MAX Charge removed WTF

Discussion in 'MAX' started by whitescar911, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. whitescar911

    Who the hell asked for this? What reason was there to remove it? Why not have both abilities? MAX Charges is the only real good way of breaking into a bio lab. Plus the fact I don't see how this even helps seeing as everyone just uses rocket and c4 spam against max's. And having some garbage 20% repair over 12 seconds is pointless, charge allowes you to avoid these. I'm not saying the new ability is worthless, holding a doorway/position it could be useful when no one is around to repair. But there is no reason to remove charge.
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  2. 9VoltChiken

    So this means that tons of other people get to keep their 10,000s of kills that they got and lived through by using Max Charge. Then people like myself (who restricted themselves to playing support and lead roles until recently) get a massively impaired Max withOUT the charging that helped all those other folks get millions of kills. I just this month (after 4 years) certed into maxes and started using them and I was really enjoying it but then you go and screw people like me completely. These random-a** nerfs are making me want to give up on Planetside 2 and ask for my membership money back.
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  3. MaxDamage

    Speaking as someone clearly completely unbiased, I agree.

    This is the result of a handful of people, with bad ideas.
    I think they're answering the call of the people who were doomsaying about MAXes since 2003, in the hopes it'll boost player numbers.

    It won't. At all.

    I mean for Higby's sake I was chain-pulling Prowlers at 225, constantly last night, and obliterating countless sunderers, tanks, infantry, basically single-handedly crushing a multi-squad offensive on an outpost. That's 3 prowlers per full 750 nanite cap.

    All of that devastation power, even for 450 is crazy.

    Yet a MAX costs 450 nanites at all times.. dies to rapid firing engineer archer weapons from mid and extreme range before you can even think of moving for cover or get a shot in, 1 brick of C4 (if you want any kind of reasonable anti small arms fire resistance), tank mines that are INDOORS (stupid), 2 rockets from fast sprinting Heavies who can easily fire from behind cover and reload even when we HAVE charge, they usually get the first shot, and even if a TR AI/pounder MAX lands every shot on a moving target when the heavy is up close, it's not enough to best their guaranteed chance with a rocket point blank on a large target.

    Charge at least gave MAX units an option to be what they were once intended to be..
    Line breakers, units that had a chance of breaking an infantry stalemate.

    They're expensive, far too expensive for what they are.
    Especially now.
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  4. Hank

    well i just cancelled my sub, sure ill still play but im not paying anymore.
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  5. Destinatus

    Looking at this objectively...
    The dev team plays light assault with a carbine dropping C4
    Carbines got uberBuff with hip fire, Maxxes can't run away from floating LA anymore and the sundy nerf so they can drop C4 and win...
    We need a Maxx on the dev team.
    LA coup underway.
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  6. dday

    Got my Auraxium armour just in time for you to break my max. I'll be cancelling as well.
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  7. Liewec123

    i agree charge had to go, since 99.9999% of players weren't using "Charge" they were using "Run awaaaaay!"
    however, i don't think 20% regen on a 45 sec cooldown is any kind of compensation.
    if they remove the only skill that makes MAXes feel confident enough to breach a room then they need to add something that lets them stay there for more than 2 damn seconds before getting nuked.

    at this stage i think we should have the Flak suit slot made baseline.

    there is no reason for a 450 resource dump to be killed by a single C4 or a mere 2 free rockets/3 free archer shots.

    charge had to go, but there needs to be some incentive to rush your slow moving 450 resource investment into a room of people armed with things that will kill you in 1/2/3 hits.
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  8. Hank

    Charge had to go to give players easy max kills, its 450 certs to pull a max, it should be able to evade being killed much like the planes, tanks and buggies ability to fly or drive away quickly. They added the Archer, i guess that didn't kill enough maxes so they made maxes a "Tank" so tank mines kill them, One tank mine.. pathetic!.
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  9. SarahM

    Charge has been removed - but friendly maxes still manage to run away from my repair gun.

    I'm not sure about the change. Charge was very strong, but the fire suppression replacement skill feels a bit underwhelming.

    Maybe we'll see more maxes as third passenger in harassers now.
  10. Zagareth

    Well, another way to give pilots love (again)
    Removing MAXes Charge make them an easy task for every bomber and ESF pilot. So easy to kill a MAX now, who dares to get out on a BioLab/Tower landing pad, w/o the ability to reach an emergency cover in time

    Infantry farming still isn't easy enough, eh?

