padding tools that make infantry combat suck for everyone else

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  1. DK22

    MAX needs an Engineer, unless they got team behind them they are pretty vulnerable. (well, arguably)
    But I've done a few 1v1 with them, the less pop. the better, stomp stomp stomp, u always know where they r.
    Even a Chain gun can do it, they don't shoot too well if your in very very tight and stick with them,
    even got a re-load in on a MAX on night, I take it he wasn't a very high BR.
  2. Fortress

    "Hey guys, I think an indoor tank with 10x the health of a standard infantry unit, the option between additional resistances and regenerating health, and high capacity/high DPS weapons might be overpowered."
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  3. MotionBlured

    I thought this thread was about MAX's, not Heavy Assault.
  4. SavageCrayon

    Hahaha my post got removed.. Enough of this thread then. We all know that the whiners just need to l2p :) Peace ppl.
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  5. Fortress

    Only the last point holds true for HA, but you need to understand that so long as HA is the best counter to MAXes, you can't touch the former without first nuking the latter.
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  6. SoldierHobbes

    Oh yeah, And I'm just gonna leave this here.

  7. MotionBlured

    HA is only the best counter if your BR 1 and inside a building. There's tons of ways to kill a MAX. Revivability should have been the first and only nerf to them, but w/e.
  8. Grunt_Alpha

    Overpowered? I find them very easy to kill.....I play mostly light assault and just throw a brick or two from above and job done!
    I also find them very funny specially when you see a TR Max running away.
  9. iller

    Max doesn't show up in the infantry screen at terminals? This is news to me....
    *makes a b-line for a vehicle terminal instead*
  10. RykerStruvian

    MAXs are easy KD padding tools.
    Yes, this is true. So what?
  11. Movoza

    For 450 nanites you can also get a tank an do some statpadding.
    The MAX is a powerful force multiplier, but I've always found that without proper mobility and/or support, they die very quickly. I think they are very balanced in many ways. They are opponents to be reckoned with, but with a little teamplay, and sometimes a bit of luck, you can take them down.
    I once even killed two full health TR MAX units with my Blitz infiltrator. With my quick stealth and their distraction by some teammates, I just pumped full mags into them, and they went down quickly.
    You have C4, LMG's, rocket launchers and just general fire that are all effective and can take it down. I think that is a fine balance for a 450 thing where you could also buy a small arms invulnerability OHK sniper/AV gun for (MBT, or for even less an AP lightning)
  12. Shatteredstar

    MAX isn't an armored vehicle but it also isn't really standard infantry either, thus from a design standpoint the logical place to get it is the infantry terminal and not a vehicle one.

    The argument that it is infantry and thus infiltrators should be able to harm it more is silly, by that logic Heavy assaults can't one shot vehicles or do enough damage per shot (most tanks and even a decent lighting or harasser don't really care about a single HA). So they deserve more potency as that is they job to threaten those, or buff the turret for engines because similar reasons.

    But such arguments also forget game scale in their silliness. MAX units seem powerful on a 1v1 basis but if you're dueling around for "balance" you're not looking at balance. Get 3-4 people assaulting that MAX and he stops being an unstoppable wall, especially with the right tactics (tactics in planet side?! Crazy talk!)
  13. acksbox

    This is so.

    A huge portion of player just cry every time someone does something other than what they want them to do, while apparently not being cognizant of the fact that if everyone used the same moronic, one dimensional, and just generally brain dead tactics as they did that the game would be pretty boring.

    I don't really disagree with your assessment, but this isn't a problem with MAXes, it's a problem with the game direction as a whole. Can't make money if you don't cater to clueless lemmings.

    Good. Every time I play, I nearly have an aneurism watching the stupidity of my allies as they just generally do everything possible to sabotage their chances of success. Fortunately the bulk of all the factions are this way, so it's at least a fairly balanced contest between a legion of special ed flunkies, a platoon or two of people that are at least capable of learning, and a handful of really competent players that keep it all from being a total loss.

    You know what the most frustrating aspects of PS2 are?

    1. Idiot players who unwittingly screw up everything as much as possible and never, ever, learn from their mistakes.

    2. Stupid map design that makes the game feel like the bastard child of a theme park and a laser tag arena.

    Equipment and class balance are so far down on my list of frustrations that all the complaints about them sound completely trivial in comparison. Everything has pros and cons. Everything has a counter. Everything has a niche. This is a pretty good situation to be in.

    There are no victims of weapons or items, there are only victims of personal incompetence.

