MAX units don't look at you engineer

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GoTDirt fromMAG, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. GoTDirt fromMAG

    I know that your MAX unit is excited to be repaired, but please continue to target enemies, placing your body between the enemy & your engineer. Please do not look at your engineer, crouching & standing in appreciation, hiding behind your engi, jumping up & down in excitement. Thanks.
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  2. customer548

    I know you HA is excited to ROFLLMGPRO everybody, but please continue to target enemies, placing your body between the enemy & your Infiltrator bruh who is refreshing radar each 45 seconds...for you. Please do not look at your Infil bruh, crouching & standing in appreciation, hiding behind your Infil bruh, jumping up & down in excitement then going afk while standing right next to your Infil bruh in order to highlight his damn position.
    You damn job is to check your mini map, to cover entrances and to be the 1rst firing at any incoming threat. Not to be the 1rst one to get shot down while turning your back on incoming threats. Thanks.
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  3. Sil4ntChaozz

    I understand the importance of that but its freakin awesome to appreciated while your squad mates are PO that you aren't a medic, then when you are a medic they scream for ammo.

    Then they want intel but are far above playing infil. And its hilarious seeing a mech with guns for hands jumping up & down cause you repaired/ammo/inteled him.

    But i see your point.
  4. LaughingDead

    This is why I never bother with engies. I use maxxed out NAR and simply don't take too much damage if I can help it. This changes the max (at least my version) into an infantry that survives burst and decks in brawls.
  5. Exitus Acta Probat

    Awww man, they were just crouching and standing in appreciation:(

    I thought they were blowing me, thats why they were facing me.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    I find the ones that do that are usually the ones who have retreated to cover (which also benefits me). I've known NC Maxes to put up their Aegis Shield to cover us both while I'm repairing.

    Then there are the ones who charge back into the fight and think I will follow them to continue takes all sorts, I guess.
  7. GoTDirt fromMAG

    The PS4 players have maintained their enthusiastic appreciation to a degree I never found on the PC, so I was mainly targeting them with this PSA. Hoping our next update to #PS2onPS4 brings more than just pumpkins.
  8. Newlife1025

    I only get excited when im near death and the engineer is just taking their sweet time. Sometimes i need to remind them that they have a repair tool. That dance is the repair tool dance. By jumping im implying that "hey friend if i accidentally bump into wall or trip down some stairs, ill die." Pls be a smart engi, please know the repair tool dance. Paid for by the max unit association of the NC
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  9. adamts01

    I agree with OP, and would like to expand this to tanks hiding behind rep sundies.
  10. DoucheSlayer

    When I play MAX, I get no repairs staring at engineers in the face.
    I run back to the spawn room, nobody switches to engi and reps if I spam "I NEED A MEDIIIIIIC" (only thing you can spam on PS4)
    When some angel finally decides to repair me (and gains a lot of xp for it), I can't help but jump around in excitement.

    I aurax'd my engi and the most satisfying thing is watching happy maxes when you rep them =D.