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  1. OneShadowWarrior

    There is no doubt maxes excel at clearing capture points against infantry, if you don’t die instantly from C4, mines, Anti vehicular weapons, other vehicles and just mass numbers shooting at you, but the problem here is Max suits are one trick ponies for capture points and that’s it.

    What sucks?

    -Pulling a Max suit and getting run over in 1-2 seconds by a vehicle friendly or enemy. You paid Nanites as much as a tank and I can maybe understand a Main Battle Tank running over you at full throttle, but a Harrassers just road killing you, shouldn’t it be like hitting a fire hydrant and coming to a dead stop? Maybe if maxes stood around AMS’s for protection vehicles would think twice than trying for road kill?

    -You pull a anti air Max, the most boring job in Planetside or anti vehicular and there is suddenly no air or vehicles and your stuck bored, why can’t these be secondary fire weapons on your anti-infantry guns? Every other class get’s their choices but maxes sure don’t!

    -zealot overdrive, anchor and shield, should be built into the Max suit instead of having to give up a slot as part of their abilities.

    -lastly no movement choices for maxes, you did away with the charging ability, give us some jump jet options or the ability to go into a tread or traction mode like a tank, like the original PS did to get us to the next fight. Or for Christ sake let the maxes drive a vehicle of their own or at least a ANT......
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