    (Yesterday, I couldn't even avoid an enemy Galaxy landing on me - the 12 sec "emergency healing" LOL, was a "great" help in this case.... ) :rolleyes:

    Some changes suck monkeyballs... this is one of it :mad:
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  11. Naaahhhhh

    Before this "nerf" max was clearly op because it was to good in terms of save escaping for a tank/dmg dealer. All of you knew that.

    Maybe increasing dmg taken form the back while using charge would be enough of a nerf.

    I donno. Playing max still leads to an increase in K/D.

    Stop acting so silly if someone tone down your favorite op toys.
  12. Naaahhhhh

    Archer isnt used at all. Doesnt flak amour protect you from tank mines / C4?
  13. LaughingDead

    I use the archer all the time, whatchu talkin bout willis.
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  14. entity009

    I hate the removal of charge aswell. The max is far to costly and vulnerable to be left without some kind of escape. When you pull a max you can bet that there are light assaults licking their chops waiting for the chance to c4 you for your nice fat xp bonus. You are in many ways far easier to kill than any other class.
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  15. kr47er

    That's exactly what I thought when i readed the patch notes.
    But if you consider there is a huge balance problem with charge. its named NC.
    NC maxes can use charge to approach a enemy max and terminate it with shotguns before they have physical time to fight back, TR and VS are forced to use charge to escape from scattmaxes.
    Infantrywise the ability works more or less equal on three factions, but when max fights comes in scene, NC maxes shine much more.
  16. Cirena

    It's a good change for the game but a bad one for the MAX. Not sure it's worth 450 nanites anymore.
  17. LaughingDead

    NC isnt the only one in the pot mate. Imagine getting close to killing a bastage whos capable of killing you in .6 seconds at 50 meters only for him to run into another line of infantry to heal. Least an NC max in your case would be predicable and easy to counter.
  18. Problem Officer

    NEW BUGS FOUND: MAX has a Nanite cost, Archer doesn't.
  19. MurgNC

    I had fully certed up Charge and so at first I was angry it was taken away. I play mainly NC, and this hurts NC MAXes the most since NC MAXes have big problems with anti-infantry work at anything other than point blank range and Charge was the best way to get within that range.

    However 80% of the time I was actually using Charge it was as a "get out of jail free" card, trying to save my 450 nanite investment when things went bad.

    I'm kinda surprised they went to all the trouble to code and animate Charge and now they're just throwing that work away. Surely there must be a way to re-balance Charge without deleting it entirely? Maybe increasing the cooldown time by an additional 30 seconds and reducing the cert cost? That way it could still be used as a last resort "get out of jail free" action, but the common complaint of "A MAX Charged into the midde of my squad and killed them all instantly" would be less common, as you'd have to save Charge for emergencies only.

    Since my certs got refunded I re-invested them in Aegis Shield, which has turned out to be a surprising amount of fun. I'm actually pushing offensively more with my Aegis Shield MAX than my Charge MAX, which I wasn't expecting at all. Yes, Aegis Shield is NC specific, but VS and TR MAXes have less of a need to push offensively due to the fact their anti-infantry weapons can kill people up to medium range so they can still make a contribution.
  20. Atrus2g

    With respect, playing as ESF or MBT also leads to an increase in K/D vis-a-vis playing as infantry. No sh@t, hence why you cant insta spam them and they come with significant nanite costs. Max units are similar, stronger against infantry yes, but as a Max player you arent usually going 1:1 against infantry but groups of them invariably with multiple HA's. I get C4'd while breaching and rocketed A WHOLE DAMN LOT even with the charge ability, now any damaged Max within range of an ESF, MBT, dumb rocket equipped heavies etc is an almost guaranteed kill. It makes the class unplayable (at least as VS).

    Im sure lots of titles have these growing pains, but this late in the game SWEEPING changes to classes that most of us (i reached level 75 before buying a sub) have put hundreds of hours into is infuriating. This nerf is an answer to a question no one asked, I will still play but after 3 months of paying these kind of changes remind me that when it was 100% free I didnt have to give a damn as it wasnt like I paid for it. Will go back to free, and no I dont mean in the NC

    Related, the 20 second repair is worse than having done nothing at all, the Max is too killable now and 20 seconds means sh@t when a heavy that moves faster than you knows your damaged because the ability visually broadcasts that its been triggered. Dumb dumb dumb

    "Hey Folks Wrel here, today we took one of the few things that made Maxes viable against infantry surges and removed it arbitrarily. Its been replaced with an alternative whose viability is dubious at best."
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