Max unit with jet pack?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JobiWan, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. JobiWan

    The other night I saw a Max using some kind of jet pack to fly over a wall. Is this some kind of hack or have I missed something?

    I didn't catch the player name as I was too busy going 'wtf?'
  2. SacredRay


    Are you sure it wasn't a LA with elaborate armour?
  3. JobiWan

    No it was definitely a Max, on the same side as me, and he looked up, then flew up vertically to get over a wall that I was running around.

    A friend of mine has also seen a medic flying too, I think there must be some kind of hack going around that gives jet packs to non-LA classes.
  4. sindz

    Either it was just PS2 bugging out or an LA with directive armor.
  5. AlexR

    Or it is just a jump pad behind the wall, man.
  6. FateJH

    If it was near a Vehicle Spawn pad with a wall behind it, a setup frequent to Esamir, there will be a jump pad next to the Vehicle Terminal so passengers can get into the spawned Vehicle easily, without having to walk around the long way.
  7. andy_m

    Therem might still be some rogue elevator fields knocking about. I came across one, can't remember where, it was just outside one of them small spawn rooms. With some nifty WSAD control you could hover about two metres above the floor.
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  8. DrPapaPenguin

    Well, I was once killed by a headless NC MAX suit holding a carbine :p Just 2-3 days ago in fact. So it may be a glitch in the game.
  9. Seuchensaal

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  10. JobiWan

    Yeah Seuchensaal that's pretty much it I reckon, I thought I was seeing things.
  11. JobiWan

    No definitely not that, it was from the outside, we were attacking.
  12. jiggu

    Seen a picture of someone who on their screen was a light assault and could fly, but on others were a MAX
  13. MaxDamage

    I saw my first noclipping cheat in a long time last night.

    Maybe they're back!
  14. Ribero

    Not that thing where people can spam jump to spider-man up certain vertical surfaces, was it?

    Don't know if MAXes can do it, or if it's been fixed yet.
  15. DrBash00

    This is a funny bug, if you like i can link you to some video of a outfitmate of me having that bug.

    Flying around as light assault max ^^
    (I liked the video, so if you really want to see it now... search on my youtubechannel for the "liked" playlist and there it is somewhere)
  16. Lazaruz

    Are you sure you weren't playing Planetside 1? :D
  17. Ripshaft

    There's a known bug that in rare occasions will merge classes in bizarre and hilarious ways. I've only ever seen a confirmed case of la/max, there's a video in the bug forum if you want to go look it up. If you see someone doing it, send em a whisper saying that's awesome, just be careful not to abuse it as even though the bug is brought on unintentionally, it's still a violation of the terms of service to abuse it.
  18. Champagon

    MAX jump ability was originally in PS1 given to Vanu MAX unit

    Vanu Max: Jump Ability
    NC Max: Hardest hitter (basically a walking tank)
    TR MAX: Lock-down ability
  19. Meeka

    Most people don't realize it, but you can climb almost any surface in Planetside 2, even a few that are at 90% angles.

    Those smaller walls that surround almost every base, I can climb over them 99% of the time.

    But, in order to do it, you generally need a framerate of higher than 50-60 for it to work; the higher your framerate, the more surfaces you can climb. I'm not sure why the angle of items you can climb is correlated to framerate speed, but it is. When my frame rate hits about 90+, I can get MAXes into trees where light assaults can normally only go; and it only takes a few leaps of faith to do it.
  20. AkharGriffon

    Well, I have seen a video before where someone was playing as LA, then switched to MAX but as a glitch they could still use their jetpack.