Max kinetic amor: worth the cost?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Buzz0ff, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Buzz0ff

    I'm sitting here at almost 3000certs for my NC main Beligal. Thing unlocked now are dual Mattocks+exmags, Ravens and falcons, Aegis Shield tier 1 and Nano-Amor Accelerator tier 3.

    If i dumb the 2150 certs into Kinetic Amor will i survive previously deadly encounters against multiple HA's and LA's?

    Experiences please
  2. MAXArmar

    You don't have Flak armor? Because that is the thing that will make you survive encounters with LA's.

    Kinetic, in my humble opinion, is not worth it. But there are other people who would disagree.
  3. Jac70

    Personal preference, I think it makes a noticeable difference to Infantry combat but grenades and C4 are still gonna hurt. If you go kinetic you will die more to explosives, take flak and you'll die more to bullets. So your choice, would you rather die to explosives or rifles? :D
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  4. TeddyMan56

    It really depends if you want to be bullet proof or explosive proof. Sadly us MAX users can't have both so its all a design compromise. It really doesn't matter which one of the suit upgrades you choose they are all worth it. I personally run with Nanite Auto Repair.
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  5. MaxDamage

    Kinetic armour is what makes a MAX a tank. it used to absorb 13333 damage total, I don't even know what it absorbs since they buffed it many months ago (I was more than happy with the existing numbers and didn't feel the need to look it up!)

    Flak armour does not give ANY resistance to direct damage, so rockets that hit you, tank rounds, are still gonna smack the ****e out of you; and you're left MUCH more vulnerable to small arms.

    The only time I feel Flak is of any benefit is when you're C4d or someone pulls a HE round vehicle.

    Kinetic should be your PRIMARY MAX armour unless you are specifically chasing vehicles.

    If any VS or NC MAX players are reading this, please disregard and keep using Flak/Armour regen.
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  6. Ribero

    As a general rule, I run Flak on my AA and AV load outs, because tanks and rocketpods.
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  7. _itg

    The way I look at it:

    1. If there are no engis around for whatever reason, run Auto-repair.
    2. If c4 from above is a serious threat, or if doing AA/AV work, run Flak armor.
    3. Else, run Kinetic armor.

    Usually that means I'm running Flak in overcrowded fights, because c4 can come from so many different angles, and auto-repair in small-medium fights, because I play solo and I can't count on randoms being smart enough to switch to engi ever. If you can get decent engi support, Kinetic is obviously superior in these fights.
  8. _itg

    Just wanted to add I've been using kinetic armor a lot more the past couple days, and I'm liking it a lot. I realized that now that I'm not getting c4'd very much (probably because I'm actually getting better as a player) and since AV grenades have been changed, Kinetic is becoming the superior choice for me for more and more fights.
  9. DrBash00

  10. KesTro

    IF a max effectively has a health pool of 10k with max kinetic armor you are given a healthpool of 15k vs bullets. I'll take this increase as max flak armor save you maybe 400 health over not having flak armor at all with a direct hit from a rocket launcher. Flak saves you from C4 and grenades but then I run charge exclusively so I never have to worry about those unless I get truly caught out of place.

    Charging into that cap point though? I'd say Kinetic all the way. Flak if you KNOW there are people camping with and the like but if they're camping that hard you can't charge a MAX past you're in need of grenade spam of your own.
  11. KesTro

    Can't edit my post for some reason but that's supposed to be 16k* hp with kinetic not 15K.
  12. Shiaari

    Personal preference I say. Depends on your play style.

    Flak armor definitely helps you survive a C4 attack, but, being a mindful player and being aware of your surroundings is just as effective at avoiding C4.

    C4 is one of those things that only works on a MAX whose focus is elsewhere. If you're rubber necking, looking around constantly--especially above you when under ledges--you're better prepared to deal with C4 LAs.

    That being said, Kinetic Armor will protect you from far more damage, considering that infantry weapons are redominantly what is hitting you. You have to make a choice, though. If you're lone wolfing it--as many VS MAXes do--then nanites might actually be the best choice.

    It really does depend on your play style.
  13. exLupo

    I usually run Nanite so spend a lot of time taking full damage from both small arms and explosives. When I have the luxury of a pocket Engi, I'm swayed to use Kinetic. If Flak protected from direct rocket hits, I'd say Flak for sure but I also run Charge 9/10 times so C4 is less of an issue. That 1/10 time is when I kit Lockdown and then ultimately die to C4.

    Nanite if you solo patrol. Kinetic if you know how to make friends. Flak has rare situations but it's super cheap so easy to grab a few ranks of and not feel like you're wasting certs.
  14. Asageh

    I find when ever i pulled a MAX i would always die to C4 because everyone has them, i certed out Flak and now I'm invincible.
  15. MaxDamage


  16. Asageh

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  17. Covah

    Kinetic will make you survive NC AI MAX, at least long enough to run.

    Srsly Kinetic is a no brainer in an AI combat situation, you are much more tanky.

    You are gonna die to C4 or AV grenade or AV launcher ANYWAY with flak.
  18. TeddyMan56

    I'd use Kinetic Armor as my main choice but due to my awesome people skills I end up getting separated from Engineers all the time or get hit by stray rockets and other battlefield hazards so it has become a second choice for me.
  19. SoldierHobbes

    It's not worth it to me. Maxes already have 80% resistance to small arms fire. Upgrading the Kinetic armor to full will only increase it to 85%. So basically it's a couple thousand certs for only an extra 5% or resistance. I'd rather spend those certs on getting up to 50% resistance against explosives.