MAX suits are not fun to play against and there is too many of them

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Surmise, Feb 3, 2014.

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  1. Dark Pulse

    No no no. You don't run in - you throw them in from the doorway. You aim up above their heads to get maximum distance on your throw, you strafe the doorway, and you throw it in the middle of that. If you use AP Mines, no further action is necessary; it'll arm, then detonate as soon as someone (inevitably) crosses their path; even if someone shoots it, it'll probably hit someone. C4, obviously you have to detonate it yourself, but that's trivial. For suicide runs, stick to AP Mines, since if you get killed with C4 it's useless.

    Two words: Reverse Psychology. As you said, if you do smoke or stun, defenders will start firing. If you throw AV Grenades (or any kind of grenade, for that matter, short of healing/rez ones), they'll scatter. But AP Mines or C4 give no such warnings, and in a crowded room, might not even be noticed in a noisy firefight... hmm.....

    What you're describing are pilots who fly around in "god chariots," not MAX suit users. "Skillsuit" MAX users are the ones who think they're Rambo - and thus end up dead. No sir, the smart MAX players stick with close support, and it's that support that lets them keep on killing.
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  2. Surmise

    Any possible news from SOE toning down MAX units anytime soon? like any? At least in terms of resource changes which is requested by most of the community..
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  3. Lockerius

    "Any possible news from SOE toning down MAX units anytime soon? like any? At least in terms of resource changes which is requested by most of the community.. "
    Why, because they're WAD? I play MAX all the time, and let me tell you, the good outfits and the good players find ways to take out my MAX or outflank me.
    Poor players complain about things being OP. Great players find ways to adapt to things they might consider OP.
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  4. Surmise

    sure already adapted, but it doesn't mean the OP should stay OP, theres no reason to it.
  5. JesNC

    Vocal forumside minority =|= "most of the community".
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  6. Drudid

    if you have adapted and can counter max's, then that means by elimination they are not OP , you cannot say how great you are at killing max's and then say max's are too hard to kill its illogical.
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  7. Klypto

    I don't know why people have issues with MAX suits.

    I down lots of them pretty fast with my medic C4.
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  8. Odin

    also tired of maxes. No skill I win button = max
    Wonder how many nc hate maxes, I know I don't pull them because we have nothing that's even close to a blueshift in versatility and running around looking for doors or small rooms to camp sucks. The .005 second advantage in ttk under 5 metres is ****** useless. Give vs/tr any shotgun we have as long as we can have literally any of their long range guns.
  9. Surmise

    lol get some perspective, i'll just say this, if the max was 2x stronger than it is now, i could have addapted to it too but it doesn't mean it's balanced, look up what 'adapt' means in dictionary, it doesn't mean i have easy time dealing with it as you pointed out, it's just that i dealt with the fact that MAX will raep the hell out of me 1v1 and that sometimes i can bring it down if hes terrible enough.

    Also what if i'm way above average player in FPS aspect and that gives me confidence to duel MAX as HA/LA/Medic, and i get confidence because i perceive them to be bad at FPS aspect (the MAX users), but they can be like 1/10 of my skill and still give me run for my money 1v1 just because of flat out statistics that gives them easy time, the statistics of them, the MAXes and their pull cost and effort to use is unjustified.

    It's unjustified because if i have to be viable or to use full potential of my infantry classes i have to spend same amount of infantry resources to pull them(already mentioned in thread) but on the other hand the other player can pull 'infantry class' that costs same amount and on top of it all, it literally counters me and it's only advantage is big hitbox which is lol when compared to how much hp it gets and how much offensive capability it posseses plus to mention how it's easy to use, point and click and kill, get easy certs, easy revives, easy kdr farm which is lel.
  10. Goden

    Use twin Falcons

    slaughter everything
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  11. Drudid

    i love people who use that only when it benefits their own single minded agenda kind of the exact opposite would'nt you say?

    i have yet to state my feelings on max balance in this thread i was just pointing out you illogical statement and calling you out for being a giant entitled elitist but thats cool

    funnily enough this is an mmo, mmo's have differing strength enemies, that max is now a mini raid boss good
    i dont want this game to be a bland cod fps shooter, i play this game because tanks will ruin your day, because air will ruin your day, infact being outside generally ruins your day, GOOD, and max's are just another part of that, sure tweak em slightly here or there (mainly in terms of the new resource revamp is all thats really needed)

    too many people seem to think a solo max gets anything done, a max is not one player , its 4 1 max 2 engis and a medic.

