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  1. xme2

    Anyone have any strategy for NC max vs TR/VS max. IMHO the NC max is only good with falcons but not one one vs another max. Kinda useless of all maxes..!!!..
  2. Akashar

    At point blank the NC max cannot lose, at medium range he cannot win.
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  3. _itg

    Honestly, 1v1 MAX duels aren't too common in my experience, but here's some advice for when they do occur. If they pull Pounder/Comet MAXes, you pretty much need to either go with falcons, relying on popping in and out of cover to get a hit in, or sneak up behind them with non-slug shotguns, preferably Grinders, and flak armor. If it's AI vs. AI MAX, non-slug shotguns win handily up close, and at a distance, well, probably neither of you will die. Note that non-Grinders can't reliably kill MAXes with kinetic armor 5 before reloading, and that running kinetic armor will improve your own odds here.

    Since you mentioned you think only Falcon MAXes are good, I would suggest you give slugs another try. They're decently accurate if you let your crosshairs resettle after each shot, letting you kill infantry out to 40-50m reliably, and they still instagib non-nanoweave targets up close. I consider slugs, particularly on Mattocks, to be by far the best NC AI option for 95% of situations.
  4. Shiaari

    What _itg said. MAX on MAX duels are pretty rare, but for those occasions your best option is an anti-vehicle weapon. Sure, an NC scatMAX can dispatch any other MAX in the blink of an eye, but only at point blank. Outside that, though, NC MAX options get pretty limited. I see a lot of NC MAXes hitting me with Ravens and Falcons. That seems to get the job done.
  5. DatVanuMan

    That SERIOUSLY sounds like something Sun Tzu would say...
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  6. Akashar

    Thank you! But that only a depiction of reality! ;)
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  7. xme2

    Cannot lose !!!??..That's where I die most of time unless my first shot is a head shot with falcons. But with any other weapon against TR rail guns or VS laser or whatever..its a massacre..I can barely take a breath..
  8. MaxDamage

    Falcons and Ravens are superior at mid to long range, against MAXes, than any TR AV or AI MAX weapon.
  9. Akashar

    I think these posts explain themselves: Shotgun at short range make the NC max invincible, but at long range useless. Falcons or ravens are decent but comets, and pounders have their use too.
  10. NoctD

    Rush them and unload dual Hacksaws. Ravens for distant engagements - they wouldn't be able to touch you.

    The TR MAX especially if they're running Mercies will be begging for mercy cause those really lack the damage output for combating other MAXes ever since they nerfed the max damage to 125 on them.
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  11. JRCoonington

    i beg to differ. i hardly have your experience in a cavetroll, but whenever i put my purple suit on i faceroll maxes with comets. i can agree pounders dont feel useful agianst maxes, but i love spamming em to squash the squishies. anyway comets are more forgiving, a missed volley from falcons means doom agianst a comet max. aaaaaand ravens and vorteks OP, fracs not so much i think.
  12. MaxDamage

    You're not really differing with me at all, Comets scare the **** out of me.
    I compared NC to TR, not VS.
  13. DFDelta

    My take as someone with a little experience with all 3 factions.

    CQC range equip 2 shotguns. It doesn't even really matter which ones. You might lose a little more health or a little less depending on what you did pick, but the end result will be the same.
    Pounders are the only weapons getting even close to killing you at those ranges, but only if you don't run flak and which self-respecting MAX doesn't?

    Slightly longer ranges (other end of a large room for example) Falcons are better then the TR/VS AI weapons but will lose to Pounders/Comets, perhaps even to Fractures (I consider Fracs to be the worst of the 6 AV weapons).

    Longer ranges there are Ravens, the longer the range gets the better they become. Or rather the worse the other factions weapons become while Ravens stay mostly the same in performance.
  14. xxxdevilsownxxx

    I though the NC MAX were the best, at least it seems like it when I die to them :(
  15. Kulso

    Makes me question if you're even trying.
  16. Asageh

    Get dual Grinders, slap on some Ext Mags and go to town on some fools.