[Suggestion] Max survivability quick fix

Discussion in 'MAX' started by DrTeeth, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. DrTeeth

    Hi SOE, if you could spare an engineer from the optimization work going on right now, could you sort out the following for us? I'm not going to ask for major new features - no doubt the game design guys are working on new abilities etc. I just a little logic / balance tweak for now. :)

    * Remove Max head-shot vulnerability. It's unfair on such a lumbering target and I think is the major cause of the "My Max is made of tissue paper" complaints.

    * Boost native resistance to small arms fires *a little*. I'm well aware that it won't take much of a boost, especially with the psychological effect ("OMG Maxes buffed!!!!") for every indoor fight to turn into a Max crash. I think a 10-20% boost to resistance would be fair.

    * If it doesn't already (I'm going to try and test this), our native resistance should apply to Frag Grenades, Sticky Grenades, Underbarrel Grenades and Anti-Personnel Mines also - these are anti-infantry weapons that we should have an advantage against.

    * Remove the "deadzone" at close range where my weapons can't engage a human-sized target. I like the look of having a weapon in each hand, but for balance reasons my bullets should "project out of my forehead" like other infantry weapons do.
  2. Ripshaft

    SOE has stated that they use true projectiles, and don't have the "invisible projectiles from the eyes" effect that most games use. Higby mentioned it recently-ish when talking about the mcg and why it's not underslung.
  3. DrTeeth

    Give me a one-shot kill melee attack with a 2 meter range then. :)
  4. Citizen H

    I used this weekend to cert out my MAX.

    With full Kinetic Armor, the MAX is better but it's still not where it should be.

    Here's the situation as I see it:

    With full Kinetic, the MAX is probably where it should be (survivability-wise) for fighting 1-2 guys.
    If you're solo and defending a light traffic area it's great.

    The problem is any time you're in a situation where there's more than three guys.
    Like defending or attacking a base.

    Lets say you have a squad of friendlies defending and a squad of enemies attacking.
    The MAX draws fire like a magnet. If you see three guys crossing the road, and one is twice as big and running half as fast, who is the one who's going to be the target? In heavy combat, unless the MAX has a dedicated engine, he's going to be the focus of fire and he's going down fast.

    The problem is that's precisely when the MAX is supposed to shine. It's not supposed to be a 1v1 killer.

    So, the dilemma is how do you make the MAX tougher when a lot of people are shooting at it without making it harder for 1-2 players to bring it down?

    The only way I can think of is to give the MAX some kind of 'reactive regeneration'. If it starts to take a lot of bullet damage quickly from multiple sources it begins to regenerate. The more people that push against the regen, the harder it pushes back. But only to a point, lets say 4 sources. So, say up 4 people shooting the MAX don't do any more damage than 1 person shooting it. So 1v1 the MAX remains as it is now, but it could take a more fire in heavy combat unless the enemy gets a load of people to consciously focus fire on it or they switch to explosives.
  5. OldMaster

    I think the devs shouldn't buff the max it self but increase the effect of the certifications (resistence, armor, regeneration...) so that a certified max will be much stronger and effective. This should prevent the "max spam".
    Increase the damage of the "punch" and remove the headshot is also a good idea.
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  6. absolofdoom

    I agree with taking out the headshots, that's really the problem I have most of the time. But you can't take that away AND buff defenses at the same time. One or the other.

    Then the deadzone, if that is what it really is, REALLY needs to be fixed because it sucks big time just being unable to hit someone.
  7. Saviorself

    Deadzone must be fixed. No compromise. A buffed melee is not a fix for the deadzone either.
  8. Ocaml

    Summing up:
    1. Remove head-shots on the MAXes. It is a vehicle and no one vehicle has head-shots.
    2. Slighly buff resistance to small arms weapons on frontal armor. Yes, back armor should be left as current.
    3. Slighly buff resistance to grenades, AI mines and possibly C4.
    4. Make MAX immune to knife attacks (try knifing any vehicle).
    5. Make make MAX Punch 120 degree arc sweeping attack which kills any class except MAX in one hit (like 1,5 meters in range). Friendlies receive only 50% of the damage.
  9. Jonny

    Agree with this. The certs need a bit more bang for their buck to really make the max specialise in a certain area - explosive resistance/small arms resistance/regen and do it well. Their punch could do with more damage due to the fact that thier shots go around infantry right in front of them.

    Equally important needed additions are more options to cert into, customisable weapons (ie can make them more accurate with a cert price) and more weapons.
  10. KoSGunny

    Mostly agree, but with a few differences:

    1- Agree.
    2- Agree.
    3- C4 doesn't do a lot as-is, and is intended for damaging armor/structures to begin with. Others: agree should be resistant to grenades and mines intended for standard infantry. However, how about making them trip AT mines?
    4- Front, not back. Back is less armored, should be vulnerable to knife attacks.
    5- Agree with larger hitbox, disagree with one-hit. Make it two hits, same speed as it is: But yes give it a massive cone to hit all targets in front of it: making it a high-risk high reward melee attack to take out small groups of infantry huddled together. However, melee should not damage other MAXes friendly or foe: it'd be like running a tank over in a tank.
    6- New suggestion: Make the "charge" ability cause damage. Just like running someone over in a vehicle, if they don't move it'll kill them: if you clip them and they move, it'll only do a little damage.
  11. MaxDamage

    One hit melee kill would be ridiculous. I currently have about 40 melee kills, working on my Silver medal. It is amusing, but the only thing I'd want improved is a clear impact sound or visual confirmation. It feels very ropey atm in that respect.
  12. MaxDamage

    One hit melee kill would be ridiculous. I currently have about 40 melee kills, working on my Silver medal. It is amusing, but the only thing I'd want improved is a clear impact sound or visual confirmation. It feels very ropey atm in that respect.