    and funnily enough if 3 of those people happened to be nc heavies with freedomhammer and conc bandolier, they would get far more done far quicker than the max

    the max getting 300/0 darting in and out of a shield room , is doing nothing more than killing people for the sake of killing he is not doing anything at all, those people do not matter, bodies are cheap in a game where you can respawn 8 seconds later anywhere...

    the best part about maxes. is the only time they work is when a super organized outfit uses them coordinated with support, but funnily enough that support and teamwork would have won anyway, those maxes are just there to rub your tears on their giant shiny metallic crotch plates
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  12. Surmise

    cool story except that people don't like dying, people don't like dying yo because you don't get anything with it except 10-30+ seconds(wrote 30 seconds because you need to count time to get back to the frontline) wasted looking at the person who killed you, in this case MAX, this contradicts all that you stand for in your reply.

    Most of the time when you die like 95percent is due to your own failure but sometimes you just can't win, and you can't win against MAXes as the infantry class you give same amount of resources to do good as you give to pull MAX with only difference that MAX has 5min cooldown which is easily compensated for the amount of HP it has, to stay more alive, plus you can get ressed, it's not justificated, just straight out better class MAX is.
  13. Robertooooo

    Your personal opinion does not represent most of the community.
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  14. Drudid

    if you are being farmed, leave.
    i may get frustrated at dying but its also part of the game, maybe its my love for aircombat games but my sense of "GGWP honourable fight" outweighs my need for constant self gratification

    yes those 5% are the reason this game is awesome, the dalton hovering directly over your mbt etc...

    and how is 350 resources the same amount of resources as 2 free rockets or a single 100 resource c4?

    the max is not a straight out better class as its only tactical use is breaching, and even then it needs support , id say medic and engineer are far better classes than the max in this situation as for versatility a medic and engineer can literally do everything that sounds like the best to me
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  15. Pondera

    short on time, so quick post.

    I like MAXs just the way they are. The situations you describe, you'd already be camped by regular infantry just as badly.
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  16. Surmise

    It's your opinion to think that what I wrote is my personal opnion lol.

    Read some posts on this thread, you'll see people admitting the resource debalance on MAXes vs infantry, if you don't get it, it's based off the medkits, c4s and grenades of other infantry classes you need to spend resources on to be effectie versus just flat out 350resources you need to unjustly pull best infantry counter (read farm tool) in the game.

    get educated on the topic

    P.S: sorry for my english :(
  17. Robertooooo

    It's still not most of the community. A part of the community would be more accurate :)

    I have read most of this thread some time ago and i still can't see the problem with the resource system. 100 resources to allmost certainly beat a 350 resource MAX is pretty cheap.
    No one is forcing anybody to pay resources to combat MAXes since there are free alternatives. Rocketlaunchers, smallarms fire and/or teamplay will take down most MAXes for free.
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  18. MarkAntony

    Just maker it so they are not reviveable. That means that you'll at least be able to slowly lower their numbers.

    Other than that a a healthy mixture of EMP, Conc, anti vehicle and normal grenades can do wonders on a room camped by anything. It gets expensive though.
  19. Drudid

    why? if you have not claimed the land upon which that max's crumpled body now resides, you have not won the push, the time required to revive a max ensures it is being done in a safe enviroment, if it is safe, they have won.

    for example in a biolab, there is a max in the gen room holding the door at big stairs from the shielded teleport room, and a push enters from the shielded room, and that one max goes down, and the attack dies and they scurry back to the teleport room , the defenders are unable to fully push them out of that room, but that max is safe. if that max was un-revivable then it would promote super cheesy tactics. if the attack had worked the max would be un-revivable as no medic can get near. this is a good system that gives more emphasis to actually taking the ground you fight over,

    other wise it would just be two lines fire at each other till they get bored and leave...

    plus it helps negate any annoying buggy BS that occurs around shields not rendering and being killed by random wtf physics (damn wreckage)
  20. Surmise

    Fun fact dedicated MAX players (read farmers).

    Now with the new Amerish resource boosts/gains per hex, you can pull MAXes at even higher rate than you used to, you guys should rejoice, with 5min cooldown, while being able to be ressed and with 10-17k hp you can live in it as much as you would like more than ever.

    On amerish now, every 2nd infantry you see is in a MAX either friendly or enemy, thanks SOE hhhhhh.
    In alert times on amerish you'll see full squads of MAXes camping which is top fun for us infantry plebeans.
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