    When someone kills me or we lose a base, it's either because I made a mistake, or because someone on my side made a mistake. It's not because the <insert literally anything else here> was too powerful, or too unbalanced, or too inconsiderate of my feelings.
  14. iller

    Your first paragraph makes no logical sense at all. Your second just says "Learn 2 tactics". Please try harder?

    Citation: "by that logic Heavy assaults can't one shot vehicles or do enough damage per shot So they deserve more potency as that is they job to threaten those". Where did you even get this idea? How does it actually compare in any way to what I specifically said? My rhetorical satire made light of MAX being pulled from infantry terminal. The facts are: Bullets can "harm" them slightly. ...unlike "Hard Armor" vehicles. You meanwhile completely ignored the facts to build a hyperbolic analogy instead involving a UTILITY slot item that specifically deals more damage to Hard-Armor.

    My original suggestion was just to expand the gameplay options of several kinietic weapons by adding another Ammo-Type (which obviously wouldn't be as effective against soft Infantry due to a longer Rechambering / ROF time). That has nothing to do with taking away from current tactics or splintering AV specialization accross classes. The AP ammo would still be kinetic Ammo, it wouldn't damage MBT's/LIBs anymore than explosive Crossbow Bolts do. It would only be more damaging against MAXes, Harrassers, ESF's and Valks
  15. z1967

    When I can take my Lightning indoors and get it revived wake me up so I can start playing more Lightning. Its too fun to put down until you realize the MAX is just a better, less speedy version with some more infantry resistances.
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  16. Dieter Perras

    Well we can agree on that one that right there is my number 1 thing that annoys me about planetside 2, but it's not the topic of this thread.
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  17. 60rockstar

    if the OP was referring to the TR Max, then I agree. The TR Max is useless for anything other than AA (when using lockdown). TR Max are only meh for AV, and suck for AI. The NC and VS Max - they are monsters at AV and AI, and hard to kill - IMO playing as a TR.
  18. Cyanstorm

    Whether you like it or not, and whether you cry a river here in the forums or in the game, and even if you give a 1000 (all rational and coherent) reasons why the MAX should be erased from the game for being OP, the MAX unit is here to stay; its been a part of the Planetside universe ever since its inception, I am not gonna get into an argument why I think it should stay (plenty of folks here who have argued for it/against it) I am just saying is suck it up and live with it.....I absolutely hate getting farmed by Libs, something about getting bombed really gets to me in a bad way....but I just live with it, I don't want em erased from the game or weakened to a shell of itself.

    disclaimer: I used to play MAX, a lot, and have a lot of MAX kills as a result of it, never used it as a crutch; my love for MAXES goes back to PS1.
  19. NBA JAM

    The problem partly comes down to a bunch of things:

    1) Stupid speed of medic revives
    2) Revive nades (get rid of them completely)
    3) Insanely fast TTK in general in the game
    4) Control point only focus with one side generally camping the other

    Its always bothered me how fast medics can get people up and just how silly it is that ANYONE can play medic. In PS1 only people who certed in to medic got to play it and revive others. You also had to carry the equipment to actually heal/revive and it wasn't infinite, you actually had medic ammo.

    Revive nades are just silly and the videos of the server smashes show just how dumb they are. "Oh noes, they've MAX crashed the point!" *revive nade spam till problem goes away*. Wow, such meta, much fun, very shooty.

    Players dying to Maxes in 1.20 seconds due to the insanely fast TTK in the game. Why not give MAX's more health AS HAS BEEN SUGGESTED SINCE BETA but then decrease their damage? Also not letting EVERY person pull MAX's so there is no 'herp derp max crash' ****tactic****. Honestly, its not even tactical, its just dumb.

    But hey, so long as Higby thinks his game is fun, it will stay in this derpy state of cert farming. If you watch a lot of streamers call them out on this (Zoran the bear, buzzcut, or even Scourge) about the state of the game and some of the changes that need to be made. Barely any of those changes have been taken into consideration.

    Until the focus is taken off "farming certs" and "cash shop skins", the game will just be a mindless team death-match with no overall goal and silly metagame like quick knifing, revive nade spamming and yes, MAX crashes.

    But please, continue to enjoy your redeployside 2 and your "Accept Revive" button.
  20. I play by many names

    Like all vehicles MAX units were just done.... wrong. They are straight upgrades from the basic infantry units with a primary purpose of.... YOU GUESSED IT, FARMING INFANTRY!!!! Just like every..... other... vehicle in the friggen game. Nothing is specialized. Everything is generalized, including MAX units. Currently they detract from the game probably slightly more than they actually add. Not that Sony cares about that...