MAX Nanite Cost Bumped to 500

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  1. Crayv

    The 50% reduction on X when you cap a continents also needs to be toned down. Since that means 225 for a MAX. Which basically translates to "whoever has that continent is never going to lose a biolab as long as they have it locked".
  2. Inex

    Spam everywhere!
  3. Agartha

    Is rather silly to see half baked changes to the resource system applied to the live servers and then just change the prices for vehicles and maxes. Is the same issue all over again! Remember they did the same when the 3 type of resources were available...

    What really bothers me is that it takes time, effort and money (if you buy weapons, other, stuff etc.) getting the certs to level up the different options available so they are more efficient and then someone try to place a limit on when and how I can use a vehicle/max. Is just bs.

    All of this happens because someone doesn't like to use a rocket launcher (don't cost resources) or be a C4 fairy for a few minutes and when everything is over go back to whatever it was doing. But it rather prefers to come on the forums to complain and cry for nerfs left and right.

    SOE: Believe me, I like changes and balance but think about how that will affect your player base. I use to buy stuff to support this game but with every nerf and seeing that you hear the people that cry louder on the forums/reedit/twiter I decided to stop that. It makes no sense to buy something knowing that it will be nerfed to oblivion or changed into something else.

    This is a good game. Just don't ruin it.
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    Guess its time to get my scythe PPA araxium no more bursters and lock ons are broke. Many chuckles will be given.
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  5. Ken Photon

    I don't know if this price change is even necessary. This is only a byproduct of the fact that the resource revamp isn't finished. When the revamp finally is fully in place, it will be a lot more difficult to chain-pull MAXes like we can now. Let's just adapt to the situation for now because it's only temporary.
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  6. Lord_Avatar

    I think you might have misunderstood my post..

    A Lightning operates mostly on open ground - it is usually matched against other vehicles. Thus, in it's class (being a vehicle) it ranges from terrible to effective (depending on the loadout). A MAX on the other hand spends most of it's time within confined areas - it *is* in fact an infantry subclass and within it's given cathegory (namely infantry) it is without equal. From an infantryman's point of view it is more of an upgrade than any vehicle might ever be and it should be treated as such.

    The current "meta" equates to = if in doubt pull a crapton of MAXes. That's pretty much it. Can it be countered? Yes. Is pulling even more MAX units the easiest counter? Unfortunately yes. It's a fight BS with BS scenario.
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  7. BanthaFodder

    Taking away one of the few things I enjoyed about this update. /sigh :(
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  8. miraculousmouse

    I'm glad, MAXes have the same amount of firepower as vehicles, but they can follow you past walls where you'd be safe from vehicles, and into buildings where you are relatively safe from air. They are the most versatile farming tool but i respect their place as force multipliers. They just have too much of an impact where other things cant.
  9. Oberlion

    without maxes its even more infantry farm now.
    have fun with endless vehicle and grenade spam
  10. Archiadus

    You forgot that they can be damaged by anything and if they decide to wear NAR they die, tanks and air also do a lot more damage at range and generally have an easier time getting away from angry infantry chasing them.

    They've got no other choice but wearing max flak in close range engagements because 1 brick of C4 (75 resources) is enough to kill you (450 resources) without it and that's if the Decimator round doesn't get you first. :p

    I do hate encountering MAX units in buildings when I don't expect them but really, being able to chase you past walls isn't that much of a benefit when they know that you're there.
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  11. FieldMarshall

    "Hotfix"? Implying that they intended it to be 500 in the first place and not because new system allows more spam than before.
    If they just say "Hey, we messed up" its going to help them regain more trust in the long run imo.
  12. andy_m

    I was coming to say pretty much the same thing.

    I hardly use my MAX against infantry. My main role in a MAX suit is AA.

    I can kill a mozzy, and in less than a minute, the same guy is back on the scene harassing our infantry in another mozzy.

    I have no idea how much it costs to pull an ESF but does it cost 500 Nanites? I somehow doubt it but I'll check when I go back online in a minute.

    But, whatever, as always, this change will not stop me from enjoying the game :D
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  13. Xasapis

  14. Riku

    Please do tell all your friends, these noobs don't know yet to use bursters in bio labs. ;)
  15. volth

    Galaxy's should cost the same as sunderers.
  16. SpaceTimeSpace

    increase the resources earning to 75+ every 2.5 minutes!!!!!
    Please Thumbs up X3 ! :D (Just Kidding, NEVER!!!)

    Or better yet STOP Complaining, and get in there!!! It's FUN KILLING Maxes XP w/ your mates.
  17. miraculousmouse

    Yes but inside a walled complex MAX reigns supreme. A MAX by itself will die quickly, compared to a well supported max. Assuming he has both AI arms, he will bring down at least 5-10 players without breaking a sweat. If he wisely utilizes charge he could do more damage.
  18. Robertooooo

    Im not a spawnroom warrior if that's what you think I am. They can be killed pretty fast, but with proper support taking a rocket now and then won't matter.
  19. HadesR

    450 seems about right for now ( until the RR is finished ) considering a MAX can be revived an unlimited amount of times ..

    I can see only careless people not still being able to pretty much chain pull them ..
  20. andy_m

    So what? I mean... do something to counter that, and if you can't, or non of your team mates, then that's tough love...