MAX Kinetic Armour.

Discussion in 'MAX' started by MaxDamage, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. MaxDamage

    Can any one confirm that after 3000 or so cert points, that this offers more than 5% resistance to small arms fire. I had invested in flak armour, but after 5 and then 10% resistance certs, it said it was only providing 8% resistance.
  2. Hoki

    From another thread, its addititve 5% on top of the 80% default, so that it effectively reduces 25% from small arms.
  3. Stromberg

    no, that's still a guess! I've yet to see some solid test or a devs confirm on this.
  4. Kardes

    Yeah, I was once told. That it is a stacking upgrade.

    I have never seen somebody test this or explain it. If somebody has the numbers that would be great!

    At the moment it just doesn't seem that effective.
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  5. Marinealver

    All the armor kenetic and flack is the same across the board.

    Personally I think MAXs should be higher than the softies in terms of armor upgrade but they are not.
  6. Braken

    They do NOT have small-arms resistance, let alone 80%. Stop spreading that rumor around! They ONLY have more health than other infantry. (Not enough to really matter, though...)
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  7. MaxDamage

    So without any base numbers these percentages really don't mean anything at all.

    It might as well say 500 certs for to buying pancakes.
  8. AxelDi

    I'd pay for 500 certs for pancakes.

    Any day.

    All day.
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  9. Bloodburn

    Eat pancakes errday


    Every time I log in, i look at kinetic armor and want to cert it, but am not sure it will change, will they update it? Make it better? I want to be a tough max unit and the only things that end up killing me are infantry rifles!
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  10. Quor

    Really? You sure it's not the never-ending series of grenades from the suicidal LA's and well-intentioned friendlies who can't into grenade throwing?

    Cause that's sure as hell why I die when I'm on a Max. Or anything else. That alone made me cert Flak Armor for my Max ASAP.
  11. Louis Farrakhan

    cert into regen. the most useful ability so far.
  12. Renthrak

    If this is the case, it needs to be changed. The armor on a Mechanized Assault eXoskeleton is no better than the vest a Light Assault soldier gets? And spending 3000 cert points gives 5% total damage reduction? It doesn't seem rational for that to be accurate.

    I will say this, it certainly feels like bullets usually do less damage to a MAX. Occasionally, however, I find myself dying far more quickly to simple gunfire. Just today, a 1 second burst from a T-9 CARV killed a fully armored Vanu MAX. I wish my CARV killed Vanu MAXes that quickly.

    Either there some kind of bug that ignores the MAXs usual toughness sometimes, or there's some pretty nasty cheating going on.
  13. Eric Smith

    I bought it myself. I probably won't go running around with it, as I'd rather have the Flak Armor on, but when I escape the battle and make it back to the Sunderer the first thing I do is change into the NanoRegen Armor and start spamming V-3 "I need Repairs." Usually by the time my armor has me 50% repaired somebody finally notices I need repairs and changes into Engy gear. Usually. But for those times when they don't, at least the Armor will eventually fix me up.

    God some days I feel like TKing Engy's. Actually, I've done it before. Fire a shot into the back of their head while they're on turret, V-3 a bunch of times. Fire another shot, more V-3 spam. Repeat until they fall down dead (because they're *NEVER* smart enough to get off their frickin turret and repair me).
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  14. Renthrak

    This is the appropriate response. I've gone so far as to use proximity chat to say "Repair me or I shoot you". Turned out I still had to shoot him. Clueless engineers give the decent ones a bad name, and deserve to be shot in the face.
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  15. Eric Smith

    Aiming for the head works just as well on a MAX as it does on a softy.
  16. AxelDi

    Sometimes if I hot drop as a MAX my health doesn't show properly. For some reason it'll show a shield and health bar like any other class and I seem to die VERY quickly when that occures. It's probably happened around four or five times since release.
  17. Tungsten

    Not sure if this is common knowledge but at least when i log off as a max then log back in the class i spawn as has the max double health bars. I think ive only ever went out into a fight like this once using my light assault [changing classes or dieing fixed it] and went on a rampage with a medic healing me like an engi would a max, funny how much more effective you are when you bullets actually HIT your target.

    Anyway my point is that maybe the max is so tough because a bar of shields has less damage resistance than a bar of health.
  18. StockpowerXD

    .... So how comes I can plant countless bullets in the head of a MAX with my bolt-action and he doesn't die from it?
  19. JackOfClubs

    Blatant lies.
    And sniper + headshot =! infinite damage.
    Sniper + headshot = base damage x 1.something.
  20. Braken

    Um, because MAXs have more health than other classes? :rolleyes:

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