MAXes are nothing but easy KD padding tools that make infantry combat suck for everyone else

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bonmortical, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Bonmortical

    Title pretty much says it all. They don't serve any grand strategic purpose unless you count overwhelming a cap point by spamming overpowered units as "tactical".
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  2. Hatesphere

    not true, they make great anti air and anti tank measures, I almost never pull AI max. the issue is that the also gave them powerful AI options and no real pull limitation to boot.
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  3. haniblecter

    Hah, guess you never tried to assault a room that is full of enemies. Maxes are the only thing that can break rooms and make any kind of movement. They reward coordination (between squads in repping and platoons in max crashing) and they add a neat element to in door fighting (ON CRAP, MAAAAAX)

    The OP is just plain wrong imho.
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  4. STR1D3R109

    Well there is a reason why they cost resources to pull out, as long as you stick in a group (seeing that were talking tactical here and not lone wolf) then you should be fine ;P
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  5. Dazerio

    I'm just annoyed that they can kill infantary so damn fast, I don't even get to pro fire the wall for more than 4 bullets out of a carbine before I get rapidfire shotgunned to death from 10 meters away. They're already really tanky, let the other infantary types be the ones really good at killing infantary. Lower the max to infantary damage
  6. Kulso

    Which is why you grab HA with AV Nades or LA (Medic too) and use C4. But, if they manage to avoid all these pull a MAX yourself.
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  7. vanu123

    If it weren't maxs it'd be heavy assaults which people already QQ about. I don't mind maxs right now, if you dont like it grab a rocket, c4, av nades, tank mines, etc. and let the certs roll in.
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  8. task_master

    We call this "tactical superiority."
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  9. Erendil

    I would agree this is the case about AI MAXes. PS1 already taught us that. IMO they should never have been introduced into PS2.

    AA and AV MAXes OTOH are key players during base fights. They're vital for defending a base from enemy tanks and aircraft. They are just about the only things preventing a smaller defending force from getting trapped inside the spawn room by enemy vehicles since so many facilities have such crappy defenses. And they're almost a requirement for outnumbered defenders to break out and resecure a base that the enemy is trying to lock down once they take the cap points.
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  10. Kulso

    I really don't want to argue this, but what would be the point of MAXs then?
  11. Desann

    They cost 450 resoruces now, so I almost NEVER pull one. I prefer to spend my resources on vehicles instead.

    MAX crashes are a traditional way to break a defense. Been that way since Planetside 1 brah....GET OVER IT.
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  12. Outreach

    I feel the same way about heavy assaults. Easy mode stat padding, just press F to "outskill" your opponent. At least maxes cost resources.
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  13. task_master

    Stronger AA/AV ability, lots of health that lets you take hits while pushing.

    In my ideal version of the game, heavy would also be pushed to a "damage dealer" role meant for countering MAX and large numbers of infantry with concs+high capacity primary, in exchange for a survivability nerf.
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  14. MasonSTL

    wait, so your saying a force multiplier is well multiplying a force capability of a player?! nnnnnnooooooooo
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  15. TammelTR

    If anything they need a buff
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  16. Pelojian

    They need buff in their role as AA and they need to be straightened out to be even across factions in the AV role.
  17. david06

    I see more BR100s using MAX suits to stomp around than I do new players using them to get a few easy kills, I can't remember if that was one of the goals(helping new players take out experienced opponents) but almost always a new player is bait in a MAX suit.

    I think MAXes should have AV/AA weapons instead of AI but it's probably too late to remove all the weapons that people have paid for.
  18. Foxirus

    You speak as if K/D ratio means a damn thing in this game. It doesn't. No grand strategic purpose? Tell that to the squad of maxes who saved your base from being capped at the last 30 seconds, Tell that to the Burster Maxes who saved your *** from a group of ESF's, Tell that to the ones who countered that "Spamming overpowered unit" that killed you 3 times over because you don't learn.
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  19. Dieter Perras

    I have two problems with maxes:

    1)is that flak armor effectively nullifies their weakness.
    2) their weapons have head shot multipliers.
  20. Iridar51

    Give one reason why force multiplier should even be a thing.

    Agreed, with one detail: why do you think that outnumbered defenders should have a chance at breaking out and resecuring a base? The enemy went through the trouble of accumulating this massive zerg, why should this be invalidated simply by using an OP unit? Which doesn't even solve anything since attackers have equal access to that same OP unit?
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