MAX melee attacks should kill in 1 hit.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Hoki, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Hoki

    Anyone besides me have the problem that when you've got dual AA guns out, infantry get WAY too cozy being within close proximity of you?

    It takes 2 melee attacks to kill any infantry, and infinite if its a heavy assault.

    I propose that MAX melee attack should kill any infantry. Would make the charge ability particularly terrifying. See a max charing right at you, run the @#$% away no matter what gun we have equipped.
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  2. Jannepanel

    Logically, i agree. A Mechsuit with such strength of the MAX should be able to 1hit infantry. For game balance, nay to all 1hit abilietes, that excludes things that explodes and vehicle v infantry.
  3. Dornez

    There should be damage applied to the charge as well if you get run over.
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  4. Cyridius

    A MAX is a suit of armour, not a demi-god.
    If they could just charge you and one hit kill you there'd be no need for anti-infantry weapons. 2 hits is enough to make sure you can defend yourself adequately. If you're running pure AA you should reconsider your positioning if infantry's shutting you down 24/7

    If you wanted to create a cert which boosted melee damage, I wouldn't mind that.
  5. Patooie

    MAX melee is on par with the knife attack isn't it? (It usually takes me 2 stabs to kill even an infil unless they've been damaged) While in "real world" terms I'd think an armored max should be able to one shot with melee I agree with the above that a 1 shot seems too much to me.
  6. Lavalampe

    I think a "one-hit-kill melee-attack" would be to strong.
    A good solution would be if the charge attack would also do the same damage like the melee attack. So if you crush into an enemy and hit him with your melee attack he's dead.
    This would be balanced, cause it's hard to aim with the charge and to stop in melee range.
    The charge also has a long cooldown, which can only be reduced by certing.
    This would give the charging certs more sense. ;)
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  7. Hoki


    If infantry sees you without a chaingun, THEY WILL CHASE YOU.
    I'm ok from being gunned down from range, but if you chase me into a building, you should get crushed even with my AA guns equipped.
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  8. Ormazd

    Not a bad idea, but what about a weapon choice to occupy left or right that grants a 1 hit melee attack, or at the least an ability if you know infantry in close quarters is going to be a likely scenario. Although it is logical for a MAX to be capable of smacking down anything under heavy infantry with one hit I don't see it happening.
  9. Sifer2

    It needs to be 1 hit to make up for the fact that MAX weapons still don't hit Infantry that are right in its face. This is why you see people charge them an circle strafe with shotguns. More dangerous against a ScatMAX as he might back away slightly an manage to score a fatal shot. But against TR/VS with their weak shots it's pretty safe. And to the guy above saying you wouldn't need AI weapons if you could one hit melee. The MAX moves slower than Infantry. If they are dumb enough to stand still an let you melee them they deserve to die.
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  10. Fafnir

    It should kill in single hit. MAXes are slow - this would only punish players, who try to exploit bug with close range aiming with MAX weapons by running around MAX at melee range.

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  11. Metallideth

    Maxes do need an increase to melee dmg above what they already have. They're slow units that are built around the idea of being powerful, that's the tradeoff. Either fix cone of fire on them or up the damage on melee. I'm still laughing whenever I play warhammer 40k and the units do a crushing melee attack and a group of your units go flying away from one hit. Now that would be interesting to see in PS2 Max melee hit tossing 3-5 players grouped up lol :p don't worry won't happen.

    Maxes in general are still pretty weak, only in large groups pushing (max crash) do they have any significance on anything. The exception is in small skirmishes where a single max might make a difference.
  12. kukuman

    Well , i find ok that they arent oneshotting , im already 2shottin em ( 1 av shot from any empire + punch )
  13. Grotpar

    If you aim your shots right, enemies actually die fairly quickly to dual bursters.

    They'll still do about 25% of your total armor in damage, though.

    I think we just need a greater cone on the melee attack, as well as improved hit detection, because I'm swinging wildly, but never hitting anything, even though they're in my face, right in front of me.
  14. Brusilov [TR]

    I rekon you should be able to attach a sword and shield instead of left or right arms. That way there is a way to spec a MAX into something that can actually take a few hits and have the melee weapon do 75% damage per swing.
  15. ExarRazor

    take some cues from warhammer 40k (tabletop)

    gives maxes a powerfist or chainfist option for melee
  16. Corsix

    I second this, the attacks are so slow getting a second hit off is unlikely, if your using anti infantry you wont need to worry about melee anyways, and if you arnt, you need all the help you can get against the screwed rock/paper/scissor thing, people can out run you easily anyways
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  17. Vreki

    If you could one-shot in melee, you would never see at scattermax fire its weapons again. Just charge into the middle and bash away.
    Those who choose to go dual AA with no support are asking for it.
  18. Corsix

    I bet the fire rate is higher on scatter than melee, plus if you MISS its like a 1 second wait before you can melee again, and they'll be out of range for sure by then while shooting you.
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  19. Fafnir

    It seems you've never played a MAX before. If you use your charge to get into a group of enemies, you end up dead. In situation you described a MAX would OHK single person, the rest would run from him, start ADADAD strafing and shooting him
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  20. xpsyclosarinx

    "-comments about how 1 shot melee kill would render NC maxes useless-"

    I'm sorry guys, but what the actual fk are you smoking.... You can only melee once per second and you walk slowly, they're going to be out of range 90% of the time...

    If you miss a shot with a S-MAX you can refire almost immediately and it's got a huge range on it by comparison to melee.

    More to the point I think it would be totally fine, it would mean no more hugging maxes and circle strafing so they can't hit you with their guns.

    Honestly I'd love this so much. TBH I'd go with something like a spear for a bit of range (Force Halberd from 40k)
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